Week 33 #Project365 – 2014

Not a busy week. No long walks as I’ve still got a painful foot.

Sunday / Monday – Pottered about the house – tidying and cleaning.

Tuesday – We looked after Ashley for a few hours. We built houses with his mega blocks, scooted cars, tickled, looked at books, watched Peppa and fed his toy cat a biscuit.
Seeing him smile and laugh brightens any day.

Wednesday – No Orange Wednesday this week. Nothing out that we wanted to watch.  We went blackberrying instead. Picked around 2 kilos..enough for 5 boxes to make a decent sized crumble for us both!

Thursday – shopping at Tesco. Found an offer for Kelloggs cereal 3 for £4. Looked along the shelves to find what we wanted…but some ranges were not in the offer.. I asked a staff member if Special K was included and he said ‘no, only selected ranges’.
I pointed out that the shelve edge didn’t say that.
I’ve taken it up with their Facebook team..waiting for an answer. I’m not being fobbed off..

Friday – Bought some new PJs in Asda Living sale. Nandos opening soon at the Retail Park. Overpriced spicy chicken anyone?

Saturday – catching up on competitions I saw a funny captcha!

soosie wales, #365, tesco, blackberries, captcha

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Week 32 #Project365 – 2014

Gosh week 32 already. I don’t know what keeps me going to be honest. Perhaps it’s now a habit or knowing I have a few regulars that pop by most weeks.  This week it was a chat with the other #365 Nana that kept me going with thoughts and ideas. Thank you Elaine.. 🙂

I’ve not been able to go for long walks as my feet have been painful, I suffer from dry and cracked heels – it’s my own fault as I’m barefoot unless I go out past the gate! I’ve been slathering on the heel cream when I remember! Continue reading

#Project365 37/52

What a mixed up week. We looked after Ashley on Sunday and although he was his usual happy chappy self he also had a cold.

On Monday I went through our list of ‘to do’ things before the Big Trip.  The list gets longer!! I also ordered a lovely red shirt tunic that I’ll probably wear for the wedding ceremony. Also deciding what to see and where to go in Brisbane and Sydney. We want to pack in as much as we can.

I had to go to the doctors for a routine blood test on Tuesday and also went for a walk. I hadn’t gone very far and felt really tired and weak, Oh Dear … I was coming down with Ashley’s cold. By the afternoon I was fit for nothing and it was the same on Wednesday. By Thursday the sore throat had gone and I was feeling much better. I still have a cough but I suppose better to have it now than this week and be ill to travel. 🙂


Sunlight through insect eaten dock leaf.

Ashley and Grandad – all fuzzy they are shaking heads in tune to Peppa Pig theme tune!!

Lovely juicy blackberries.

Flowers in a neighbours garden.

flowers, blackberries

Check out my other Project 365 pictures so far.

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