Review of the year #Project366

I took part in #Project366 in 2012 and this is a flashback review of own personal favourites.

January- Trip to London and my favourite shot where the cranes and the Shard are rising into the air.
February-One of the many spiders in our garden.
March-Camilia after the rain.
April- Ashley ready for bed.
May-Monmouthshire-Brecon Canal, a lovely walk.
June-One of favourite spots in Cardiff. Memories of my childhood.
July-My favourite macro shot. Raindrops on the conifer.
August– Oldest son and his son.
September-My boys before the youngest went to Australia (news today that he’s now engaged to his Australia GF!)
October- Ashley – cheeky monkey.
November– Molly the cat!
December-Last shot of the year!

Review of 2012

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#Project366 Pictures 240 to 245

We’ve been walking the local canals and lanes again this week. Our starting point was at 14 Locks and we walked from there towards Newport on one day and towards Rogerstone a couple of days later. On saturday we went to 14 Locks again – this time so that Hubby could go for a bike ride while I sat in the sun and had a coffee!  Lots of visits as Hubby decided he wanted new flat pedals on his bicycle and the bike shop is near to 14 Locks!! One visit to look for pedals, another to drop off bike as he couldn’t get one pedal off and the third to pick it up after being in the workshop!!
Our other walks this week have been in the lanes near home- dashing out between showers!!

I’ve deliberately decided to amass the pictures this week so that I could try out PicMonkey to make a collage. I hope you like my first effort!

Thanks to Elaine at Fun as a Gran for the idea 🙂

Starting from the top:

One of the locks – This is on the Monmouthshire -Brecon canal from Newport to Rogerstone. Although the water still runs through the canal and locks, none of it this area is navigable.

Tree stump – seen this just inside someone’s driveway.

Capstan – This has been salvaged by a farmer and he uses it to secure his gate.

Dragon fly sculpture in the holding lock (now a small lake) at 14 Locks. PICTURE OF THE WEEK.

Some fungus growing on a tree stump on the Severn Levels. I’m not keen on this picture as the colour of the fungus didn’t capture very well.

Lock winder at 14 Locks.
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104/366 Along the canal – part 2

Today hubby asked if I would like to walk along the canal that he rode along yesterday. He was keen that I took my camera as he thought there were some good photo opportunities. It’s been quite a bright day and reasonably warm so I agreed to go for the walk – I could do with the exercise!

We started where he ended his bike ride yesterday – (read more about that here). The canal is part of the Monmouthshire / Brecon canal and stretches from Rogerstone to where we joined it at Malpas and on to Cwmbran, Pontypool and Brecon.

We parked the car and with him and camera in tow we headed from Bettws Lane towards Cwmbran. This stretch is no longer used for boating and is very pretty – although it is spoilt somewhat by litter – there are lots of ducks with chicks in tow, moorhens and swans. The towpath is used by cyclists, joggers and walkers. There is one patch that we passed that had lots of red duckweed over the surface. The ducks swimming along seemed to be leaving vapour trails. There was also a female duck trying to rustle up her chicks – it made me giggle watching them.

There are of course lots of bridges over the canal and each one has an over and an under path. The under path was for the horses that pulled the barges and the over path for people. The locks along the canal are very deep and you wouldn’t want your kiddies to be running too far ahead or walking too close to the edge.

Just past the bridge above there was a great opportunity to snap some reflections. This one is my favourite and will be my #project366 photo for today.

We walked for about an hour and reached a road that passed over the canal. We decided that we would turn around at this point.

The walk bought back happy memories of my childhood. Most school holidays were spent walking along this stretch and also in the opposite direction to Rogerstone. I’m sure my mum and Nan used to worry about us as we were probably gone for hours, often taking sandwiches and a bottle of pop with us. We were oblivious of course as most kids are!

I hope it’s made you think of your childhood too.

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