Week 32 #Project365 – 2014

Gosh week 32 already. I don’t know what keeps me going to be honest. Perhaps it’s now a habit or knowing I have a few regulars that pop by most weeks.  This week it was a chat with the other #365 Nana that kept me going with thoughts and ideas. Thank you Elaine.. 🙂

I’ve not been able to go for long walks as my feet have been painful, I suffer from dry and cracked heels – it’s my own fault as I’m barefoot unless I go out past the gate! I’ve been slathering on the heel cream when I remember!

Sunday – Nothing much – mooching around the house. Made some pork meatballs, half of them made it to a scrummy tomato sauce and half for the freezer.

Monday – Hubby went for a bike ride – I told him the sky looked rather bleak before he went out. He got caught in a thunderstorm about 6 miles from home. He looked like he’d stepped out of the shower when he got home.

Tuesday – Short walk and managed to snap a bee buzzing about on some cornflowers.  Not one of my best macros.. will have to try harder!

Wednesday – Grandson came for quick visit but I didn’t take any piccies of him.  He’s still saying that Mummy’s bump contains a cat!
Orange Wednesday this week was Guardians of the Galaxy.  It’s full of action and rather funny.  Soundtrack of 80s music too. You may notice 3 tickets – our son wanted to come with us. My DIL hates going to the cinema, she can’t sit still long enough to watch a film.

Thursday – First picking of blackberries by hubby, he filled the water bottle on his bike. They were duly washed and covered with sponge mix.  The only thing I hate about them is the staining juice. My poor nails..they are usually quite white!

Friday – Second picking of blackberries.  A bit cheeky but we picked them from bushes on waste land behind our local shops. In 15 minutes we picked over a kilo. Half will be put into a crumble and the other half will go in the freezer.

Saturday – With the NATO Summit coming to Newport next month the area around the Celtic Manor Resort is becoming locked down. Lots of crash barriers and 3 metre fencing going up around the perimeter. Hope they’ve got lots as the resort covers a big area!  I’m going to steer clear of the area when it’s on – it’s going to be a nightmare with all the security.

soosie wales, #365, rain, blackberries, orange wednesday

Funny tale – I heard in the week that the Americans wanted to close the road that runs past the Celtic Manor. Not the B4237 that you enter the resort on… oh no sirree… they wanted to close the M4… That would put Newport into meltdown especially on the 5th (Friday) going Westbound at any time from 4pm!! Are they NUTS!!!

soosie wales, #365, newport, nato
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8 comments on “Week 32 #Project365 – 2014

  1. The blackberries look delicious – can’t beat a good crumble or pie 🙂 Very funny that there’s a cat in the tummy!

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    I am loving that you got that many blackberries .. i need to go and look! 🙂 xx

  3. Hello from South West Wales! Love your photos, my first time here #project365

  4. Wow, that is a lot of blackberries 🙂 Wanting to close the M4 made me laugh!

  5. aaahhhhh thank you for the mention, and the conversation was my pleasure, us few grandparents need to show a united front.
    It seems a bit early for blackberries but they look yummy, I will need to add some to my freezer.
    Im with your DIL, I cant sit in the pictures either, they bore me and my concentration span does not stretch to a film,
    I remember when the G8 summit was on here, I managed to drive into a supposedy closed car park at my friends office at the airport and walk off and leave my car – my friend was flabbergasted at the lack of security.
    Lets hope they dont shut your main road

  6. jennypaulin says:

    so you are going to be a grandma again? congratulations 🙂
    Not sure Guardians of the Galaxy appeals to me tbh
    and i cannot believe balckberries are out already – you have a lot there! mmmm apple and blackberry pie is lovely x

  7. TheBoyandMe says:

    Ha! Our school (and you know where I live) has reduced hours over those three days because of the NATO summit! There’s going to be moving roadblocks to allow dignatories to get to the Celtic Manor!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  8. Erica Price says:

    I know how much disruption these summits and conferences can cause. We’ve had quite a few in Brum and it’s always a bit of a mare with divertions and closed off bits. Had to laugh at closing off the M4.

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