Week 40 #Project365 – 2014

Work is going well, it’s all making more sense this week. I still have the Admin role to train on and I don’t think the management team is impressed that I’ve not done any of that yet. Their fault.. you can’t expect someone to learn 2 roles in under 3 weeks, I’m now booked to start Admin training at another store!

Been on a few short walks and also spent some time walking around Caerleon taking even more photos of the Amphitheatre and Roman Barracks. It’s done me good this week to get back out in the open air taking photos of random things. I feel energized again.

Orange Wednesday – A Walk Among the Tombstones – Liam Neeson’s latest film. Good drama/thriller about an ex-cop come private investigator. He gets involved with looking for men who are abducting women and then asking for ransom. Only the perpetrators are also sadistic killers.
Not filled with action but does move at a good pace. Let’s face it Liam Neeson is usually a safe bet in any film.. Yes??

Thursday a visit to see son, DIL and the boys. Theo is doing well and is now 8lbs and tends to sleep a lot too.  Ashley is very tender with him and when he’s dishing out kisses he gives babba one too!

We looked after Ashley for a bit on Friday whilst Mummy and Daddy did some food shopping. He loves being outdoors and we decided to show him some wildlife – spiders and ants! There was a spider on one of (many) webs in the garden and he thought it was fun to blow on the spider to see it move. He also noticed one on a web by the back door and some ants running along the patio.

Taking it easy on Saturday catching up with competitions and reading some blogs.
While finishing off this post I just had this conversation with other half:

Him: Catching up on competitions are you?
Me: No, doing the photo post and then commenting on some from last week, I’ve not done any yet!!
Him: Arh, why bother? you haven’t got time now.
Me:: What?? not likely I’m not giving up something I’ve been doing for nearly 3 years.
Him : ok no need to bite my head off…


soosie wales, caereleon, children, autumn


  • Sleepy Theo
  • The new store –  nearly ready for open day.
  • Not just any brick wall – this one is Roman and over 2 thousand years old. The Romans sure knew how to build to last!! Caerleon Ampitheatre.
  • Autumn is here.
  • Investigating a spider.
  • Church clock tower – Did you know that a lot of christian clock towers only have 3 faces?? The forth blank side represents the catholics who don’t / won’t contribute to the church.

Hope you’ve all had a great week.
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Week 38 #Project365 – 2014

Boring week of pictures to be honest!!

We’ve had enough of our decking, it’s rotting in places and Hubby is constantly having to screw down some of the planks – it was an accident waiting to happen.
We decided to have it all ripped up and a new dressed stone patio and side path laid. The builder started on Tuesday and it is now almost finished. He’s back today to sort out a bit of drainage as there is an area that puddled when the patio was hosed down.

Orange Wednesday – A Most Wanted Man – a VERY slow drama, if I’m honest if I had been on my own I would have given up after the first hour but we stuck it out! The film has had good reviews and I usually like a drama, especially if it keeps you guessing but I found it rather boring and my mind kept wandering.  Hubby wasn’t impressed either.

Son and the grandsons (oh that’s weird to type… grandsons.. plural!!) came on Thursday. Ashley is getting used to the baby and is behaving well around him.  Baby Theo is SO tiny – you really do forget how small a baby is.

Shopping on Friday and there was a familiar little figure poking out from the shelf – well familiar if you are a regular linker to #365!!

And that’s it.. didn’t do much else or go anywhere this week.. Start the job tomorrow – first day of training.. 6am start!!

soosie wales, gardens, orange wednesday

Above –

  • ripped up decking,
  • the stone being delivered
  • patio more than half done
  • orange wednesday
  • spider
  • Lamaze toy (reminder of our esteemed #365 host TBAM!)

Hope you’ve had a good week!

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#Project365 43/52

I’ve been lazy again this week, just some shots in the garden and of Ashley’s visit on saturday.

We have a conifer in the back garden that generally produces a few berries in the autumn but this year it’s gone berserk, there are hundreds on it. The picture doesn’t do it justice as you can’t see how red they are.
A normal everyday spider – could this be the one that spun the huge web I posted last week?? A web after the rain – in the front garden this time. I wish my camera could capture the MANY webs that the spiders have spun between our neighbours garage and his laurel bushes…they look amazing after the rain. I’ll keep trying to get them by changing settings on my camera..

spider, conifer

I looked after Ashley on my own on Saturday. His first treat was an apple and his Gulp milkshake (yes I know milkshake is sweet but it does get milk into him! He won’t drink milk..)
He loves having his picture taken and is obsessed with getting as close as he can to the lens!
He’s doing quite well with becoming ‘dry’, he lets you know straight away if he’s done a wee or poo, but refuses to use the potty or sit on the loo.
We went for a short walk but he now refuses to hold hands and I can’t run as fast as him, so it’s pretty scary walking along a busy main road.
I wish he would say more (Oh did I really say that – I don’t think he’d shut up if he could!) his speech is pretty poor for a nearly 3 year old.  Nana, Gaddy (grandad), daddy, mumm, cat and oh dear is about as much as you can get out of him. He makes lots of noises but nothing you’d understand. Mummy and Daddy doesn’t seem as concerned as the grandparents though!

43-52 (2)

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#Project365 42/52

Only a short post this week. I’ve been fighting jet-lag so not had the inclination to think about taking photos!

First up is this bad boy that appeared over last Saturday/Sunday.  This is easily the biggest web I’ve seen in our garden, the top left thread starts at the outside light and the top right is attached to the fence some 10 feet away!!

HUGE web!

HUGE web!

A visit from our oldest son and Grandson Ashley on Tuesday. We missed them so much while we were away.  This is Ash watching Peppa – why do kids have to stand SO close to watch?? and Ash being silly lying on the floor and posing! His sweater is wet down the front after he discovered that he could hold drink in his mouth and let it dribble down him..he thought it was hilarious!

Last one is Ash again..we popped into our local Asda Living so I could take back a tunic top I bought but didn’t like once I tried it on. He loves riding the escalator and Hubby decided to take him upstairs while I returned the top. I could hear Ash screeching, but knew hubby was with him so all would be ok. I went upstairs soon after and they were looking at DVDs, He was screeching as he had spotted Peppa Pig DVDs! Ash had a one in his hand..we made our way back to the stairs and on the way there Ash saw a big pile of Peppa Pig toys, he dropped the DVD and picked up one of the boxes and tried to run with it shouting ‘Peppa, Peppa, Peppa’!
It was half price so that’s one thing towards his Christmas presents!!


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Review of the year #Project366

I took part in #Project366 in 2012 and this is a flashback review of own personal favourites.

January- Trip to London and my favourite shot where the cranes and the Shard are rising into the air.
February-One of the many spiders in our garden.
March-Camilia after the rain.
April- Ashley ready for bed.
May-Monmouthshire-Brecon Canal, a lovely walk.
June-One of favourite spots in Cardiff. Memories of my childhood.
July-My favourite macro shot. Raindrops on the conifer.
August– Oldest son and his son.
September-My boys before the youngest went to Australia (news today that he’s now engaged to his Australia GF!)
October- Ashley – cheeky monkey.
November– Molly the cat!
December-Last shot of the year!

Review of 2012

Linking up to The Boy and Me – Flashback of 2012

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247/366 Spider again!

Regular visitors to my blog know our house is Spider Central! We have lots of spiders! Well this morning I went to the garage to put on some washing and noticed spider web connecting from the guttering of our extension across to the conifer plant outside the kitchen. Quite a feat as the guttering is some 7ft high and the conifer is about 4ft and the web has to cross the pathway too!

I’ll add a more tag here  so those on the home page don’t get shocked….just click more if you want to see the SPIDER!! Continue reading

179/366 Another spider and his web

I’m a bit obsessed with snapping spiders and their webs. Hubby called me out to the garden to show me this one.  I grabbed my camera and selected the macro function and snapped away.

I was amazed to see the web come out so well.  I then changed settings to Macro Zoom and took a closer photo. I’m really pleased with these 2 shots as I’ve had problems getting the web to show up in some other photos I’ve taken.

Spider taken with Macro Zoom

Spider taken with Macro AF setting

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