Week 13 & 14 #Project365 – 2015

This is a 2 week catch up again. I must admit that in week 13 I really struggled. Other than photos of the grandsons I had very little to share. A few photos of hedgerows and things I’ve taken pictures of before so I felt rather deflated and defeated.

I’ve made more of an effort this week.

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Week 16 #Project365 – 2014

This week has been pretty quiet. On Monday we decided to go out for a drive but only got as far as Chepstow. We had a good wander about and sat by the river in the glorious sunshine with a coffee. We also had a sneaky beer in ‘Spoons too..


Chepstow Bridge – gateway to England. 
Rowing boats stranded on the bank.
Chepstow Castle 
Chepstow Castle from across the river, 
Glorious blossom on the trees. 

Our local wetlands were featured on the BBC this week – perhaps you saw it on the One Show – featuring the re-introduction of water voles at Magor Marsh.

magor marsh

When we went there this week we didn’t see any water voles but did see where they had put boxes for them to hide away. The only wildlife we saw were swans. A part of the marsh that was closed last time we were there has been reopened. They had to clear out a part of the reen in readiness for the water voles. The large tree at the bottom of the picture looks like it has old nests in it but it’s actually big clumps of mistletoe. The yellow flower is a Marsh Marigold.

camelia, railway, bakestones, welshcake,

My poor camelia is looking rather forlorn. After bursting into flower 6 weeks early the recent cold snap halted the rest of the buds coming out and they are all slowly dying off. It’s such a shame as it’s rather magnificent when it’s in full flower.
Another bridge – this one across the local railway line.
Orange Wednesday – Spiderman 2 – full of action – a great film for half term!

Welsh cakes (or bakestones as I’ve always called them) made using catsyellowdays recipe. I’ve always used my nan’s recipe which makes them more like pastry but these had a softer texture. They were gone in no time especially after my brother snaffled a few!

The fence – this is now around the perimeter of the local playing field. Why?? because the local infant/junior school use it. We’ve lived here for nearly 20 years and there has never been the need for a barrier to stop the public using a public space..but because the school is beside it it is now deemed a no go area. Orginally the path through was going to be closed whilst the school was open but as a compromise the path closes when the children are using it at lunch time.
What sort of world are we living in when it’s been ok for god only knows how long but ‘just in case’ someone ‘may’ want to look at a child playing it’s now out of bounds. It makes me so sad to think the world has come to the idea that everyone has peado tendencies.

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Week 12 #Project365 – 2014

I’ve had a very quiet week. I’ve not done much or been anywhere of note. Usual walks, pootling around the house, entering competitions and job hunting for us both.

My DIL in Australia has been working as a volunteer in her church and they have now offered her a paid position doing some graphic design and admin for them. She deserves the break and this allows her to get paid doing something she loves for the church she loves. A win win for them all.

I could easily do a rant here or on another post  but I tend to go a bit too far and know I’d upset some people and some may be regulars here and I wouldn’t want to lose them. 🙂
Things that have p***ed me off in the news this week are : people complaining about being short of money, parents thinking its their right to have paid child care, the miners strike anniversary, public sector pay.  You name it .. it’s all p***ed me off.
My answer to them – ah skip that… I’m not in the mood for a rant at the moment…

Anyway – back to normality – Orange Wednesday this week was Need for Speed. A bit of Fast and Furious clone but far more exciting and also has better cars. Cars to drool over…and some seriously heart in mouth moments in the chases.
We also had the opportunity to go to Cardiff to see the Captain America preview but decided against it. It would have cost more in fuel and parking that waiting a week and watching it via Orange Wednesday!

Ashley came for a short time on Friday, a quick play on his apps on my Nexus then a walk around the local town whilst Grandad was at the doctor’s. Then it was off to nursery. He’s such a popular little man, kiddies come up to him and hug him and call out to him.

camelia, orange wednesday

Piccies this week:

  • My Camelia is in flower already – I didn’t post a picture of them until May last year!!
  • Orange Wednesday.
  • Ashley trying to escape from the car outside nursery.
  • Text on my orange phone – 2 for 1 Paul Hollywood – oh I don’t think so. I wouldn’t cross the road to see him. Can’t stand him.

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Week 9 #Project365 – 2014

As today is March 1st the first thing to say is – Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!

We’ve had a busy week this week. We had Ashley last Sunday and had a good walk out in the countryside.
On other walks this week we’ve seen lots of spring flowers, daisies, clendines, primroses and daffodils.

Orange Wednesday this week was Hubby’s choice – The Monuments Men. Whilst not a bad film it’s really not good either. It took too long to get going and doesn’t seem to be able to decide whether it’s a drama or comedy – on both counts it fails. It constantly needs to tell you the reason for the mission – to save artwork don’t you know!! George Clooney just plays himself – he doesn’t seem capable of actually convincing you he’s anyone other than himself.
But the thing that got me the most is a major mistake in the film – I’m not an expert but when a French man in France opens a hanger to reveal a bi-plane you don’t expect said bi-plane to be British registered.

We looked after Ashley again on Friday and Saturday. On Friday we played with blocks, did some colouring and played Cbeebies on my tablet. His favourite is bubble popping.

On Saturday we did the weekly shop  and went to the park for a run about. You can read more on our ‘Out and About’ antics here if you wish.

orange wednesday, playtime, springThe pictures here:

  • Primroses and Daffodils – seen on our countryside walks.
  • Camelia bud – they are getting bigger every day and this one is showing some colour.
  • Ashley – enjoying a ride in Morrisons, popping bubbles – multitasking – biscuit in one hand, popping with the other! Spinning wheels laden with stickle bricks, getting tied up in a rope hanging from a fence near the park.
  • Orange Wednesday.

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#Project365 35/52

Another quiet week for me. I’ve been spending time planning our big trip.. only 3 weeks to go!!

I’ve done a fair bit of cooking this week.  When we do a weekly shop at Morrisons I always pick up some pork ribs and planned to cook them as usual with a sticky bbq marinade. But I caught up with last week’s Nigel Slater programme and he cooked some ribs simply with just onion, carrot, celery and stock, nothing else – just keep it simple. So I made the Pork Rib Ragu for next day and it was bliddy delicious!! Enough left to top a baked spud for my lunch the next day.
Hubby asked me to make a pineapple upside down cake. I also had about a quarter pack of creamed coconut in the fridge so I chopped that up and added it to the sponge mixture. It was rather yummy..I’ll make it again and do a better job of glazing the pineapple next time so I can add the recipe and have a better picture to add.

Hubby’s shift pattern means we can do ‘Orange Wednesday’ again for a few weeks. This week we saw ‘The Lone Ranger’. It’s had mixed reviews but we thought it was good. Very entertaining and funny – plus of course it has Johnny Depp in it..

Thursday we popped to see our oldest son as we’d not seen them for nearly 2 weeks. He’s been putting in a bit of overtime recently and looked rather tired. They can’t decide whether to save for a ‘normal’ holiday or to save to go to Oz to see his brother. I think the cost of the Oz trip will put him off!!

On Friday I looked after Ashley, we went shopping for some cropped trousers for my holiday but ended up buying a cardi-coat ready for the colder days. I also bought hubby a red tie ready for the wedding.  We had fun at lunch time as Ashley discovered he could put Hula Hoops on his fingers.  He’s also got quite fond of throwing anything he can get his hands on.  He also tried scooting along the floor on a small wicker box I have (it’s about 10in X 6in), he thought it was hysterical and I laughed so much I cried!

I was pleased to see the Camelia buds starting to show. I’m fascinated that the buds start now and grow all winter, survive the cold, frost and snow and bloom around the end of April.

camelia, hula hoops, ragu, pineapple cake

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#Project365 20/52

This week I decided to take some close up / Macro pictures in the garden. We’ve had a few days of sunshine – albeit still chilly – so  it was ideal light to get the close ups.

It was my birthday on Wednesday so we went to the cinema to see the new Star Trek film. A week ago I wouldn’t even have contemplated it but we watched the first of the new ‘younger version’ on tv and really enjoyed. They have spent a lot of time making sure the new cast remain true to the charcters of the original Star Trek.
After the cinema we had a take away from the local curry house. So that was two 2-4-1s’ in the same day! (Orange Wednesday and Biryani Day!) All washed down with a vodka or three!

We had the grandson on Thursday so his Mummy and Daddy could have a day to themselves. We went food shopping and played in the garden.

Saturday tore me apart – the emptying of my son’s storage locker. It really bought it home that he’s not planning on returning to the UK to live. We are storing it all at our house now and I have the onerous task of taking an inventory and photos ready to sell as much as I can.  I can see a few boot sales on the horizon! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good sum of money to send to him in Oz!

The photo’s this week: Hover over each for captions!

My picture of the week is the top middle one. I’m very pleased with how this one came out.

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#Project365 16/52

We started the week with a visit to Bridgend Outlet.  The visit was for nothing special, just a few hours out.  We had Ashley to look after too so thought the trip out would be exciting for him too.
Of course he ended up with some goodies too – two new t-shirts from Next outlet. We headed to the kids area where there is slides and climbing areas but it was a bit overwhelming for the little man! He preferred sitting in the toy rally car and had fun trying to steer it.

Although there wasn’t much in the way of new shoots in the garden last week, the warmer weather (well I say warmer but what I meant was that the temperature was at last in double figures!!) seems to have kick started a few shoots now and bought out some flowers.

The last picture is of reflections of some sparkles on a shirt I was wearing that shone on the car lining – I can see a face, can you??

Next week I’ll be posting some pictures of my son’s wedding that’s taking place on Thursday. We are all getting very excited! The long-range forecast says it’s going to be dry so that’s a comfort! It will be even better if they said a bit of sun!

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Review of the year #Project366

I took part in #Project366 in 2012 and this is a flashback review of own personal favourites.

January- Trip to London and my favourite shot where the cranes and the Shard are rising into the air.
February-One of the many spiders in our garden.
March-Camilia after the rain.
April- Ashley ready for bed.
May-Monmouthshire-Brecon Canal, a lovely walk.
June-One of favourite spots in Cardiff. Memories of my childhood.
July-My favourite macro shot. Raindrops on the conifer.
August– Oldest son and his son.
September-My boys before the youngest went to Australia (news today that he’s now engaged to his Australia GF!)
October- Ashley – cheeky monkey.
November– Molly the cat!
December-Last shot of the year!

Review of 2012

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#Project366 Picture of the week 04/03/2012

Picture of the week was a difficult decision. I really like the daffodils as I was St David’s Day this week but I’ve decided to choose the Camelia as the colour is better and the raindrops have come out really well.

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Week 9 #Project366

Not had time to post daily for past few days, so here is 62, 63 and 64

62/366 This is Molly the cat pawing at the door – Let me in!!

63/366 Decided to move to the dining room as my floor cushion needs some extra filling to make it more comfy.

64/366 The first of my Camelias now in full bloom. Taken after the rain we had this morning.


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