#Project365 28/52

I’m still following the #FMSphotoaday for inspiration and also linking to the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

This is a round up of the week: Feel free to click on the links below 🙂

28-52 (4)

Where you are – Sat at home watching the Mens Singles Final

Path – The shadow cast by our side gate

3 things – reminder of my boy so far away 

Smooth – one of my favourite songs

I wore this – multi purpose dress!

A bad habit – gaming when I should be doing other things!

4 o’clock – Didn’t do this as I found a meme for Room 101 so did a part 2.

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#Project365 week 27 day 7 – Where you are

Today’s theme is ‘Where you are’.

This collage shows:

Where I should be – In the garden enjoying the sun.

Where I wish I was – Wimbledon – Henman Hill would do!

Where I am – glued to the TV watching the men’s singles final, hoping that Andy Murrray wins.

28-52 (1)

That’s all for today!!

#Project365 27/52

This is a round up of this week.

I’ve been posting everyday since Monday after seeing Fun as a Gran tweeting about the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC).  I thought this would fit in nicely with #project365 as The Boy and Me had also suggested following Fat Mum Slim photo a day for inspiration in July.  I plan to follow this unless I have something else for the day. Saturday should have been Favourite Smell but I went to the local Wetlands so that became theme of the day.

The collage here is a selection of photo’s for the week – Please feel free to pop over to any of my daily posts for more.


Happiness is – Wimbledon

Shoes – Comfy

Cold – Pashmina

Red white or blue – Seeing Red

Love – GS and Winne the Pooh

Wetlands – Scuffing shoes

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#Project365 week 27 day 1- Happiness is…

This is my ‘Happiness is’ moment. Watching Wimbledon and using the ‘Red Button’ to access the other matches that the good old BBC are broadcasting.

I don’t particularly like women’s tennis as it’s all grunts and tip – tap back and forth so I usually select a mens match.  Having the technology available to select which match you want to view is definitely a ‘Happiness is..’ moment.

27-52 (1)

Wimbledon is the ultimate championship and it would be great to see Andy Murray win the Men’s Singles this year.

Now I’ll share a ‘claim to fame’ with you.  Back in 1970 when I was in high school a local tennis tournament wanted our school to provide the ball boys. However very few boys applied and there were plenty of us girls that asked if we could do it. They had to apply to the LTA and we became some of the first ball girls to be used in a pro-tournament.

We had lots of training and practice. During the tournament we were provided with uniform and the princely sum of 2/6d to buy our afternoon tea each day. (2/6d is about 12p). But the money was immaterial, I got to meet lots of famous tennis players, John Newcombe, Mark Cox, Roger Taylor, Tony Roche, Nicki Pilic and Ken Rosewall. Ken Rosewall was my favourite, he took time to chat to us all and we even had tea with him once.

I had a box with signed wrist bands and few photos from the local paper but they have got lost – or more likely thrown out by Mum when she moved house!