Review of 2014 #Project365

I still can’t believe that I’ve now completed my third year of #Project365 that has been hosted by the lovely The Boy and Me.
It has been quite a job to pick my favourite photo for each month of 2014. As I’ve looked through them they have bought back some very happy memories.

I’ve picked my favourites and explained why below.

January – On our way to the local park and Ashley is now confident enough to strike out on his own without too many glances back to see where we are.
February – This just makes me chuckle – I got Rick-rolled with a capcha!
March – After the wind blew or fencing down the big job of resetting the posts. Hubby made a good job it too!
April –  A rare moment of stillness from the little man.
May – This was one of about 30 photos taken with him clambouring all over me to get his picture taken and to be tickled. Almost every photo shows him grinning and laughing.
June – In our back garden with his bike and ball. What you can’t see here is  his face, he’s laughing because Grandad threw the ball at him. (if you click on the picture then use zoom you’ll see it! Go on take a look! )

soosie wales, #project365

July- Our day out at Greenmeadow Community Farm. He really wasn’t sure about touching the chicken.
August – At the local park again in the summer sun. One of the last weekends we had to look after him as Mummy was now on maternity leave.
September – The arrival of Grandson number 2 – Welcome to the world Theo.
October – This boy loves sleeping.
November – Some of you may remember that Molly won’t come into the house since our new back door was fitted.
When it’s dry we put her basket on the bench for her to sunbathe in.
December – Well there was no competition for this one. Both our boys back together again even if it was only for a few days.

soosie wales, #project365

If you did #365 last year I hope to see your roundup too!

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Week 40 #Project365 – 2014

Work is going well, it’s all making more sense this week. I still have the Admin role to train on and I don’t think the management team is impressed that I’ve not done any of that yet. Their fault.. you can’t expect someone to learn 2 roles in under 3 weeks, I’m now booked to start Admin training at another store!

Been on a few short walks and also spent some time walking around Caerleon taking even more photos of the Amphitheatre and Roman Barracks. It’s done me good this week to get back out in the open air taking photos of random things. I feel energized again.

Orange Wednesday – A Walk Among the Tombstones – Liam Neeson’s latest film. Good drama/thriller about an ex-cop come private investigator. He gets involved with looking for men who are abducting women and then asking for ransom. Only the perpetrators are also sadistic killers.
Not filled with action but does move at a good pace. Let’s face it Liam Neeson is usually a safe bet in any film.. Yes??

Thursday a visit to see son, DIL and the boys. Theo is doing well and is now 8lbs and tends to sleep a lot too.  Ashley is very tender with him and when he’s dishing out kisses he gives babba one too!

We looked after Ashley for a bit on Friday whilst Mummy and Daddy did some food shopping. He loves being outdoors and we decided to show him some wildlife – spiders and ants! There was a spider on one of (many) webs in the garden and he thought it was fun to blow on the spider to see it move. He also noticed one on a web by the back door and some ants running along the patio.

Taking it easy on Saturday catching up with competitions and reading some blogs.
While finishing off this post I just had this conversation with other half:

Him: Catching up on competitions are you?
Me: No, doing the photo post and then commenting on some from last week, I’ve not done any yet!!
Him: Arh, why bother? you haven’t got time now.
Me:: What?? not likely I’m not giving up something I’ve been doing for nearly 3 years.
Him : ok no need to bite my head off…


soosie wales, caereleon, children, autumn


  • Sleepy Theo
  • The new store –  nearly ready for open day.
  • Not just any brick wall – this one is Roman and over 2 thousand years old. The Romans sure knew how to build to last!! Caerleon Ampitheatre.
  • Autumn is here.
  • Investigating a spider.
  • Church clock tower – Did you know that a lot of christian clock towers only have 3 faces?? The forth blank side represents the catholics who don’t / won’t contribute to the church.

Hope you’ve all had a great week.
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Week 39 #Project365 – 2014

My week started at 5am on Sunday when the alarm went off- first day of work in over 4 years.  I felt a little apprehensive but not nervous at all.
There’s a lot to take in and it was rather annoying to discover that there will be no formal training only ‘on the job’ training done by the ladies in another store.  There are no SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to work from and I was rather surprised that such a huge company does not work from SOPs or any formal written down procedures. Perhaps I’m paranoid as I’ve written and presented training sessions, written SOPs and been part of a management team and am a very process driven person.

Monday – Visit to the dentist for hubby after cracking one of molars on a hard sweet! While he was being seen,  I went to the local coffee shop for a flat white.

Tuesday – Tidying up the garden and putting the plants and bench back into place on the new patio. In the afternoon we had a visit from son, DIL and the boys. Ashley is very gentle with the baby and doesn’t appear to be fazed by him at all..The only picture I have of them this week is one my son took.

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday – Working girl!! The management has come to the conclusion that 18 hours a week for 2 weeks won’t be enough time to learn the full job (well Duh!! I did say at the induction session!!) So money is now no object and we can come in as often as we want to get to grips with the job.  So for the last 3 days there has been lots of note taking and understanding about half of the processing. Still a long way to go. With 6am starts and addled brain by the time I came home there have been no pictures.. oops..

No Orange Wednesday – we were going to see Walk among the Tombstones but I was too bliddy knackered! We’ll go next week as I have Wednesday off.

Saturday – it was nice to have a proper breakfast with hubby, I’ve missed his constant stream of mugs of tea!!

Hope you’ve had a good week 🙂



soosie wales, patio, grandchildren, coffee


  • the path from the kitchen to the garage
  • the finished patio
  • sleepy boys
  • civilised coffee and kindle 


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Week 38 #Project365 – 2014

Boring week of pictures to be honest!!

We’ve had enough of our decking, it’s rotting in places and Hubby is constantly having to screw down some of the planks – it was an accident waiting to happen.
We decided to have it all ripped up and a new dressed stone patio and side path laid. The builder started on Tuesday and it is now almost finished. He’s back today to sort out a bit of drainage as there is an area that puddled when the patio was hosed down.

Orange Wednesday – A Most Wanted Man – a VERY slow drama, if I’m honest if I had been on my own I would have given up after the first hour but we stuck it out! The film has had good reviews and I usually like a drama, especially if it keeps you guessing but I found it rather boring and my mind kept wandering.  Hubby wasn’t impressed either.

Son and the grandsons (oh that’s weird to type… grandsons.. plural!!) came on Thursday. Ashley is getting used to the baby and is behaving well around him.  Baby Theo is SO tiny – you really do forget how small a baby is.

Shopping on Friday and there was a familiar little figure poking out from the shelf – well familiar if you are a regular linker to #365!!

And that’s it.. didn’t do much else or go anywhere this week.. Start the job tomorrow – first day of training.. 6am start!!

soosie wales, gardens, orange wednesday

Above –

  • ripped up decking,
  • the stone being delivered
  • patio more than half done
  • orange wednesday
  • spider
  • Lamaze toy (reminder of our esteemed #365 host TBAM!)

Hope you’ve had a good week!

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Week 37 #Project365 – 2014

Hello everyone, I’ve had a very busy and hectic week but a very happy one!

Sunday – relaxing

Monday – Trip to Tredegar House and gardens. We didn’t go inside the house or formal gardens, just had a walk around the parkland and had a picnic.

Tuesday – DIL has been getting a few twinges and pains for a few days so we offered to have Ashley overnight just in case she went into labour. Son dropped him off after nursery and he helped Grandad to water the tubs.

Wednesday – All ready for nursery he wanted to take his Hamley’s cat with him!! His Mummy and Daddy picked him to take him to nursery and 30 minutes later son rang to say DIL waters had broken!
His other Grandad and Nanna was picking him from nursery and had him overnight. We still went to the cinema for Orange Wednesday! The Guest this week – a cracking film – Dan Stevens who plays The Guest is really creepy and there are some real butt clenching moments in the film.  Not the sort of person you would want to welcome to your home.

Thursday – No photo for today – I was at my work induction which took ALL day. I was bliddy knackered by the time I got home.  It was awful having my phone on silent and only checking it when we were at break… although I did sneak a quick look now and then when the boss left the room.. she was aware of the circumstances.

Friday – At 4:40am I had a text from our son to say that our second grandson had been born, 6lbs 15oz and will be called Theo. We picked Ashley up from nursery and took him to the hospital to see his mummy, daddy and new brother!

Saturday – Ashley stayed with us while Daddy went back to the hospital to see Mummy and Theo. They were discharged mid afternoon. It’s all quiet now and we can relax for a bit now!!


  • Singing the wheels on the bus
  • Ready for nursery
  • Wasp caught in a web – can you see the spider laying in wait?? 
  • Orange Wednesday – The Guest
  • Watering the tubs
  • That’s one big acorn!!

Soosie wales, wasps, orange wednesday, tredegar house, garden

Welcome to the world! This is Theo.

Welcome to the world! This is Theo.

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Week 35 #Project365 – 2014

I’ll get my good news in first this week – I got the job! They called me on Friday and offered me an admin job in the cash office, minimum of 20 hours. The days / hours have to be confirmed and the pay isn’t wonderful but it’s a step in the door and better than having the zero income we have as the moment.

My second news – all the blood tests came back OK, one of the tests had a raised level so will have to be repeated but nothing to be concerned about. The lightheadness when I look up has been put down to a bit of arthritis in my neck that may be pressing a blood vessel. So ladies when you are  in labour and the midwife says don’t push into your neck… I slipped a disc giving birth to my second son and it wasn’t picked up for over 6 months, so the damage was already in progress.. 30 years later it’s still haunting me.. ah well could be worse!!

Anyway – onto the past week.

Sunday – Time to cut the conifer hedging. Hubby now has a petrol trimmer which is better than having cables trailing.  Lots of exercise for him up and down the ladders. He’s a wreck when he’s finished!

Monday – Short walk around the village – someone had fly tipped tyres, looks like they came from a large vehicle too.

Tuesday –  We didn’t do much today – pottered about the house.

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week – LUCY – about a young woman who takes a drug that increases the capacity of your brain and makes it work to 100%.  A film to switch off your own brain to ignore the plot holes – why was no one else affected? what the heck was the ending about??  It was ok but if you want to see a similar film watch Limitless which is far better.

Thursday – Took some pots on our walk with the intention of getting a lot more blackberries but we only managed enough to make a small crumble for tea. Most of them have been picked or are turning mouldy.

Friday – Our local Pensioners housing is being renovated.  The paint was peeling off the walls and they weren’t well insulated. The council has fitted new windows, new insulation and skimmed the exterior walls, replaced the roof and fitted solar panels. The bungalows are looking very smart now and it’s good know the residents will be warm and cosy every winter.

Saturday – Walked along the main road for a longer walk to the local shop.  The local brown road-sign always makes me smile – Historic Square.. you can walk around it in under 5 minutes.   Not exactly worthy of  a tourist sign – in my humble opinion.

This weeks pictures in 3 bites.


soosie wales, orange wednesday, hedge trimming, fly-tippingOrange Wednesday – Lucy, Hedge trimming, Tea-time Treat, Fly-tipping 

soosie wales, hedgerows, tourism  Mouldy Blackberries, Caterpillar, Historic Square ?

soosie wales, renovation,

Before and after renovations.  

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Week 31 #Project365 – 2014

Slow and quiet week for us. Didn’t go far and didn’t do very much.

Sunday – A second night of the neighbour’s security light shining through our windows and coming on at the slightest breath of air. He put it up on Friday and then went away on Saturday.. fortunately he came back on Sunday afternoon. Hubby popped over to tell him about the light and he was up and down the ladders from around 9;30 until 11pm! He eventually got the timer right and pointed the light down.. Phew thank goodness!!

Monday – a visit to the hospital for Hubby for a routine test.

Tuesday – a tidy up and washed the kitchen down. Cooker, cabinets, tiles, worktops, floor all done. Takes some time to do (I have a BIG kitchen!)
I made Toad in Hole for tea and was impressed with how much it rose.. looked more like toad in the sinkhole!! The dish is about 2 inches deep and it was easily 3 to 4 inches above the rim!

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was Hercules. Some of the reviews were mixed, saying it couldn’t make up it’s mind if it’s an action film or a comedy. I could see what they meant, it is full of action but there are some funny lines that cut through the drama. At first it feels unnecessary but it just becomes part of the film.  On the whole it is an enjoyable romp.

Thursday/Friday trundled about the house, catching up on competitions and reviewing our finances. BORING!!!

Saturday – A celebratory lunch out with our best friends. From the first day they moved to their new house, nearly two years ago, they’ve been pestered in one way and another by their neighbours and it all resulted in a court case and an ASBO being granted against the neighbours. If it had been happening to us I’d have been sectioned by now!

soosie wales, flowers, #365

Above – Flowers in the garden, Orange Wednesday, Toad in the Hole, Bright light. 

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