Week 19 #Project365 – 2015

A much better week for us now that things from the past few weeks have settled down. Ashley’s remaining tests came back negative so they still don’t know what caused his collapse. Hopefully it’ll not happen again.

Sunday – Not much, half day work followed by lazing about the house.

Monday – We decided to go out for a drive and headed out towards Lydney and ended up at Lydney Harbour. A nice area where fishing boats used to launch into the Severn Estuary. Nowadays it’s more pleasure craft that use the basin and locks. You can cross over the locks and take walk along the estuary.

Tuesday – Housework in the morning, I also tidied the freezer, loads of stuff in the wrong drawers since hubby has been putting the shopping away!!
We went to see Avengers – Age of Ultron – loads of action but the story drifts a bit. But Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans always worth looking at.. OOOSSHH…

Wednesday – After work son came for a visit with the boys. Theo is still trying to crawl but goes round in circles or backwards. Ashley was back his usual self. He loves having his photo taken and tried to get right up close – so funny. I allowed him to use my camera this week and he loved taking photos of his daddy and brother but he also started swinging it about… oh no you don’t young man…He wasn’t keen on being told off.

Thursday – Didn’t do much today no food shopping as all we needed was fresh food and it can wait until Saturday.

Friday – Work day – bored to tears as there wasn’t enough work to last the 7 hours I worked. I’d much prefer to be kept occupied.

Saturday – Shopping followed by the weekly visit to MIL. Lidl had an offer on Minced beef – 500g for £1.29. Bought 6, three for the freezer, one for lasagne on Sunday and two made into meatballs and spicy burgers. Love the bargains like this as it ends in cheap meals for the 2 of us. My Mum taught me well on how to make dinners from scratch.

In the evening we went to our friends house for supper – yummy chilli, good chatter and a catch up with their son too.

Hope you’ve all had a good week. soosiewales, #project365

I’ve selected my favourites for the week.

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May Bank Holiday with #Morrisonsmum

Along with some other bloggers I became a #Morrisonsmum for the Bank Holiday weekend. This was an initiative with Morrisons and Britmums.
I was sent some vouchers to complete my Bank Holiday food shop and to take a look at the new cheaper Morrisons. I browsed their website and made a weekend menu plan and a list of some of the food I wanted to buy.  We have a reasonably new Morrisons here in Newport, it’s well set out and always inviting.

The fruit and veg area is always full of fresh produce and they pump dry ice over some of the display. I chose the usual spuds, onions, bananas, apples, tomatoes and cucumber. I also bought some prepared salads, peppers, a chinese stir fry, strawberries and pineapple especially for the weekend.

Then it was onto the meat counter – Rump steak on offer so that HAD to go into the trolley along with a rack of ribs. I also decided to buy 2 chunky steak pies as we’ve not bought them for a while.

I carried on around the store to pick up the rest of my list. They have made a real effort to drop prices on lots of products and there are lots of shelf edge tags and other signage in the store to promote the new pricing.

Morrisons, #morrisonsmum

I came home with quite a haul.  I was impressed with the lower prices, some were pennies but quite a lot were big cuts making Morrisons excellent value and more competitive.

Morrisons, #morrisonsmum The menu plan for the weekend:

Friday – Chunky steak pie  – We used to buy these whenever we visited Morrisons but stopped buying them a while ago as the filling was sparse and the pastry recipe changed – they no longer tasted like home made. Mr. Morrison please don’t do this..I’d prefer pay more than compromise on taste. The filling was still sparse but the pastry was back to how I remembered. They are good value at £1.60 for two.

Saturday – Griddled Rump Steak, tomato and sweet pepper sauce, mushrooms and baked potato. I have never been disappointed with the quality of meat at Morrisons and their rump steak is always juicy and tender.  I made the sauce to go on the side with the mushrooms.  The steak was melt in the mouth tender but please Morrisons butcher don’t tuck the fat around the back it makes it look like you’re trying to hide something – most people know and indeed expect to see a layer of fat at the top of their steak.

Sunday – Ciabatta with stir fried vegetables, spare ribs, fruit salad. I bought a large ciabatta loaf and a pre-prepared stirfry with water chestnuts and bamboo shoots. I cut the loaf into quarters and sliced through each one, place under a grill to warm through,  stirfry the veg and add a little sticky plum sauce. pile into the ciabatta and serve. We also had some spare ribs and finished off with fruit salad. It was demolished quickly by the family!

Monday – Packed a picnic – ham sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, salad, quiche and fruit. Spread it all out on a blankie in the park.


Morrisons, #morrisonsmum

I really enjoyed shopping for all the bargains and it’s good to know that Morrisons are keeping prices down. Just don’t compromise on the quality OK Morrisons!!

I’ve added some recipes that I hope you’ll try:

Tomato and Sweet Pepper Sauce to serve four the cost was a total of £1.50 (Peppers 66p, onion 5p, tin tomatoes 79p)

Spare Ribs – to serve two the cost was a total of £4.00 (ribs £3.50, onion and glaze made up another 50p)

I was sent some Morrisons vouchers to shop for the Bank Holiday. All words and opinions are my own.
The words and pictures cannot be reproduced without my permission. 


Are you feeling the pinch?

How thrifty have you become recently?

Over the past 2 years both our sons have moved out. When there were 4 of us the weekly shop was regularly over £100. The oldest son used to eat us out of house and home and still remains skinny! After he moved out the shopping bill dropped to around £60 – £70 per week. We also had to take care as I had been made redundant and the loss of my pay coming in was a big drop.

Our youngest son moved out last December and although it was nearly Christmas we saw another big drop in the shopping bill. No more stuff for his lunches, bottles of coke and snacks.

So now there are 2 of us and still only one income. We are not hard up by any means – well not compared to when our first son was born anyway! We have no mortgage and hubby pays as much as he can afford into his pension pot. We also have decent savings but try not to dip into them too often. Our weekly shop is averaging around £50.
I also try hard to use up any last veg, meat anything else lurking in the fridge or bread bin! I have a few recipes you make like to try here: Soosie Wales Recipes

My thrifty tips:

  • When buying packages of meat such as chops, split them into meal sized amounts and freeze them.
  • Make double the amount of dishes like spag bol, casseroles, stews, curries and put enough for one portion in a plastic freezer pot. Instant ready meal for the days when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Use cheaper cuts of meat, use chicken thighs not breasts for casseroles and curries.
  • Use a slow cooker for your stews, casseroles, curries etc. It saves energy and you can leave it to do its thing and have a lovely tasty meal.
  • If you have coupons for money off your bill e.g. £8 off an £80 shop make a list of things you are likely to run out of soon and go to a supermarket price comparison site and make up your list from special offers. Is the supermarket you have the voucher cheaper?  We had 3 of these recently from Tesco we just about made £80 on the first one  2 weeks ago. Our next voucher doesn’t run out until 1st July so we are putting things like cereal, cat food, tinned food on a list ready for the next £80 shop.
  • Which leads me nicely to the next thrifty tip – write a list of what you want and try your best to stick to it.
  • Go later in the day and most shops reduce produce like fruit, veg, meat and bakery items. You may even save enough for a little treat!
  • Use one of the smaller trolleys. I used to use a full size one and often thought ‘well there’s not much in there’.. I’d then walk around again to top it up with things I didn’t really need.
  • Leave your hubby at home if he is one of those that can’t resist a ‘Bargain’. Remind him it’s only a bargain if you wanted it in the first place!
  • If you don’t use much bread freeze half the loaf.
  • Search for promo codes for anything you buy – just put a search into Google for the shop you’re looking at.
  • Need more plates, mugs, glasses? Check out your charity shop. They usually sell for little and you’re helping them raise funds too!
  • Lastly use the Money Saving Expert Mantra: Do I need it? Can I afford it? Have I checked if it’s cheaper anywhere else? If the answer is NO… DON’T BUY IT!

This post is my entry for the Approved Foods/Tots100 competition.