Week 3 #Project365 – 2015

Not an exciting week to start with.  No visit from the grandsons as Ashley is now back in nursery – hopefully see them tomorrow or Monday.

Usual work and food shopping and a few short walks when it wasn’t raining.

On Wednesday I worked out which days I could take as holiday. I have nearly 20 hours to use up before the end of March. I’ve now booked some days off for Hubby’s birthday and tagged an extra day onto my week in March.
Last year I won a week hotel stay in Cyprus and have booked to go in March. We are both very excited to be having a good holiday. The only downer is flying from Gatwick as there are no local flights to Larnaca.

We also did Orange Wednesday for the first time in ages!! We saw Taken 3, good but not as good as the first 2.

Here are 6 pictures as a selection for this week.

soosie wales,


  • Molly Cat – still living outdoors. Waiting for her breakfast. 
  • Thermal cup – We can’t have hot drinks in the office unless they have a lid on. I bought this one for £3 and it keeps a cup of tea hot for well over 2 hours. I’ll be able to make a cuppa on arrival in work at 6am and it’ll still be hot when I’ve finished sorting out the tills and self-serve scanners an hour or so later.. #win
  • Passports ready for March!!
  • One of my favourite jams. I’ve not seen any in the shops for ages!!
  • Playing about with my Mobi Eye-fi card.
  • Orange Wednesday. Making the most of this as the promotion finishes at the end of February. Wonder what EE will replace it with?


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Week 44 #Project365 – 2014

Another busy week with me working 5 out of 7 days. Oh and I HATE the clocks going back!! There was I just getting used to getting up at 5am and now I’m waking up at 4am!!

Work was better this week as we’re getting used to the processes and working it all out for ourselves most of the time. It still astounds me that this huge company doesn’t work from SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) or at least a step by step guide.  The only guides they have are pretty basic and don’t tell you what to do when you can’t balance the Cash Office!!

We were hoping to have Ashley for the day on Monday but son forgot that they had other plans so we didn’t get to see him and the baby until Friday.

The rest of the week flew by in a whizz of work and catching up on competitions and emails.  It’s great having hubby at home as he ‘keeps house’, I ring him on the way out of work and by the time I get home a mug of tea and lunch are on the coffee table waiting for me. #LuckyGirl

Managed to get to the cinema this week for Orange Wednesday. We saw Gone Girl,  I wasn’t expecting much as I’m not a lover of Ben Affleck but the reviews were good so thought we’d give it a try. It is a very interesting film with good twists.. can’t say more as it’ll be a spoiler. Ok Affleck is just a big wooden stick and is rather bland but it is worth watching if you like a good psychological thriller.

On my trawl through my emails I came across one from Sky which said I could now display my photos on my TV via their Sky+ App. How cool is that!!  I can take photos with my tablet, open the app and show them on the TV. The wonders of modern technology!!

Here’s this weeks pick of the best.

soosie wales, grandsons, cat, ladybird

  • A Twitter win from Carte Noir. I was surprised how nicely produced this little book is. 
  • Molly Cat – still living outdoors.. Still won’t come in.. Silly moggy. 
  • Probably the last Ladybird of the season. 
  • Theo – he has 2 modes, sleeping and drinking his bottle. 
  • Ashley – Quiet boy on Friday as he was poorly the day before. 

How was your week?

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Week 3 #Project365 – 2014

The week started with a trip to the local garage to drop off the car which needed a repair. It was still letting in water and one of the rear wheels was squeaking. The handbrake pad had stuck on on one side. They also resealed the door trims so hopefully we won’t get anymore water coming in.

The rest of the week was uneventful – just a few short walks taken between the showers!

On Friday we had Ashley for a short time. He’s goes to nursery now every afternoon, he looks very smart in his uniform. He’s the youngest in the class and looks so tiny compared to some of the others.
We had him again on Saturday, he arrived with a new hat that his daddy bought – Sonic the hedgehog. No outdoor play today though as is was raining, so we took him to Funky Monkeys – an indoor play area within our big Tesco complex. He loved it, there’s lots to clamber over, slides, cars and wall puzzles. It was very busy but at least they restrict the age and height so there’s not too much pushing and shoving.


Above: Ashley and Gaddy looking out at Funky Monkeys.
A fallen branch – looks like a body!
A long freight train.
A random cat sat at the hedgerow.
Ashley looking resplendent in his uniform.
Ashley and his Sonic hat.
A rainbow over the house opposite ours.

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#Project365 20/52

This week I decided to take some close up / Macro pictures in the garden. We’ve had a few days of sunshine – albeit still chilly – so  it was ideal light to get the close ups.

It was my birthday on Wednesday so we went to the cinema to see the new Star Trek film. A week ago I wouldn’t even have contemplated it but we watched the first of the new ‘younger version’ on tv and really enjoyed. They have spent a lot of time making sure the new cast remain true to the charcters of the original Star Trek.
After the cinema we had a take away from the local curry house. So that was two 2-4-1s’ in the same day! (Orange Wednesday and Biryani Day!) All washed down with a vodka or three!

We had the grandson on Thursday so his Mummy and Daddy could have a day to themselves. We went food shopping and played in the garden.

Saturday tore me apart – the emptying of my son’s storage locker. It really bought it home that he’s not planning on returning to the UK to live. We are storing it all at our house now and I have the onerous task of taking an inventory and photos ready to sell as much as I can.  I can see a few boot sales on the horizon! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good sum of money to send to him in Oz!

The photo’s this week: Hover over each for captions!

My picture of the week is the top middle one. I’m very pleased with how this one came out.

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This week #project366

I got behind by a few days so decided to keep photos this week for one post.

I reached a milestone – blog is one year old! I didn’t blog very often though! It wasn’t until I got involved in #project366 in January  that I became a Blogger!

During the past week my youngest son (YS) has moved back home. His job contract ended unexpectedly a week after he put in his notice for his house down here (he was paying rent for a house here near home and rent for a room in Chester!). This meant he would have been homeless so he asked to come home.

The past week has been spent sorting out all his ‘stuff’, packing and putting most of it into a storage locker. It took all day Monday to move all his belongings and most of Tuesday to clean the house so that he’ll get all his deposit back.

It’s really strange having him back home, he doesn’t have the same sense of tidiness that his Dad has so that sparks off a few heated words. Hopefully it’ll all settle soon.

While all this has been going on YS has been waiting for his working visa for Australia to come through. He’s already booked flights for a 2 week holiday to see his girlfriend and he wouldn’t have been able to go until the visa was confirmed. On Tuesday he had the good news that the visa was agreed, so now he has to decide how long to spend Down Under. How ever long it is he’ll be coming back for his brothers wedding in April.  So he’ll be off mid September, I’ll miss dreadfully but know it’s a great opportunity for him to see things and hopefully get a better life than the UK can offer right now.

Anyways…onto the weeks piccies.

224/366 – A local cat sat on the gate post of the house opposite watching our cat walking up the road. Not the best quality but it was dark and it was on my ipod camera!!

225/366 – Shadow on the wall of flowers in the hanging basket.

226/366 – My YS Jalapeno plant – he’s so proud of it!

227/366 – Lovely bottle of VSOP Brandy I won from Remy Martin. I’d like to keep this for Christmas.

228/366 – Little teddy I won from Whittakers Embroidery via Twitter. I had grandson’s name and nickname put on his t-shirt.

229/366 – The last Harry Potter book. BOught 2 years ago but only read a few chapters. I’m going to start it again as I’ve got into reading again. (The colour of the cover is faded as it’s been on a shelf in the sun!)

230/366 – Grandson Ashley and Daddy ( Oldest Son).  Picture of the Week.

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189/366 Where do cats go when it rains?

Poor Molly – she gets quite irate when the grandson has visited. She won’t come in when he’s here and it takes her a day or two to get her smell back in the house. She wanders around sniffing everything and rubbing against chairs, doors etc..
She also comes in through the back door, takes a few bites of food then walks into the dining room and cries by the french door to go out – even though the back door will still be open.. Dopey pussy!!

We then let her out through the dining room door and she promptly walks back in through the back door.. we got a bit fed up of this so kicked her out (not literally of course!) and shut the back door.

This is her looking sorry for herself under the sunbed in the rain while we were in the warm and dry kitchen!!

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Week 9 #Project366

Not had time to post daily for past few days, so here is 62, 63 and 64

62/366 This is Molly the cat pawing at the door – Let me in!!

63/366 Decided to move to the dining room as my floor cushion needs some extra filling to make it more comfy.

64/366 The first of my Camelias now in full bloom. Taken after the rain we had this morning.


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18/366 Our stupid cat

We got our cat Molly from a local rescue centre about 5 years ago. She’s a nervy cat and will treat you like she’s never seen you before.
She over grooms which leaves the fur on her back thin and coarse.
She rarely sits on anyone. She can usually be found sat on the warm spot at the top of the stairs.
But today she has decided to park her butt on my pillow on our sofa.


16/366 Home on my own

I usually like being on my own during the day. Hubby works 4 on 4 off – 2 days and 2 nights. On his first day in work I usually do a good dust and hoover, clean the kitchen and toilets/bathroom.  Then it’s settle down and do a few competitions and at about 5pm search for any new jobs added to sites.

Today I woke early – at around 5am. I got up and when hubby went to work at 6am I managed to nab another hour of sleep. I’ve tidied the kitchen and was just about to start the rest of my chores when my son dropped in and asked if I wanted to go to town with him. Well any excuse to get away from the chores…it was nice spending some time with him.

When we came back he decided to go straight home as he has his chores to do too.. (If his old rooms here are anything to go by you’d need Dynorod and a fumigator to attend!)

So I’m here on my own again, still with my list to do..I have cleared out some drawers and fixed the panel back on that fell off the back when we moved them during the decorating we’ve done. But that’s about it – I’m going to give myself another hour on the lappy to get this blog done, check emails and then I’ve got to get on!!

Today’s piccie is of my cat Molly waiting in the hall to be let out at stupid o’clock this morning. I like the eyes!