Week 51 to year end #Project365 – 2014

Well here we are at the end of the year again. The end of the 3rd year doing this project. It’s been rather tough this past few months.  I’m working again and don’t always have the time or the inclination, plus we don’t see so much of the oldest grandson now that the baby grandson has arrived. I’ve found it hard to find something interesting to take photos of so perhaps next year (oh yes I’ll be back) I’ll use one of those prompt doodahs to help me on my way.

At the last update on the 14th we were getting excited for the arrival of our youngest son and his wife who were coming over from Australia.
They arrived on the 16th and I noticed the flight arrived at 9:40am, we eventually had a text to say they were on the way at 12:20pm. I assumed they were on the coach and watched the progress on the Nat Express website. We drove to Newport to meet them but when the coach arrived minus them my heart sunk.. where were they?? A minute or so later (great timing!!) I had a phone call to ask where we were….!! He had hired a car so drove straight home!! GRR>>>

The next few days flew by, shopping trips, running them here, there and everywhere making sure they caught up with everyone. Our older son was so glad to his brother, he’s missed him so much, but I feel that he may not miss him quite so much now that he knows he’s happy and will be popping home again at some point.

Christmas day was lovely. A nice breakfast to start the day. Oldest son, DIL and grandsons arrived at midday and there was much excitement opening presents, toy truck and lots of playdoh for Ashley to play with.
Wonderful Christmas lunch followed by lots of photos and fun.
They were due to leave on Boxing afternoon but changed their plans to fly into San Francisco rather than LAX as it’s closer to Sacramento where her parents are currently residing.
Saturday afternoon came all to soon and we bid them goodbye after dropping them off in Newport.  They are now spending New Year with her parents and friends before returning home on the 5th January.

Actually not much else to tell you about, other than him coming home it was the same old same old..

Here’s a selection from the past 2 and a bit weeks..


soosie wales, christmas



  • Hubby getting to grips with my old phone – he’s such a technophobe!!
  • This little boy is now 3 months old. 
  • What’s left (on New Years Eve) of a half kilo box of mixed Loukoumia (Greek delight) Made by a good friend, who sold about 60 kilos of it this year!! It’s rather scrummy!!
  • New bedspread – Christmas present off oldest son and DIL. 
  • I’ll admit to not taking the one of the grandsons.. but couldn’t resist including it. 

soosiewales, chistmas


  • Ashley trying his best to sing Jingle Bells.  Don’t you love the George t-shirt – found in Morrisons!
  • Table laid ready for Christmas lunch
  • All the family.. and a rare one with me in it!! (Aussie Son, Hubby, Me, Aussie DIL, Welsh DIL and baby, Oldest son and Ashley. 

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and happiness.

Happy New Year!!

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Week 49 and 50 #Project365 – 2014

Busy couple of weeks for us. Getting some christmas shopping done, one of which was me going to town on my own with the intention of looking for ideas to give hubby to buy a ‘surprise’ present to open on Christmas day. I couldn’t find anything.. I have enough clothing, smellies, body lotions etc. I really don’t need anything other than a new phone.
Oh yes – new phone – I’ve bought a Sony M2 to replace my aging Sony Arc. This will be my pressie off hubby.  It’s bigger than my Arc so won’t fit in my Golla case so I’m on the hunt now for a replacement case!

The grandsons’ have been to visit us a couple of times. Ashley is his usual happy, bouncy self and Theo has started smiling and giggling. He’s now 3 months old, the time has gone so quickly.

We put the Christmas tree and decorations up this week. We usually put the tree in the bay but decided to put it in one corner of the living room. The old lights failed so we had to buy some new ones. I’ve resisted temptation and not bought any new decorations for it this year!!

Our son in Oz is on his way home. They are in Los Angeles and Sacramento until Monday and will arrive in the UK on Tuesday. They had a bit of a blip to the travel arrangements last friday when he discovered that he needs a bridging visa to get back into Oz. But it was all sorted much to our relief!

And that’s about it for the past 2 weeks. Not very exciting but at least we’re having an exciting and busy time over Christmas.

Here’s the best of the last 2 weeks.

soosie wales, christmas grandchildren


  • Ashley loves playing with his garage – just like his daddy!
  • Christmas tree with new lights. Do I have enough baubles on there? 
  • New phone – squee…. 
  • Theo giving us a chuckle
  • Ashley – blowing building bricks out of his mouth 
  • Ashley – He’s playing with a roll of sellotape and trying to unstick his hands here!

Hope you’re all ready for Christmas – I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of decorations and that bliddy Elf!!

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Week 45 and 46 #Project365 – 2014

Here I am catching up again!! Work has been going reasonably well and this week is the last one of us ‘doubling up’ to be able to help each other.  Then I start training for the other part of my job!

The Grandsons’ are doing well, Ashley has to wear glasses to help with the turns in his eyes.  Baby Theo is growing so quickly and has started smiling at everyone.

I’ve been making my Christmas Puddings, the fruit was soaking for 2 days in a mixture of Jack Daniels and Glayva. I used a dark IPA beer in the main mix. They smelled divine and the small ‘cook’s perks’ ones tasted great. The 2 big ones are now wrapped up and maturing in the bottom of the fridge.

Oh did I tell you that our son in Australia is coming home for Christmas? I can’t tell you how excited and happy this makes me and Hubby. 🙂

Hubby got a bit fed up with the plants on the kitchen window sill, so on my day off last week we went to a local garden centre to buy some new ones. They have an AMAZING range of christmas decorations, baubles, lights, trees, wreaths.. absolutely loads.. I could have spent a fortune but I resisted.

No Orange Wednesday for the last 2 weeks. Horns was only showing at 6pm (to early to have dinner before and too late to eat after..) and we both didn’t fancy sitting for 3 hours to watch Interstellar.. Numb Bum!!

So that’s my last 2 weeks – not very exciting but life as it happens!

I had a few more photos but deleted them off my phone after thinking they had transferred to my Dropbox but they hadn’t.. bummer

soosie wales, christmas,

Above :

  • Finished puddings.
  • Cooks perk – half bottle of a rather nice dark IPA. 
  • Christmas decorations  – tree at one shop and about 10% of the decorations at the garden centre. 
  • What 5:40 am looks like when you’re waiting for a lift.
  • Christmas pud mixture – have a stir and make a wish. 

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Week 1 #Project365 – 2014

Here we are at the start of the third year. I’m going to do the same as last year. One post a week that will have one or more pictures taken during the week.

1st – Orange Wednesday – We decided to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It has some good funny moments but it’s also about making the most of your life. A film that makes you think about doing more with your own life. You can see some of plot line denouements from a mile away but still a film to enjoy – 8/10.

2nd – Hubby still poorly, he couldn’t concentrate on anything much today and didn’t have the energy to go dishwasher hunting. (Our current one has a broken catch and not worth repairing). He managed to get a late afternoon appointment at the Doctor’s and is now on anti-biotics. They are working well and he looks and feels a lot better.

3rd – We had Ashley for the day. This means Peppa Pig on constantly in the background. He bought his Koala with him and ended up lying on the floor cuddling the Koala and Winnie the Pooh. He also liked watching Nanna play Candy Crush!

4th – I’m fed up with our Roberts Dab radio in the kitchen, it only picks up one station and I can’t bear not having access to Radio 2. We popped out to look for one, Sainsburys had a Pure 1 for £60. I checked online and saw that Currys had the same for £55, I asked if they would price match and the answer was no.
We made our way to Currys but the radio was out of stock. No offer of ordering it for me, just a suggestion to order online myself – but that means paying delivery charge.. Grr..
Tesco is next door and they had the radio in stock but at £65, I asked them if they could price match either Sainsburys or Currys and again the answer was no.. Don’t these shops want my custom? FFS losing a sale for the sake of £5? I’ll be looking online later and will probably find a better price than all of them.

We took down the Christmas Decorations after lunch, the living room looks so much lighter now that the tree is down.

Week 1

Week 1

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#Project365 51 & 52/52

Here we are at the end of the second year of the project.

Week 51 – On Monday I went to The Mall at Cribbs with oldest son and grandson to do a bit of Christmas shopping. DIL is a bit fussy. She likes ‘labels’ and didn’t approve of having one of my wins – that I kept specifically for her – two years ago. (I have a long memory for such outbursts of negativity!). Son had already bought her a cocktail book so I bought her a shaker, jigger and some cocktail mix. All very well received on Christmas day!
Ashley didn’t eat any lunch and wasn’t really himself for most of the day. That night he quite sick and poorly, a bug picked up from playgroup no doubt!

On Wednesday  I was ‘doubled booked’ ! Looking after Ashley whilst Mummy and Daddy went for a Christmas meal and drive Hubby to Newport for his leaving ‘do’. I went to son’s house put Ashley in the car and took Hubby to Newport. The weather was horrendous, rain lashing down, wind blowing and the roads couldn’t clear water fast enough.  At one point I was down to 10mph on the motorway and again when driving through the village. It was pretty scary..

Last minute pressies for Hubby arrived in the post midweek and I spent Thursday afternoon wrapping pressies – there are less and less every year now.  On Friday I looked after Ashley and he thought it was funny to spin the sellotape roll on his arm until it spun off. I had a call from oldest son asking me to look after Ashley again on Saturday as his other Nanna wasn’t feeling well. But at 6am on Saturday I had a text to say he and DIL had been up all night ill so my services weren’t needed. However by late afternoon I could tell I was going to come down with the same bug. I spent most of Sunday curled up on the sofa.

51-52Week 51 – Cribbs decoration, Ashley spinning the sellotape, my Christmas dinner

I was worried that Hubby was going to get the sickness bug and it looked like he had escaped it, but it wasn’t to be – when he came home from night shift on Christmas Eve morning he said he felt ‘dodgy’. He managed to fight it off all day but overnight he was very ill. Bang went our Christmas Day.
We decided to keep our pressies until Boxing Day. He rested on the sofa and I ended up with Turkey salad for my Christmas Lunch!
We had a chat on Skype with youngest son on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. They had a lovely day at the beach on Boxing Day but both got sunburned in the 30degree heat on the Gold Coast!

We were going to MIL’s on Boxing Day but put that off as didn’t want to carry the sickness bug to her.. she has enough wrong with her without that!
We had a lovely lunch and afternoon with Son, DIL and grandson, he was pleased with his Peppa Pig playset, but not too keen on the balance bike but I’m sure he’ll try that out again and be whizzing around the drive soon!

I looked after Ashley again on Saturday. He was very quiet again as he now has a cold. We had lots of reading time and played a game on my tablet.

52-52Ashley doing rhyme actions, Birthday boy in his Police car, Birthday JCB trucks (with koala taking a ride!)

I’ve not done much over the weekend, Hubby has a cold and is completing his last shift on Monday night. He’s taken voluntary redundancy from the brewery. He’ll be looking for an easier, less stressful job.

Ashley was 3 on 30th.  The time has gone so quickly. He starts nursery next week, I hope that being with lots of other children will bring his speech on.

So here we are – the year end. The end of #Project365. Thank you TBAM for hosting. Looking forward to joining in again in 2014.

Thanks to all those that visited my posts and to those that took the time to comment. See you all again next year.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

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#Project365 50/52

Look at that we’re on the home straight now, 2 and bit more weeks of this year.

We’ve put the Christmas tree up,  placed a few decorations around the room and put the wreath on the front door.
The Christmas stash is looking good. – What’s a Christmas stash?? a kitchen cupboard filled with goodies, biscuits, posh cranberry sauce, nuts, chocolate, shortbread, jars of M&S salsa dip, M&S black olive breadsticks. (that’s what I remember at the moment). Christmas is one of the rare times I go to M&S food hall. I wait for them to have the biscuits and shortbread at half price.

I’ve also bought the Turkey crown and some bits and bobs to have for a buffet supper (or ‘pick’ as it’s known in our house – because you pick the food..)
The Christmas puds are made and are stored in the salad box in the fridge. So we are nearly ready now. Last few pressies to get and then the fight on Christmas Eve eve to get fresh veggies.

Christmas Decorations Some of my decorations. Top row: A fluffy ball, a wire angel, one of my Selfridges glass droppers, the wreath I made last year.
Bottom row: A dangler I made from spare baubles and beads, Portuguese Santa and vase of more spare baubles,  fat little elf and a Merry Christmas bauble.

After the failed job interview last week I was offered some feedback and although I was dreading it, it wasn’t so bad. They had a few internal applicants and some from the branch network who all had more current knowledge of products than I have.
I also need to think more of the STAR mnemonic (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when providing my examples as on a couple of them I didn’t say what the result was. She was impressed with my presentation.

50-52 (2)Above – My Christmas tree, dangler in Newport, my bargain page a day diary 2014 (£1 in Card Warehouse), just how close does a child have to get to the TV??

Saturday bought around a reminder that it is a year since Kerry – Multiple Mummy passed away. She was one of the first bloggers I followed and I loved the way she wrote, full of joy and smiles.  I can’t imagine what it’s been like for Nick and the children but it was lovely to see his post with the video in it showing that they have coped so well.
I also read this post by Fi at Childcare is Fun. We all need to be reminded that we need love and joy in our lives. AND talking of love and joy – I’ll have to tell you about some joy – I was having such a good time I never thought about getting the camera out!!
I was trying to get this drafted, I was sat on my (now almost flat) beanbag, legs under the coffee table and Ashley was watching Peppa. He decided he would rather climb on Nanna. He climbed onto my lap and stood up, I held his arms, lifted him up and dumped him on the sofa behind me. He started laughing, got off the sofa and climbed on my lap again, he was tossed onto the sofa again. This went on for 5 or 6 times each time the laugh got bigger, I had tears of laughter streaming down my face and Ash was laughing so much he was forgetting to breathe! He may be a handful at times but he brings such joy and love into our lives.

Cherish what you have – Hugs to you all.

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#Project366 Nadolig llawen

Continuing the Christmas theme this week.

Nadolig llawen to you all or Merry Christmas if you’ve not Welsh.  Feel free to wish me Merry Christmas in your language too!

I’ve been busy with last-minute shopping, wrapping presents and generally pottering around.

I’m snatching a few moments to post this on Christmas morning while hubby is still in bed!

355/366 – Red Lambswool throw that I won on Twitter competition.
356/366 – A lovely Christmas card.
357/366 – Snowman with little biscuits for grandson.
358/366 – Grown up biscuits – Shortbread for elevenses Christmas Day
359/366 – My serviettes for Christmas Day.
360/366 – The wreath on my front door.

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It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas – #Project366

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas, the Cocoa Cola and John Lewis adverts have been on TV for a few weeks now.
The neighbours have got their outside lights up  and the shops are full of Christmassy goodies.

This week has been spent sorting through the decorations and deciding just how many baubles the tree will take.  I usually put around 50 or 60 on it but this year will be quite a few more. Last January I bought 2 boxes of 50 baubles in a sale reduced from £10 to 99p! What a bargain! I’ve been busy threading them up as they didn’t come ready for the tree.

I’ve done some Christmas shopping and wrapped some presents.  The tree looks awesome with about 120 or more baubles on. There are still a few gaps to fill and I’ll be threading a few more baubles later – I still have about 50 left. Continue reading