Week 36 #Project365 – 2014

Well it looks like the second grandchild will be along any day. The midwife has informed the DIL that everything looks fine. She’s getting a few twitches and pains … Ashley still thinks she’s having a cat!!

SUNDAY – We had Ashley for the day and we went to the local park. He liked pushing me on the roundabout and I managed to get a good shot of him on the swing. His speech is coming along but he kept grabbing our hands and saying ‘Go tet’ … we had no idea until we got to the park and he sat on the bench and shouted ‘go tet’ … ah ‘Go sit’ right gotcha!!!

MONDAY – Popped to Newport to get both my watches fixed. One battery and one new strap.  Lots of police about keeping Newport safe – must have been pretty boring just standing about all day.

TUESDAY –  Went to friends for supper and drinks. They bought me some flowers to congratulate me on getting the job.

WEDNESDAY – Orange Wednesday – Let’s be Cops.  A comedy about two layabouts who dress as cops for a party and get mistaken for the real thing. They get mixed up with the local hoodlums and real cops as they keep pretending to be cops. It sounds a bit daft but it was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Very funny and quite moral for an American film.

THURSDAY – NATO Summit in full swing. Lots of helicopters flying over the area for the past few days.  Did you know it was the biggest security exercise ever in the UK? It gave great exposure to Wales and Newport – perhaps Americans will realise there are places outside of London…
I’m really proud for UK and Wales that it all went off without any problems. Hopefully it’ll generate some good trade and tourism for the UK and Wales.

FRIDAY – A bit of deadheading of the hanging baskets – I’ve been pretty lax with the photos of my baskets this year.. as you see they are still going strong!

SATURDAY – I won some Converse shoes a few weeks ago and I don’t care that I’m a granny wearing them. They are LUSH!!

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#Project365 33/52

Our youngest son’s friend Greg has gone to Australia. He’s going for 4 months on a work visa and also to be Best Man at the wedding. Well I say Best Man – actually one of 3 that son is having.. He was also Best Man for oldest son.  Facebook and Instagram updates by him have bought home the realisation of our trip in 5 weeks time… ARGH 5 weeks!!!!! Is that all it is now???

I’ve chosen our seats on the flights. No bulkhead seats left so chose to sit at the rear of the plane where there are only 2 seats in the row. At least we won’t have to disturb the outside person or have the window seat person disturb us.

Ashley started potty training a couple of weeks ago and took to it really well. So we bought a potty to keep here for him. He wasn’t so keen this week. I know there will be ups and downs so not worried – It’ll happen all in good time.

I’ve also been baking – using up some of the baking ingredients I won a few weeks ago.  I made a Victoria sandwich a week ago, it came out of the oven the same thickness as it went in! Very disappointed, the ALL IN ONE method always used to work for me but not this time.
After looking at possible reasons for failure – size of tins, old flour, not creaming the butter/sugar enough I gave it another go. I used 6 ounces of everything and three eggs as my tins are nearly 8 inches not the usual 6 inch.
I creamed the butter (well utterly butterly actually) and sugar to within an inch of its life, added the eggs and folded in flour from a new bag.  I wasn’t impressed with the result, still not risen enough, although better than my first effort. It tasted ok but it wasn’t very light. I think I’ll stick to chocolate banana cake and muffins!

I may make some custard slices later this week, I’ve not made them for years!

I’ve also been tidying the garden, hubby gave the bushes by the front wall a good trimming and I dead-headed and tidied the back garden, plant pots and baskets.  My cultivated Buddleia is in full bloom for the first time in about 3 years. It used to be in front of the retaining wall in the back garden and hubby used to trim the long shoots with the strimmer when he was doing the lawn. The shoots that it flowers on!!! So about 18 months ago we moved it into the retaining wall and this year it’s flourished with no interference from the monster with the strimmer!

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Photos this week:

  • The poor excuse for a Victoria Sandwich.
  • Pink Spirea
  • Buddleia in bloom
  • Buddleia in close up.
  • Hanging basket by front door.
  • Hanging basket by garage door – I love those little purple flowers.

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#Project365 32/52

I’ve had a busy and exciting week.

You may already know that our youngest son is getting married in Australia in September and this week I’ve booked the flights. I’ve also booked accommodation on the Goldcoast for a couple of days before the wedding and a day after. Our plan then is to head down to Sydney and return to Brisbane for a couple of days to see son and wife before heading home.
We’ve learned our lesson with driving to Gatwick and having to drive back after a long flight.. this one is more than twice the flight time we’ve done in the past so there’s no way we’d drive back. We are going up on the train and staying overnight and also staying overnight on the return leg. The Premier Inn at Gatwick North was full but I managed to get a good deal at the Hilton on the South terminal.
The Aussie tourist visas are done so all we have to do now is decide what we want to see. I’ve got my old Travel Mags out and tagged pages with post-its.

Some more exciting news! I have been selected – with other bloggers – to take part in the Red Hot Buffet Tastemaker programme for the next year. I’m very excited and pleased that I was chosen.  I’ll be doing reviews so watch out for them!

Hubby applied for voluntary redundancy and has been accepted – the deal was more than we expected, not a fortune by any shake of any stick but will at least cover what he takes home per month at the moment. I’m still not sure if it’s a good or bad thing but we have to take into account that he’s 59 next year and always planned on retiring at 60 anyway. One good thing is that I can enter holiday competitions and not worry about whether he has enough holiday hours to cover it!!!

Today – Sunday – we’ve had Ashley and planned to go to Dyffryn Gardens with the National Trust voucher I have. But plans went awry when we missed the turn off for Culverhouse Cross and we ended up at Cardiff Bay. I usually like this area but today I was disappointed. It’s just full of restaurants and bars. The main plaza has been filled with a Summer Beach but a lot of this area is filled with fairground rides and stalls.  It just seems set up for people to make a quick buck.
Ashley had a bit of run around and found a big puddle near the tall fountain..that was it, he was in there! Shoes soaking wet..
We made our way back to the car and planned to go the Beefeater near Newport as I have a 30% off voucher. When we got there they couldn’t take food orders as the computer system was down. We headed off to another local pub and there was a 45 minute wait for food at that one! Do they have any idea what it’s like keeping a 2 and half year old occupied for 45 minutes without upsetting other customers?? Ah well off home then..beans on toast!!
They did a Summer Beach in Bristol a few years ago just off Redcliffe Way where ‘The Matthew’ used to be docked. It was lovely just a few stalls selling snacks and drinks, a big music stage and best of all a beach. Entrance was free, we used to go there for lunch whenever it was dry, take our own food and drink and sit in the deckchairs and put our feet in the sand. BLISS!!

Not many pictures this week. I took some on my mobile and thought they had auto transfered to Dropbox like they usually do and I deleted them before checking..they weren’t there. An update to the app meant I had to log in again and I hadn’t.. BUM!!

cardiff, plane trails, hanging baskets, This week we have:

Plane trails in the setting sun.

Hanging baskets on a house in the village. They are like this every year – although normally a bit more colourful.

Cardiff Bay – Classic cars, Ash cwtching Winne, and being rescued from the puddle!

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#Project365 26/52

A quiet week for us. Other than the cinema and food shopping I’ve hardly been out. I tidied the garden, worked my way through more of our son’s belongings. There are 2 large boxes of clothes, including about 50 t-shirts! Some were taken to the charity shop and he’ll have to decide which others he wants to keep and we’ll take them with us when go ‘down under’ for the wedding.

I took advantage of the good weather and took some photos of the moon. I set up my mini tripod and turned off the outside lights. The first few shots were not good, I changed the auto settings and scene settings on the camera and still no joy. I popped back indoors and looked up how to take moon photos. I set my camera to manual and changed the settings as close as I could to what was recommended. The closer picture was the result. I’m really chuffed with it as my camera is not a DSLR. (I have a Panasonic TZ8 which is a classed as a Super Zoom Digital Camera).

We had a lovely time at our local park and Ashley sat on the roundabout on his own for the first time. Plus as Grandad was with it also meant we could have a proper go on the see-saw!
Ashley also loved dodging bubbles, he wouldn’t blow any but giggled when he saw them disappear!

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This week #project366

I got behind by a few days so decided to keep photos this week for one post.

I reached a milestone – blog is one year old! I didn’t blog very often though! It wasn’t until I got involved in #project366 in January  that I became a Blogger!

During the past week my youngest son (YS) has moved back home. His job contract ended unexpectedly a week after he put in his notice for his house down here (he was paying rent for a house here near home and rent for a room in Chester!). This meant he would have been homeless so he asked to come home.

The past week has been spent sorting out all his ‘stuff’, packing and putting most of it into a storage locker. It took all day Monday to move all his belongings and most of Tuesday to clean the house so that he’ll get all his deposit back.

It’s really strange having him back home, he doesn’t have the same sense of tidiness that his Dad has so that sparks off a few heated words. Hopefully it’ll all settle soon.

While all this has been going on YS has been waiting for his working visa for Australia to come through. He’s already booked flights for a 2 week holiday to see his girlfriend and he wouldn’t have been able to go until the visa was confirmed. On Tuesday he had the good news that the visa was agreed, so now he has to decide how long to spend Down Under. How ever long it is he’ll be coming back for his brothers wedding in April.  So he’ll be off mid September, I’ll miss dreadfully but know it’s a great opportunity for him to see things and hopefully get a better life than the UK can offer right now.

Anyways…onto the weeks piccies.

224/366 – A local cat sat on the gate post of the house opposite watching our cat walking up the road. Not the best quality but it was dark and it was on my ipod camera!!

225/366 – Shadow on the wall of flowers in the hanging basket.

226/366 – My YS Jalapeno plant – he’s so proud of it!

227/366 – Lovely bottle of VSOP Brandy I won from Remy Martin. I’d like to keep this for Christmas.

228/366 – Little teddy I won from Whittakers Embroidery via Twitter. I had grandson’s name and nickname put on his t-shirt.

229/366 – The last Harry Potter book. BOught 2 years ago but only read a few chapters. I’m going to start it again as I’ve got into reading again. (The colour of the cover is faded as it’s been on a shelf in the sun!)

230/366 – Grandson Ashley and Daddy ( Oldest Son).  Picture of the Week.

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