#Project365 31/52

The last 3 days of #FMSphotoaday were Perspective, Friendship and Workplace.

Perspective – Couldn’t decide between the two. Telegraph pole at end of the street and hubby’s bike.

Friendship – didn’t have opportunity to this on the day but thought the 2 of Grandson with Teddy and Grandad were suitable albeit they were taken on Saturday.  He’s feeding teddy choccie buttons!

Workplace – this one was hard for me as I don’t work. I’ve already posted pictures of my laptop and all that was left was the kitchen!  But I remembered I also work on my photography (tenuous link I know) so decided the 3 berry pictures were suitable! They are of the same plant, the berries start green then so pink, red and eventually blue. I’ve no idea what the plant is so if you know leave me a comment..

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We had Ashley on Saturday, Mummy drops him off at around 8:30am and Daddy usually sends us a text around 2:30pm to say he’s up and we then drop him off home. This week we had no text by 3pm so I tried calling my son. straight to voice mail.. oh oh.. no signal or the phone is off.
At 4pm we decided to take Ashley home as Daddy was sure to be up and about. No sign of life at the house – back of your mind hopes everything is ok..
The option was to go back home (about 2 miles) or go to the small town centre, hubby suggested popping to Caldicot Castle so Ash could have a run about. It’s closer than going back home.
We made our way to the entrance and was told it was free to go into the grounds.. strange… I always thought it was free. I then realised there was an event going on by Soldiers of George 3rd – Crown Forces. It was a recreation of British Soldiers in the time of the American War of Independence. They were due to finish at 5pm so we were allowed to go in for free.
The chap on his own in the picture told us all about the group and he was very interesting. They then went on to fire the canon. It was VERY loud and although you know it’s going to go off it still makes you jump.
Ashley loved running about and we were glad that there was only a few people left in the grounds.  It was difficult to keep him still while they fired the canon. Although he doesn’t talk he still a noisy little boy!

Soldiers of George 3rd - Crown Forces

Soldiers of George 3rd – Crown Forces

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#Project365 30/52

I’m still following the #FMSphotoaday prompts some have been easy some harder and to be honest I’ll be glad to go back to just plucking something out of thin air!

However I’ve decided I’m no longer going to take part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The rule was to link to the daily Facebook link and comment straight away on the 2 above you. Some of the posts I would’t want to comment on – How to raise your SEO, Setting up in business, motivational speakers, the religious ones.  I got to the point where I waited for blog post links that I felt I could comment on in the daily threads, which is a bit of a cheat really.
I think I’m better off linking up with linkys where everyone is linking up with the same aim, #project365, #countrykids, #pocolo etc.  They are much more interesting 🙂

Anyway onto this weeks piccies.

#project365 30/52

The first few have their own post:

Grey  – Wood pigeon against the grey sky

I drew this

D is for Dinner for one!

Ground – Spices

The Everyday – My laptop used everyday! The screen saver is ‘The Journey Begins’ by Daniel Lieske. I had this picture on my PC in work and now have it on my laptop. I love the picture, there is so much going on and so much detail to take in. To see it in it’s full glory go here

Black and white – Ashley playing, black and white has made him look so serious! We had a lovely day with him. Playing mega blocks, reading and visiting Great granny Mo.

This is new – a bracelet I bought recently – It’s not an expensive Pandora one..just a cheapie from a local shop.

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#Project365 week 30 day 3 – D is for

D is for —- well lots of things.

I thought most of the day for something other than the rather obvious D for Dog. By the time Hubby went to work at 6pm I was out of ideas until I thought ‘Ah – D for Dinner!’

So here you have it – Poached pollock, crushed peas, cous cous and parsley sauce.  It was followed by a ripe peach..

D is for DINNER

D is for DINNER

#Project365 week 29 day 7 – Favourite Food

If I was asked this every day you would get a different answer every day!

Some of favourites :

Soup – Heinz Cream of Tomato – Comfort food!!

Starters  – Rustic breads with Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive oil. OR Caesar Salad. I also love Insalata Caprese but rarely have it as the lactose in the mozzarella gives me a stuffy nose.

Mains – Really too many to list!! There’s not much that isn’t a favourite!

Dessert – Only available at home sadly – I’ve never seen it on a menu – Victoria Sponge with THIN custard (the custard cannot be poured over the top though.. just down the side so it soaks into the sponge. This is just heaven to me!

Dried fruit

This picture is of my breakfast – my favourite food on this is the apricots and prunes. We rarely had sweets when I was growing up but dried fruit was always in the pantry and I was often found with a gob full of it! It’s a good job my grandson wasn’t about as he would have nicked most of them as he loves them too!

Do have a favourite food?

#Project365 week 29 day 6 – Hot

We’ve been sweltering in the heat in UK this week. Temperatures peaked locally at 32 Degrees – that’s touching 90 Fahrenheit.

Hubby in his infinite wisdom decided that our 2 large house plants needed a bit of outdoor air. The Yucca loves it – being semi succulent, but our Dragon Tree has protested!  It didn’t like the sun at all and has become very scorched.  We’ve bought it back in now and I’ll have to spend time to clear it of all the scorched leaves.. it’s going to look a bit bare I think!!

Dragon tree suffering from the heat

Dragon tree suffering from the heat

Poor plant… I hope it’ll recover. It’ll cost a fortune to replace it!

#Project365 week 29 day 5 – Building

Today we were looking after our Grandson again and had planned on taking him to Dyffryn House near Cardiff but to be honest the weather has been so hot we just didn’t fancy walking around in the heat. So the plans changed it was a toss up between Roath Park in Cardiff – lovely big lake which always seems to produce a breeze, good play area for Ashley and leisurely walks. The other choice for the day was the Forest of Dean, good for car rides and walks along shady paths.  We decided to go to Roath Park as there would be more for Ashley to take part in.

Since our last visit the childrens play area has been updated and Ashley loved playing on the adventure tower that resembled a boat. There is one part where you have to walk down a slope with little bars on it (like the flat steps you get when you go on a ship). He wasn’t very keen but after seeing another little boy do it, he walked down on his own. He gave himself a big clap!  The slope led down to the ship wheel – that’s one of his favourite things, he stood there for ages spinning it!
After the playground we took a walk around the lake – it’s a full mile all the way around. Lots of the birds, ducks, geese and swans walk in front of you they are so used to humans – they come right up close to you. Ashley couldn’t get enough of them, trying to lure them in for a tap on the head!

We had to stop several times for a cool down – the temperature was close to 28 degrees (82F ) Ashley had a little run ahead and loved having a cold drink. His confidence is building all the time. (oh see what I did there!! )

Ashley building in confidence!

Ashley building in confidence!

The photos below:

  • The lake, it really is big and has lots of wildlife around it. Wouldn’t you like to live overlooking it?
  • A Canada Goose that managed to get away from Ashley!
  • The wind was blowing the seed heads from one of the trees. I changed the settings several times on the camera to try to capture them.
  • A cheeky robin bobbed along while we were sitting under a shady tree while Ashley was having a nap. That really is how close it came!
The lake and wildlife

The lake and wildlife

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#Project365 week 29 day 4 – Inspirational

Right then back to Inspirational..(see last post).

Three weeks ago I won a competition with Baking Mad – a year supply of baking ingredients :O

It all arrived today – here’s what the prize was:

  • 10 bags of plain flour
  • 10 bags of Self Raising Flour
  • 10 bags of Bread flour
  • 10 bags of golden caster sugar
  • 10 packets of ready roll icing
  • box of cooking chocolate

I’m glad I have a large kitchen with enough cupboard space to store it!!

29-52 (8)

I’ll be needing some INSPIRATION from some of my cookery books!

29-52 (9)

Some of my cookery books

What do you like baking? Do you have a favourite baking recipe? Leave a link if you do!