Review of the year #Project366

I took part in #Project366 in 2012 and this is a flashback review of own personal favourites.

January- Trip to London and my favourite shot where the cranes and the Shard are rising into the air.
February-One of the many spiders in our garden.
March-Camilia after the rain.
April- Ashley ready for bed.
May-Monmouthshire-Brecon Canal, a lovely walk.
June-One of favourite spots in Cardiff. Memories of my childhood.
July-My favourite macro shot. Raindrops on the conifer.
August– Oldest son and his son.
September-My boys before the youngest went to Australia (news today that he’s now engaged to his Australia GF!)
October- Ashley – cheeky monkey.
November– Molly the cat!
December-Last shot of the year!

Review of 2012

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#Project366 Picture of the Week 29/01/12

This is my favourite picture this week. It’s of The Shard in London. I love the perspective of all the points seeming to be converging outside the photo.

Check out my other Project 366 pictures so far.

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25/366 My 2 favourite photos from our London trip

Well they say to get some good shots you have to take lots of photos. I took 100 photos in 2 days.

When I got my camera battery recharged I got the photos I’d taken uploaded to my laptop. Hubby joined me and we reviewed them together.

The first one is of the Shard.  It was taken from the top of the bus and we were moving at the time! It was taken at the corner of London Bridge Road and Tooley Street. The shot consists of the Shard, cranes, part of a sculpture on the corner and along with a lamp-post they all seem to be converging to a point outside the photo.

The second favourite is of Piccadilly Circus. Again taken from the top of the bus and moving!! I couldn’t quite get enough of the lights in at first and had to twist around in my seat and I fired off a couple of shots in the hope that I captured something useful.  It may not be straight but I think it adds to its charm. I also think it’s ironic that there are busses in the top advertisement.

23/366 Sunday in London part 2

We rejoined the tour by walking back to Whitehall and the tour continued over Westminster Bridge and carried on to the theatre district and St Paul’s Cathedral. We made our second stop here.
I was quite surprised to see The Occupy London Stock Exchange (OLSX) protesters still there. (I’m not linking to them as I don’t support their cause).

In this area you can also get to the Millenium Bridge – a pedestrian bridge that was in the news when it opened for being wobbly. It feels very safe now! From this bridge you can see Tower Bridge and the Shard. You can also access the Tate Modern from here.

Here’s a selection of shots from this Hop off.

                                                                Long shot of Millenium Bridge

                                                              The Shard and Tower Bridge in the distance – taken from the Millenium Bridge

                                                                 St Paul’s from the Millenium Bridge