Week 16 #Project365 – 2015

A quiet week for me this week.

Sunday / Monday – 2 quiet days, work and a bit of a tidy up at home.

Tuesday – Went to see John Wick – film starring Keanu Reeves as a retired assassin who’s mourning his wife’s death. His car gets stolen and his dog is killed by some Russian thugs…thing is the thug is his ex-boss’s son. All hell breaks loose! Good action and story and Reeves is really intense in the lead role. Although it must have taken him all of an hour to learn his lines…he says very little throughout the movie.  We only went to see it as it was the best of very few to choose from. Both Hubby and I were surprised at how good it is.

Wednesday – work went ok today. Not much else happened!

Thursday – Shopping at Morrisons as they had offers on Tetley tea and Lucozade.  I had to get someone to check the price on Lucozade as it wasn’t showing as on offer. Assistant said he thinks it came off offer on Sunday… oh no Pet… it was still showing at £2.50 this morning on YOUR website…
I had to walk around the store to get a wifi signal and managed to get the page showing on my phone. I showed it to the same assistant who was then talking to the manager. After a bit of argy bargy over whether it was an online only price (it wasn’t) they agreed to sell it to me for £2.50.
Then when I checked my receipt a small piece of ginger (no bigger than your thumb) showed up at £1.20 and 2 small carrots showed at weighing 640g – over 1lb in weight??  That was a visit to the customer service desk to get it checked and refunded. Both should have come to 42p!!
I relayed it all to their ‘Talk to Morrisons’ site and put it on their Facebook page! The staff looking after the FB page were really good and gave me £10 of Match and More points. I call that a result!

Friday– reasonable day in work, even had a laugh!! Bit of smutty talk going on and it resulted in us all cracking up!

Saturday – A rush about day – down to MIL then back home for a wash and change and off to Cardiff to see Simple Minds – for the 3rd time! Fab gig and great atmosphere.
We got caught in traffic on the way there which only left us just over an hour to get dinner and a sneaky pint!

soosie wales, #project365


  • Simple Minds
  • The Newport Clock being re-erected. It was made for the Garden Festival Wales in Ebbw Vale in 1992.
  • This weeks film – John Wick 
  • £1.20 for ginger and 48p for 2 carrots?? 

Hope you’ve had a good week….


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Week 7 #Project365 – 2015

Not an inspiring week I’m afraid…

Saturday / Sunday – I had a few days off with the plan of doing  something special for Hubby’s 60th but the plans didn’t come together. He didn’t want a party or get together and it’s the wrong time of year to go away in the UK. So we had supper and a few drinks at our friends house and watched his choice of films on Sunday.

Monday – We popped to Newport to get a watch repair done. I was surprised at how much the new Friar’s Walk complex has been built. The last time we saw it,  it was pretty much at ground level. It’s all due to open in November and will hopefully regenerate the city centre. It’s a bit of shithole at the moment – full of ‘cheap’ shops, loan sharks and banks. There are very few ‘big shops’ there now.

Tuesday – Not much of a day until I decided to make a chilli for tea. My little pot was empty so I filled it from a new bag of chilli powder I bought a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t realise I bought extra hot!! I’ll have to careful with the amount I use. To say the chilli was a bit hot would be an understatement. Thank goodness for a dollop of sour cream!!

Wednesday – No Orange Wednesday – only thing to see was Shaun the Sheep which neither of us was in the mood for. We decided to raid our DVD collection instead.

Thursday – Shopping done with £50 vouchers I earned doing online surveys. So paying £2 for a week’s shopping made me smile.  (I’ve actually earned £100 over the last year, not bad for a few minutes of time.)

Friday – Back to work – booo…. I really should make more effort to get another job.. don’t know if it’s my ‘manager mode’ that kicks in too often or if it’s ‘grumpy old woman’ mode but SO much of what goes on gets on my tits wick.
We also had the sofa seats back – Hooray!! New leather on one seat and new filling in all 3. Looks like new again! The 2 seater has gone off for new seat padding now.

Saturday – quiet day pottering about the house. We were supposed to be babysitting today but Ashley and his mummy are both poorly. Means no visit and no Valentines meal for son and DIL. Still half term next week – planning a nice time out when we have Ashley for the day!!.

Here’s a selection for this week.

soosie walesAbove:

  • Extra hot chilli – phew! 
  • I’m not arguing – a friend pointed this out to me and said  ‘That’s you’  – yep!!
  • Sainsbury baragain?? One for £2 or 2 for £4 had to smile… 
  • Got my sofa back!!
  • Building apace at Friars Walk

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Week 32 #Project365 – 2014

Gosh week 32 already. I don’t know what keeps me going to be honest. Perhaps it’s now a habit or knowing I have a few regulars that pop by most weeks.  This week it was a chat with the other #365 Nana that kept me going with thoughts and ideas. Thank you Elaine.. 🙂

I’ve not been able to go for long walks as my feet have been painful, I suffer from dry and cracked heels – it’s my own fault as I’m barefoot unless I go out past the gate! I’ve been slathering on the heel cream when I remember! Continue reading

Week 18 #Project365 – 2014

The week started with a quick visit from the Salesman/Owner of a local double glazing company to tell us that the doors we ordered had arrived and they’ll be fitting them on Wednesday.

Well Wednesday came and  Hubby noticed a big van parking on our next door neighbour’s drive.  Hubby went out to ask if they had the right address as it was the same company we ordered from. It soon became apparent that they were at the wrong address and not only that they had also mistakenly measured up for our neighbours back garage door and front door and not our 2 back doors!
This meant they had 2 doors that were not needed and neither would have fitted ours.  They measured ours and said they would reorder them – they weren’t looking forward to telling the boss!!
How can they get it wrong you ask?? Well our house name and the next door have similar names – were are * * House and they are * * Farmhouse.

Still their mistake meant we could still go to the cinema – Orange Wednesday this week was Locke.  A very unusual film as 99% of the film is just one actor in a car driving down the M6 to London. The film revolves around him having telephone conversations with his boss, a colleague, his wife, his sons and the woman who is having his baby. When I read the synopsis I wondered how the film would hold your attention for nearly 90 minutes but it does.  The only thing I REALLY didn’t like was his welsh accent – it didn’t sound like any welsh person I know or have ever heard!  It’s not like him being welsh had anything to do with the storyline and the actor isn’t welsh..
Hubby wasn’t keen on the film but like most men he has doesn’t like listening and prefers a bit more action.  I really enjoyed it (except for the welsh accent!)

Hubby had a job interview for a local food distribution warehouse. What a bloody joke! It was via an agency (enough said) they couldn’t guarantee any hours. You could be called any day to go into work at some point that day. You would then work until the orders were done and then you’d be sent home.  There was no minimum hours for the week. So I guess this is what they call a Zero Hours Contract.  They wouldn’t tell him the hourly rate for the job either.
They called later the same day to offer him the job but after we discussed it he decided to turn it down. How can you take a job where you never know if you’re working from one day to the next, never know if you’re working 1 hour or up to 10 hours, or not know the hourly rate (this was only going to be revealed at the 2 day UNPAID induction).  We’ll just have to keep going on the job hunt.

Lovely surprise this week – £80 gift vouchers from Britmums and Morrisons. I’m taking part in #MorrisonsMums.  I’ve done the shopping and really looking forward to cooking over the weekend. Hope you’ll look out for my post. Can’t decide if I’m adding my  recipe for Pizziola Sauce or BBQ Ribs.

Also had a quick trip to Newport city centre. Big changes going on where the bus station / multistory carpark and John Frost Square used to be. The hoardings surrounding the square now show artist impressions of what it’ll look like. Newport really needs this too as at the moment it’s a shit hole full of charity shops,  payday loans, pound shops, banks and closed down shops!

Today we had a visit from our oldest son and grandson. We all sat in the garden while Ashley played with his big plane and rode on his balance bike for the first time without being held up!! Woop!!!

newport, balance bike,

From top: 

  • This door should now be white!
  • Shopping done!
  • Orange Wednesday
  • Clever boy on hiss balance bike.
  • Newport before and (Hopefully) after
  • 3 generations and a toy cat!


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Catching up on #Project366 again!!

Here I am again catching up on the week.  The weather has been glorious for this time of year,  I’m not one for sitting in the garden, it bores me rigid! I’d much prefer to be on my lappy pootling around the internet. However that has its drawbacks too as I get rather frustrated with the job hunting. Hubby is also off work at the moment after failing his medical last week. He has to get his blood pressure under control before he can go back to work. If this is what retirement is going to be like then get me a job!!

Mid week we decided to forego the ‘essential use’ only for the car and went out for the day. The plan was to go to Abergavenny and hubby turned left towards Chepstow.. argh we are going the wrong way.. no he says, we’ll go via Chepstow and Monmouth!

If you look at any map you’ll see that Abergavenny is north of Newport/Pontypool and Chepstow is East! I would have just gone north but hubby wanted to have a scenic drive hence the detour to Chepstow. The journey takes you on this route – Home to Chepstow, turn off towards Tintern, carry on past Tintern, Llandogo, Redbrook and Wyesham to arrive at Monmouth. It’s a lovely scenic route – wasn’t quite the same in my Seat Leon – last year we also had his MR2, nothing like get the top down on a drive like this!

Well at Monmouth we decided we’d go to Ross-on-Wye. We parked at the bottom of town and walked along the river bank and up into the town. We’ve not been to Ross for a couple of years, it’s pretty little town built on a hill above the river, lots of locally owed shops which sets it apart from the bigger towns here in South East Wales (yes I know Ross is England but it’s near enough!)

There were a few photo opportunities to be had but I hadn’t noticed that my camera battery was nearly dead.  I managed to get a couple along the river and despite feeling like a tourist in the town I stood and took the first picture of the Market Place. I pressed the zoom button and CLICK.. battery dead. ARGH I was so annoyed that I hadn’t noticed the battery meter. I couldn’t even get shots with my phone as that was at home charging after I forgot to connect it the night before..

So here is my one decent shot of Ross (88/366)


86/366 – Got to get my feet ready for sandals











87/366 My new mug

89/366 Strawberries – summer in a bowl and yes the black bits is black pepper.

90/366 Grandson Ashley – poorly boy trying to look happy. He has an ear infection and a bad tummy.. Poor little man.

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68/366 Newport Transporter Bridge

68/366 Newport Transporter Bridge

The bridge was built in 1906 and was designed by a French architect Ferdinand Arnodin. The bridge was built to allow shipping access to the businesses along the Usk and to provide vehicular and pedestrian access from one side to the other after the Lysaghts steelworks were built.  It is now a Grade 1 listed structure.
The towers stand 645 feet apart and rise to 242 feet above road level It is electrically powered, the gondola is pulled across by a cable wound round a drum in the motor house on the East bank
There are currently 7 left in the world, 3 in the UK and the Newport one is only Public one. It is also the biggest and is a unique design.
It became quite run down in the 1980s and was eventually closed in 1985 as is was deemed unsafe to use due to the corrosion of the wires. It was eventually passed in to the hands of CADW and the European Architectural Heritage Fund. Funding paid for the £3millon restoration and it reopened in December 1995.

If you are visiting Newport or are in the area it is well worth a visit. You’ll never see anything like it anywhere else. It’s a fantastic piece of engineering genius and is my favourite Newport architecture. I still think it’s a miracle that it was never sold off (there was several offers from the USA and Canada) and I’m so proud that Newport still has this historic icon and I hope that it will remain here for many years to come.

If you would like to read more about the Newport Transporter Bridge please click here

The pictures below are:

1 – Wide shot of the bridge (69/366 #Project366)

Newport Transporter Bridge

2- East side approach

3 – The Gondola

4 – The steps – you used to be able to pay 5p to climb all the way to the top and walk across the top. Since it was reopened only authorised staff have access.

5 – The wheel house

#Project366 catching up!!

Didn’t take a picture last couple of days so caught up today.

54/366 Newport City Footbridge.

55/366 Big Shiny Ball – John Frost Square – I’ll have to try this one again and watch what I have reflected.

56/366 Tray that was given to me for my son when he was born. It was useful to tell stories about the people in the picture. It’s now 29 years old – a bit faded and one side of the basket work is loose but it gets used every day!!

and as an extra this is what I had on the tray today.. naughty but so nice..CHIIIIIPPPSSS

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