#Project365 20/52

This week I decided to take some close up / Macro pictures in the garden. We’ve had a few days of sunshine – albeit still chilly – so  it was ideal light to get the close ups.

It was my birthday on Wednesday so we went to the cinema to see the new Star Trek film. A week ago I wouldn’t even have contemplated it but we watched the first of the new ‘younger version’ on tv and really enjoyed. They have spent a lot of time making sure the new cast remain true to the charcters of the original Star Trek.
After the cinema we had a take away from the local curry house. So that was two 2-4-1s’ in the same day! (Orange Wednesday and Biryani Day!) All washed down with a vodka or three!

We had the grandson on Thursday so his Mummy and Daddy could have a day to themselves. We went food shopping and played in the garden.

Saturday tore me apart – the emptying of my son’s storage locker. It really bought it home that he’s not planning on returning to the UK to live. We are storing it all at our house now and I have the onerous task of taking an inventory and photos ready to sell as much as I can.  I can see a few boot sales on the horizon! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good sum of money to send to him in Oz!

The photo’s this week: Hover over each for captions!

My picture of the week is the top middle one. I’m very pleased with how this one came out.

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179/366 Another spider and his web

I’m a bit obsessed with snapping spiders and their webs. Hubby called me out to the garden to show me this one.  I grabbed my camera and selected the macro function and snapped away.

I was amazed to see the web come out so well.  I then changed settings to Macro Zoom and took a closer photo. I’m really pleased with these 2 shots as I’ve had problems getting the web to show up in some other photos I’ve taken.

Spider taken with Macro Zoom

Spider taken with Macro AF setting

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