Week 19 #Project365 – 2015

A much better week for us now that things from the past few weeks have settled down. Ashley’s remaining tests came back negative so they still don’t know what caused his collapse. Hopefully it’ll not happen again.

Sunday – Not much, half day work followed by lazing about the house.

Monday – We decided to go out for a drive and headed out towards Lydney and ended up at Lydney Harbour. A nice area where fishing boats used to launch into the Severn Estuary. Nowadays it’s more pleasure craft that use the basin and locks. You can cross over the locks and take walk along the estuary.

Tuesday – Housework in the morning, I also tidied the freezer, loads of stuff in the wrong drawers since hubby has been putting the shopping away!!
We went to see Avengers – Age of Ultron – loads of action but the story drifts a bit. But Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans always worth looking at.. OOOSSHH…

Wednesday – After work son came for a visit with the boys. Theo is still trying to crawl but goes round in circles or backwards. Ashley was back his usual self. He loves having his photo taken and tried to get right up close – so funny. I allowed him to use my camera this week and he loved taking photos of his daddy and brother but he also started swinging it about… oh no you don’t young man…He wasn’t keen on being told off.

Thursday – Didn’t do much today no food shopping as all we needed was fresh food and it can wait until Saturday.

Friday – Work day – bored to tears as there wasn’t enough work to last the 7 hours I worked. I’d much prefer to be kept occupied.

Saturday – Shopping followed by the weekly visit to MIL. Lidl had an offer on Minced beef – 500g for £1.29. Bought 6, three for the freezer, one for lasagne on Sunday and two made into meatballs and spicy burgers. Love the bargains like this as it ends in cheap meals for the 2 of us. My Mum taught me well on how to make dinners from scratch.

In the evening we went to our friends house for supper – yummy chilli, good chatter and a catch up with their son too.

Hope you’ve all had a good week. soosiewales, #project365

I’ve selected my favourites for the week.

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Week 12 #Project365 – 2015

This week I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do full time hours any longer. I’ve been working extra hours this week and I seem to havec had no time to do anything! I’m absolutely shattered!

Sunday – Back to work. Managed to finish on time and did a bit of shopping as there was nothing fresh in the house. Had a few bargains, Turkey breast fillets reduced to £1 from £5 and some pork ribs for £1 reduced from £4.

Monday – Day off – Catching up on Corrie and Suits followed by a quick visit to Mother Outlaw.

Tuesday – working but managed to get done by 1pm. Had a visit from son and the grandsons. Theo is now rolling but gets frustrated at not being able to crawl.
Ashley wasn’t himself, he kept asking to go wee but didn’t go. After about 3 attempts he said it hurts and got quite upset, ahh poor boy. A call to the doctor resulted in an emergency appointment. He has an infection on his winkie, a bit cream sorted it out.

Wednesday – working, took it slow today as I knew I’d have to wait for the ‘money man’.
In the afternoon I caught up with emails. I also had a nice surprise, when I put my Nexus7 on to charge it updated and the camera on it now works again. It stopped a couple of months ago after a bug on the last update.

Thursday – Day off. Hubby had to go to the hospital for a small op under local anesthetic. We did a quick weekly shop on way back home.
He was told to do nothing but rest – that called for a relax in the sunny garden.

Friday – Back to work. I had try to stretch 2 hours work last for 7 hours. My Friday doing admin is so boring…
Plus I missed the eclipse..no windows in the office.
Back home by 2:30pm. The Electrician came to fit new smoke alarms. Did I tell you they were both beeping when we came back from holiday..replaced batteries to avail so had to turn them off at the fuse box. They were 20 years old so due to fail I suppose!

Saturday – work again and it didn’t go too smoothly after the person who did the processing on Friday made a mistake with the cash float which took me a hour to sort out. Then, when I tried adding the figures to the system it refused..She had also not completed the End of Day processing..another half hour wasted. GRRR….
The 6am starts this week took their toll and I fell asleep within half hour of getting home!
I woke about 4pm and couldn’t be bothered even turning the laptop on.
Watched TV and was in bed at 10pm.  Not like me..I’m usually still up at midnight!


  • Relaxing in the garden.
  • A charity shop bargain – teddy is brand new and was only £1.
  • Camelia bursting to flower.
  • New smoke alarm.
  • It’s now light enough at 5:45am to see across the car park.

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Week 15 #Project365 – 2014

We had a good week – bargains, cinema and days out.

Bargains – I take part in online surveys and managed to accrue over £60 in the past year. I cashed in £50 for Sainsbury vouchers and set about finding special offers on My Supermarket! Most of what I bought were things that we normally buy that they had offers on.
I also spotted a bargain on MSE – 3 x 30 wash Fairy Liquitabs in Waitrose. Normally £10 each and the offer was 3 for £18. BUT – if you also have a Waitrose card you get 20% off the full price item taking the cost down to £12!! BUT that’s not all if I had bought them online via the ClickSnap link on Quidco I would have had £5 cash back with them. I didn’t go that far as the minimum spend was £50 and the £5 would have been eaten up with Waitrose higher prices.

Cinema – This weeks Orange Wednesday was Noah. We all know the story of Noah but this was the story on steroids! Rather weird with the Watchers and the fact that this was only 10 generations away from Adam & Eve they were very advanced – tailored clothing, making metal tools and travelling across the whole earth (The start of the film stated that Cain left Eden to build cities all over the earth). It was a really enjoyable film but still leaves you with more questions than answers. The main one being how would the human race repopulate when there is only Noah and his family left.. (Oh and if Cain went out in the wilderness to build cities where did the other people come from…)


On Sunday we looked after Ashley and here he is being tickled!
The traffic jam was caused by an accident just beyond the Brynglas Tunnels. It looked more like a normal Friday!

Ashley at Dyffryn House

Ashley at Dyffryn House

Drawing at Dyffryn House, saying Hello to the Lion, running off when we were eating our picnic lunch, my favourite one this week – posing on the wall.

On Friday we had a lovely day out at Dyffryn House (Using the voucher I won from TBAM last year!!) Ashley had fun running about and exploring. The gardens are well kept by the gardeners and volunteers who were hard at work weeding while the sun shone. The house is still in a state of repair, lots of work still to do!
There was a time when I would have refused to pay to visit a place like this as it was all built by the Coal and Iron Masters – they lived the life of Riley while their workers lived in poverty. However I know feel that we should visit places like this and make sure future generations know of the history of the Valleys. – They should also read the Alexander Cordell novels!!


Dyffryn House

Dyffryn House and Gardens

Above – Topiary – I’d love to the clippers out on some of these! – Fields of heather of every shade – The House – beautiful colour on the Hellebore. 


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