Week 22 #Project365 – 2014

Our week started with a bit of gardening and general tidy up of the house. Hubby cleaned the outside of the windows because our window cleaner hasn’t been for a couple of months now.
We’ve been for a few walks and managed to dodge a few showers. I must admit that sometimes I don’t feel like going out and the lanes do look like long and winding roads!

Hubby had a job interview on Wednesday but it didn’t work out well. He lost interest when they went through the role – it was warehouse work and involved a lot of ‘hand balling’, something younger and fitter people can do not someone who’s over the hill and far away!
I’ve also applied for a job in Cardiff. It sounds right up my alley but I have to get my CV and cover letter past the recruitment agency first!! It closes on Monday so I’ll be ringing them on Tuesday. Keep everything crossed XXX

Orange Wednesday this week was X-Men Days of Future Past – an excellent film. Cracking story and plenty to keep you hooked. The X-Men films get better with each new one. If you plan on seeing it and haven’t seen First Class, I’d suggest you do so before hand so that you can tie in the younger version to the present version of the characters.

On Thursday I had a small package arrive – some free samples of the PG Tips fruity tea they’ve been banging on about. Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful but when you play their game on Facebook and you get ‘well done you’ve won some samples’ I expected a bit more than 2 teabags and a 50p off coupon.. yes 2 – count them 2 tea bags!!! Mean sods..

Friday’s piccie was actually taken by my oldest son (OS)- they had a family day out at Cefn Mably Farm. Lots of animals and tractors for Ashley to see. OS  sent me the one below.

OS and Ashley popped in this afternoon and we sat in the garden to chat while Ashley scooted around on his bike. As soon as I got my phone camera out he came and posed for a piccie.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and it’s not been too stressful!

lanes, gardens, cinemaFrom top:

  • Tractor, the long and winding road, local reen with an otter box about half way down. 
  • Posing in the garden, trying to drive the tractor.
  • Free samples, Orange Wednesday. 

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Week 16 #Project365 – 2014

This week has been pretty quiet. On Monday we decided to go out for a drive but only got as far as Chepstow. We had a good wander about and sat by the river in the glorious sunshine with a coffee. We also had a sneaky beer in ‘Spoons too..


Chepstow Bridge – gateway to England. 
Rowing boats stranded on the bank.
Chepstow Castle 
Chepstow Castle from across the river, 
Glorious blossom on the trees. 

Our local wetlands were featured on the BBC this week – perhaps you saw it on the One Show – featuring the re-introduction of water voles at Magor Marsh.

magor marsh

When we went there this week we didn’t see any water voles but did see where they had put boxes for them to hide away. The only wildlife we saw were swans. A part of the marsh that was closed last time we were there has been reopened. They had to clear out a part of the reen in readiness for the water voles. The large tree at the bottom of the picture looks like it has old nests in it but it’s actually big clumps of mistletoe. The yellow flower is a Marsh Marigold.

camelia, railway, bakestones, welshcake,

My poor camelia is looking rather forlorn. After bursting into flower 6 weeks early the recent cold snap halted the rest of the buds coming out and they are all slowly dying off. It’s such a shame as it’s rather magnificent when it’s in full flower.
Another bridge – this one across the local railway line.
Orange Wednesday – Spiderman 2 – full of action – a great film for half term!

Welsh cakes (or bakestones as I’ve always called them) made using catsyellowdays recipe. I’ve always used my nan’s recipe which makes them more like pastry but these had a softer texture. They were gone in no time especially after my brother snaffled a few!

The fence – this is now around the perimeter of the local playing field. Why?? because the local infant/junior school use it. We’ve lived here for nearly 20 years and there has never been the need for a barrier to stop the public using a public space..but because the school is beside it it is now deemed a no go area. Orginally the path through was going to be closed whilst the school was open but as a compromise the path closes when the children are using it at lunch time.
What sort of world are we living in when it’s been ok for god only knows how long but ‘just in case’ someone ‘may’ want to look at a child playing it’s now out of bounds. It makes me so sad to think the world has come to the idea that everyone has peado tendencies.

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Out and about – Country Kids

I’m so glad the weather has been better this week. It meant we could get out and about and take a good look at our local area. We’ve been really lucky compared with some other areas, we’ve had no flooding although the water ways around here have been rather full. Thank goodness they dredged the main Reen last year!

The week started on Sunday with Grandson Ashley with us for the day. We went for a long walk – Ashley in the buggy for some of the time as his little legs wouldn’t cope with the 3-4 mile walk we planned.
Hubby had been out the previous day on his bicycle and saw a big tree that had come down blocking one of the lanes. We decided to head off that way to take a look.  It was lovely seeing some of the animals in the fields – one big strong horse, a couple with their raincoats on and some sheep sheltering in a barn. There is quite a lot of new growth in the hedgerows now too.
There is one lane that is one way so we let Ashley run off ahead as any vehicles would have been behind us and it’s pretty quiet there too. He loved puddle jumping and generally having a good time!
When we got to the fallen tree it had already been sawn up and removed and the only evidence – other than sawdust – was the fresh cut end of the trunk.

horses, walking, countryside

The week has ended with us looking after Ashley again today. After we did the weekly shop we headed over to the local park. Ashley loves having a good climb over the kiddie tower and for once the slide was dry enough to use!  The park is just behind one of the local schools and someone had tied a long piece of rope to the chain-link fencing.  Ashley thought it was great fun to wiggle the rope and he screeched laughing.
When we got back home we got his balance bike out, he’s only been on it twice and is still not sure about it – hopefully the more often we get it out the more he’ll get used to it. We also got his plane out, he had a quick blast up and down the drive but ended up sat in front of it spinning the propeller!
The last picture is of him running away after trying to get him on the bike again!

balance bike, countryside

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Week 4 #Project365 – 2014

This week I decided to take some photos while out on our walks. We try to go out most days but the weather has conspired against us for most of the week.  There really isn’t much going on in the hedgerows at the moment and farm animals are rarely seen as the fields are so water logged.

We didn’t do ‘Orange Wednesday’ again this week as there are no films that we both agree on to watch. Hopefully there will be something we agree on soon!

Our youngest son in Australia was feeling rather homesick this week so we’re having a good catch up on Skype on Sunday. It doesn’t help that we miss him too and Australia really is TOO FAR away!!
Oldest son and Ashley popped in on Thursday for a quick visit. We’re not looking after him at all this weekend as his mummy has a few days off work and her folks are having on Saturday. So it’s been pretty quiet here today!

outdoors, countryside

From top –

  • Cows having lunch.
  • hubby’s idea of a short cut over the stile!!  Don’t think so..you’d sink in the mud!
  • Someone’s idea of good gutter and downpipe.. I presume it leads to a water butt but it looked so funny!
  • This believe it or not is a holly tree – varigated but the bottom half is totally yellow.
  • A huge birds nest.
  • Random black cat on the prowl.

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#Project365 46/52

We’ve done a couple of walks this week. One so I can take a picture of Virgina Creeper on a local house. The leaves are just starting to turn and the colours are gorgeous.

On Monday my parcel came from M&S. I ordered some boots (I mentioned this last week…). I was so disappointed on opening the box. Although the boots looked the same at first look,  they were not a matching pair and how they got past M&S quality control goodness only knows. The pleating across the foot of one is totally different to the other and they are different shades. Within half an hour of them arriving they were back in the post on their return for a refund. So I’m back on the hunt for new boots.  The experience has totally turned me off them.

Another walk on Friday after taking the car to the garage. We have a leak in the passenger side footwell. We were hoping that it would just be a door seal problem but it wasn’t. There’s a part under the wipers that’s kaput and they can’t get the part until Monday. We agreed to leave the car there as the only plan we had was a visit to the Mother-in-Law and a shopping trip with oldest son which could be put off.

lanes, donkey, autumn

We were not looking after Ashley this week as his Daddy has had time off work. We were going to go on a shopping trip but we’ve had to put that off now or perhaps we’ll have time tomorrow if the car is fixed early.

As it turned out it was the worst time to have the car off the road. Just after 7pm on Friday our youngest son’s Aussie In-Laws contacted me to say they were coming to Newport to visit us tomorrow (Saturday).  We hurriedly made plans for the oldest son’s wife to take us to Newport on her way to work on Saturday morning. We met them from the train and went for a breakfast. We then took a taxi back home and showed them around the village and had long talks about their travels so far. They left Australia shortly after us and have been to Ireland, Scotland, Greece, London and now Wales. Their next stop is Brighton to visit even more family and then they are off to New York where Malcolm has a gig!!
It was lovely to catch up with them again and it’s great that we all get on so well. It would have been so much better if we had the car, we could have shown them so much more than our house and the village square!

We were also supposed to be having our best friends over on Saturday night for them to experience one or two of my awesome curries!! (not boasting but I can make a bliddy awesome curry!) The chicken was already marinating, peshwari nans made and bhajis bought. I rung them to ask if could come on Sunday instead but they have other plans so we agreed to next week. So as I’m writing this a Chicken Madras and Butter Chicken are cooling in the kitchen ready to be frozen ready for next weekend.

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#Project365 25/52

We took Grandson Ashley out for the day on Tuesday. We traveled up to Ross-On-Wye and walked around the town, there are lots of charity shops and I like to pop in to see if they have toys suitable for Ashley. In one he spotted a soft toy and picked it up. It’s a reindeer and is also a back pack. I’ll be handy for future days out so we bought it for him, it was only £2! We popped into the local ‘spoons for some lunch. Then we drove down to the riverside so Ashley could have a run around. We took his JCB truck and a football with us. He loves his truck and enjoyed whizzing up and down the paths. He also liked Grandad setting him off down a grassy slope.
Mid afternoon we decided to travel back via the A40 to Monmouth then the A466 to Tintern / Chepstow – the A40 from Monmouth to Newport is such a BORING road. There is nothing to look at, no points of interest along the way. The A466 is a drivers road, twists and turns and good bit of concentration!!
We stopped off at Tintern for some refreshments and Ashley played on the playtower and ran around a playhouse in the pub gardens. He had us in stitches, we sat in the playhouse and he ran around the outside playing peep boo!!
We then traveled on to Chepstow and stopped at the garden centre as we have no hanging baskets up yet! They also have an aquatic and reptile centre there. We took Ashley in to see the fish and reptiles but what he enjoyed most was the chickens and the fountains.

Day out

Day out

We’ve not done much else this week, I’ve tidied up the garden and planted the hanging baskets. (I’ll pop piccies of them up soon).

I made a turkey madras following a recipe from the Curry Guy – the only change I made to the recipe was to pop it in the slow cooker.  It was really good – Hubby even said it was better than we get from the takeaway. 🙂

Oh one last thing – I didn’t get the job 😦 Apparently the example I gave for dealing with under performing staff was rather unorthodox.. I know not to use that particular example again!! At least it was feedback I can work on rather than the stock answer of ‘there was a stronger candidate’!

25-52 (2)

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