#Project365 week 28 day 1 – Path

Monday morning is always a busy time for me. First check Facebook for any message or update from my son in Australia, then it’s a quick few minutes on Twitter to say hello to the early birds – they know who they are!!

Breakfast and a cup of tea while I catch up with news headlines on breakfast TV, then it’s switched off and the laptop put on.

I start with the job hunt – if I didn’t start with it I’d never do it.  On Mondays this takes around 2 to 3 hours. Trawling through job sites, recruitment agencies, company websites, LinkedIn and sending emails to some contacts.  A lot of work for little reward.

During the afternoon I generally read some blogs, catching up on linkys that I’ve joined and commenting on them or at least clicking on the like button! Then it’s time for competitions – did I mention I’m a competition addict? Sure I have mentioned in previous posts!!

Well today that all went to pot!! I manged to get online early but by the time I fired up the laptop the internet would not connect, tried on my phone too but to no avail.
The router would have to be rebooted, only thing is that’s in the bedroom and Hubby was in bed sleeping after working nights.
It was 8am and he wouldn’t be up much before 12:30.
So what do I do?? I did some of the jobs I was putting off – ironing, clearing out paperwork, waxed the dining table and chairs and tied up some of the plants in the garden.

It was when I was walking down the side of the house that I remembered today’s theme is PATH. So here’s the path at the side of my house and the shadow of the gate.

Day 8 Path

Day 8 Path

Oh and the internet connection?? All ok after a reboot of the router.. thank goodness.

#Project365 week 27 day 7 – Where you are

Today’s theme is ‘Where you are’.

This collage shows:

Where I should be – In the garden enjoying the sun.

Where I wish I was – Wimbledon – Henman Hill would do!

Where I am – glued to the TV watching the men’s singles final, hoping that Andy Murrray wins.

28-52 (1)

That’s all for today!!

#Project365 week 27 day 6 – Wetlands

I was looking after grandson Ashley again today and as the weather is so good at the moment I decided to go to the Newport Wetlands. The site is run by the RSPB and is on the edge of Newport overlooking the Severn Estuary.

Although it’s been there for years I’ve never visited before today, even though it’s almost on my doorstep! They have a good visitor centre with a cafe and shop. You walk through and follow different paths around the reserve. The ‘meet and greet’ man suggested a good one that would be suitable for us as Ashley is still in a buggy for most of the time.

You can also join the Wales Coast Path from here. Do you fancy a walk along the 870 mile coast of Wales?

Newport Wetlands Centre

Newport Wetlands Centre

Pictures above – Severn Estuary, East Usk lighthouse, one of the lakes, a Coot, The Coast Path,  wing sculpture.

We spent an hour walking around the paths trying to spot some birds and also took a look at the lighthouse and estuary. I took Ashley out of the buggy so he could have a walk about, he loved watching the grasses swaying in the breeze and we also took a look at some Coots and ducks on the lakes. He also liked scuffing along as the fine gravel was making a good sound!

We made our way to the play area but it was full of bigger children and the smaller kiddies play area was cordoned off for refurbishment. So we headed off to the picnic area for lunch – a home made picnic and cold drinks.

Ashley enjoying the sunshine

Ashley enjoying the sunshine

Pictures above: Running ahead, picnic time, scuffing his shoes.

I’m sure we’ll be visiting again.

So go on tell me..what’s on your doorstep that you’ve not visited?

Also linking to #Countrykids from Coombe Mill.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

#Project365 week 27 day 3 – Cold

Today’s photo is my take on COLD.

This is my lovely cashmere pashmina that I bought in Portugal a few years ago. It used to hang on the back of my chair when I was still in work. It was great for when the air-con made my little corner cold.

27-52 (3)

I tuck it in my suitcase (along with my best blue one) for holidays, great for those chilly evenings.

Now it sits on the top of my sofa and I use it when the temperature drops in the evenings or during colder days in the house when my arms are cold and I can’t be bothered to get a cardigan or sweater!

When we go to the cinema – usually for ‘Orange Wednesday’*- I always drop it over my shoulder because no matter what the weather or time of year our local Cineworld is freezing..no matter which of the theatres you are in!

So there you have it – my idea of what cold is!

*for those not in the UK – Orange Wednesday is an offer that you can get from your mobile provider. You send a text, they send you a code and you redeem it for a 2-4-1 cinema ticket.  Bargain!!

#Project365 week 27 day 2 – Shoes

Like most women I love shoes. However nowadays shoes do not love me!

I used to wear big heels in my younger days and had lots of pairs from flats to 3 and 4 inch heels. Full shoes, daps (plimsolls or sneakers), sandals, slingbacks..you name it I probably had them and in all sorts of colours too!

There was one pair that I loved and I wish I still had them – if only to look at them, as they’d be too narrow for my fat feet now – they were a pair of navy wedge sandals by Ravel, a mix of normal and patent leather. I adored them from the moment I saw them in Ravel’s window. Ravel shoes back in the 70’s were expensive compared to other companies.  When I bought them back in 73 you could ‘lay aside’ items and pay for them over a few a weeks. I was working in another shoe shop at the time earning £9 a week as a junior..(GAWD £9 a week I hear you say…oh yes..) and these shoes were £13.  (Over £130 in today’s value) Can you imagine paying more than a weeks pay on a pair of shoes??? I paid the store some money each week for a month and took home my pride and joy. Every time I wore them someone asked where I got them from. I treasured those shoes and I wore them for years.

27-52 (2)

Nowadays I go for comfort, usually flats or daps. I do have a couple of pairs of court shoes with a small heel but rarely wear them.
The pair in the photo were bought in the sale in New Look for £3. They are like wearing slippers, so comfy.

#Project365 week 27 day 1- Happiness is…

This is my ‘Happiness is’ moment. Watching Wimbledon and using the ‘Red Button’ to access the other matches that the good old BBC are broadcasting.

I don’t particularly like women’s tennis as it’s all grunts and tip – tap back and forth so I usually select a mens match.  Having the technology available to select which match you want to view is definitely a ‘Happiness is..’ moment.

27-52 (1)

Wimbledon is the ultimate championship and it would be great to see Andy Murray win the Men’s Singles this year.

Now I’ll share a ‘claim to fame’ with you.  Back in 1970 when I was in high school a local tennis tournament wanted our school to provide the ball boys. However very few boys applied and there were plenty of us girls that asked if we could do it. They had to apply to the LTA and we became some of the first ball girls to be used in a pro-tournament.

We had lots of training and practice. During the tournament we were provided with uniform and the princely sum of 2/6d to buy our afternoon tea each day. (2/6d is about 12p). But the money was immaterial, I got to meet lots of famous tennis players, John Newcombe, Mark Cox, Roger Taylor, Tony Roche, Nicki Pilic and Ken Rosewall. Ken Rosewall was my favourite, he took time to chat to us all and we even had tea with him once.

I had a box with signed wrist bands and few photos from the local paper but they have got lost – or more likely thrown out by Mum when she moved house!