REVIEW : Palmolive Kitchen Hand Wash

I have been given the opportunity to try out some Palmolive products and my favourite was the Kitchen Hand Wash.

Why is that? Well any one that cooks knows your hands can get fairly smelly from onions, garlic and of course there are other foods that stain your hands.

Palmolive’s official blurb says: Palmolives Kitchen Handwash cleans your hands, neutralising the strong odours that can linger after preparing food. It is enriched with lime extract and a natural antibacterial agent, helping to remove germs from your hands. It will leave your hands felling clean, fresh and protected.

Onions always make my hands smell for ages so I was keen to try this handwash. As it’s antibacterial it’s also good if you’ve been handling raw meat.

One thing I hate about most handwashes is that they can make your hands smell like you’ve run through the local meadow – all wild flowers and very overbearing.
Antibacterial soaps can make your  skin feel dry and rough – well it does for me anyway!

The Palmolive Kitchen Handwash is different – it really does remove the odours, leaving your hands feeling nourished and with a faint smell of lime. Just what you need in the kitchen.

I can also see Mummies wanting to use this when they have their little ones helping out in the kitchen.

It even worked when Hubby and myself had been working in the garden and our hands were smelling of conifers!  Conifers tend to make my hands itch and I usually have to rub in some antihistamine (I’m too lazy to wear gloves in the garden!!) but I washed my hands and forearms with the Kitchen Handwash and had no itchyness afterwards.. So big Kudos to Palmolive for that!!

You can find out more about Palmolive products here:

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review. My opinion is honest and unbiased.


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