Week 17 and 18 #Project365 – 2015

Here I am catching up again. Week 17 started ok with a lovely win from Hotter shoes, but it soon went downhill. Hubby was supposed to get an appointment for the results of his biopsy. When he called the hospital they gave him the option of discussing it with the Urology specialist nurse. The news wasn’t good they had found early signs of cancer. As you can imagine he was devastated and despite visits from the grandsons’ and me telling him it will all be ok he was really worried.
I’m so glad they sent him an appointment for the following Tuesday.
So that basically was week 17 – worry worry worry!!

Week 18 

Monday – Busied ourselves with housework, reading through some very useful booklets that the hospital sent Hubby and watched a couple of films to try to take his mind off tomorrow.

Tuesday – We went to the hospital for Hubby to discuss his biopsy results with the consultant. While we were waiting in the Ante-room I checked my phone and I had 2 missed calls from our son. I thought it would be a ‘Mum, can you look after the boys?’ or ‘Can Dad fix this?’ type of call so decided to call him back after we’d seen the consultant. (more on that in a bit!!)
The consultant explained very clearly that the amount of cancer found was minute… out of the ten needle samples the amount would barely be dot and in his professional opinion it is unlikely to become anything more sinister as his PSA test count is only just over what it would be for a man of his age. He recommended that Hubby is monitored by blood tests every 3 months and possible biopsy again in a year or two.
To say he was relived is an understatement!

As we left I rang our son he was a bit frantic. Ashley had collapsed and passed out in nursery and they were at the hospital with him. They told him straight away that Ashley would be in for at least 72 hours. He barely woke up on Tuesday, they did lots of blood tests, a brain EEG test and a CT scan but found nothing out of the ordinary. He was placed in a high dependency unit overnight with a nurse checking him hourly. He eventually woke at 5am asking for toast and a drink! By the time son and DIL got there at 7am he was up and about as if nothing was wrong!

Wednesday – After work we were going to see the new Avengers film but went to visit Ashley instead. He was back to his usual self and charming everyone who came past him.

Thursday – We looked after Theo so that his mummy and daddy could spend time with Ashley.  It was rather odd looking after a baby again.
Ashley had another brain scan today and it was all ok thank goodness.

Friday – Ashley came home. There are still some test results to come back and hopefully they’ll be clear. But it still remains a mystery to why it happened.

Saturday – Quick catch up with son in Oz.  He applied for an internal job a few weeks ago and his manager wasn’t keen on him possibly leaving. Son only applied as it was more IT based which meant more money. His manager agreed to take a look at his job specification and has told him that if he stays his current job will be aligned with Engineering IT and he’ll get a pay lift into the bargain. It’ll mean more work for him to do and it’s good to know he’s appreciated where he is.

Selection from week 17 

soosie wales. #project365

  • Mr Chubby Chops
  • Cool little Dude
  • I could choose a pair of red, white or blue shoes to celebrate Hotter getting a Queens award. 

Selection from week 18

soosie wales. #project365

  • Ashley as his usual self in hospital. The blue thing near his ear is his right hand – boarded and bandaged to keep the shunts in!
  • Theo – a bit out of focus but the best I could get before he tried to take the camera off me!
  • Molly seems to have found a new hiding place. 

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Linking up for the last time to The Boy and Me.  Sad times but the project will go on via various other blogs that take part in the project.  Wishing ‘Joanne’ a fond farewell.

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Week 5 #Project365 – 2015

Week 5 or the ongoing problems with the airing cupboard!

Sunday – my sunday working hours are 11:30 to 3pm but this week I didn’t make it out until 3:45.  I’m always left with a lot of processing to do and it’s just not a fair share of the days work. I’ll be speaking to management about it as I’m heartily sick of it.

Monday – Still no sign of engineer to sort out the water problems. Rung the insurance to be told they are still waiting for the quote and then they’ll process it.  I called a further 3 times and told them at 3pm they have until 10am Tuesday to get it moving.

Tuesday – 10am on the phone to the insurance trying not to go ape s**t. Asked that the claim is escalated and passed to complaints.  Within 20 minutes had a call back to say complaints will be chasing it. In the mean time I contacted Royal Sun Alliance on twitter and after an email to them I was called back to say they were on it too. (they use an outsourced company to take and deal with claims).

Wednesday – Day off work and I was determined not to have another day hanging about the house waiting for the insurance to call. Orange Wednesday was planned for Ex Machina – the film is about a chap (Caleb) that wins the chance to go to his bosses home and see what he’s developing. He builds AI robots and Caleb is tasked with testing Ava to see if she has a consciousness. To be honest I can’t tell you more as it’s film that if you know how it pans out it would spoil it. It is however very interesting and doesn’t pan out as you’d think it might.

When we got home there was a message on the answerphone to say the engineer was coming Thursday early afternoon.. WOOO HOOO…

Thursday – Food shopping in the morning then waiting for the engineer to arrive. He came at 3pm, fitted the new valve said all was now ok. We waited for the water to heat up and Hubby jumped in the shower.. oh dear the pressure died after 30 seconds. Then we noticed a wet patch on the floor of the airing cupboard – another leak this time from a pipe on the water cylinder. I could have wept!! Back on the phone to report it and they called back an hour later with some instructions from the engineer – turn off the water flow to the cylinder and he’ll come again on Friday.

Friday – Working day for me, Hubby dealt with the engineer – the first one that came – he can’t work on our system as he’s not qualified! He did order new parts and we’re now waiting for them to be authorised!!
When I got home I rang the chap I’ve been dealing with at Royal Sun and he assures me that the quote is in and they’ll call me soon and hopefully the right engineer will come on Monday. It’s becoming a bliddy nightmare and I’m definitely not renewing come renewal time!  So check now if you have Home Emergency cover that they don’t use CET to field the calls as they are hopeless.

The day got better though with a visit from son and grandboys. 🙂 At one point our son had popped to the local shop and Hubby was making us all a drink. Ashley was sitting on the stool eating a little trifle and I was sat on the floor with Theo on my lap. Theo was looking at Ashley and Ashley started making slurping sounds with set Theo laughing. The more he laughed the more Ashley laughed, it was a moment that I wish I could have videoed!!

Saturday – Hubby’s 60 next week and has decided he wanted a cycle trainer to use on days that he can’t go out for a ride (when it’s cold / raining / windy!) We went to Halfords for him to take a look and to try one out.
All set up now in the spare bedroom he just has to get used to attaching the bike to it.

soosie wales

Above: a selection for the week: 

  • Necklaces that I had for Christmas. 
  • Molly running away – notice the balding patch on her rear – still pulling fur out, stupid cat. 
  • Hubby’s new toy!
  • Smiley boy!

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Week 3 #Project365 – 2015

Not an exciting week to start with.  No visit from the grandsons as Ashley is now back in nursery – hopefully see them tomorrow or Monday.

Usual work and food shopping and a few short walks when it wasn’t raining.

On Wednesday I worked out which days I could take as holiday. I have nearly 20 hours to use up before the end of March. I’ve now booked some days off for Hubby’s birthday and tagged an extra day onto my week in March.
Last year I won a week hotel stay in Cyprus and have booked to go in March. We are both very excited to be having a good holiday. The only downer is flying from Gatwick as there are no local flights to Larnaca.

We also did Orange Wednesday for the first time in ages!! We saw Taken 3, good but not as good as the first 2.

Here are 6 pictures as a selection for this week.

soosie wales,


  • Molly Cat – still living outdoors. Waiting for her breakfast. 
  • Thermal cup – We can’t have hot drinks in the office unless they have a lid on. I bought this one for £3 and it keeps a cup of tea hot for well over 2 hours. I’ll be able to make a cuppa on arrival in work at 6am and it’ll still be hot when I’ve finished sorting out the tills and self-serve scanners an hour or so later.. #win
  • Passports ready for March!!
  • One of my favourite jams. I’ve not seen any in the shops for ages!!
  • Playing about with my Mobi Eye-fi card.
  • Orange Wednesday. Making the most of this as the promotion finishes at the end of February. Wonder what EE will replace it with?


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Review of 2014 #Project365

I still can’t believe that I’ve now completed my third year of #Project365 that has been hosted by the lovely The Boy and Me.
It has been quite a job to pick my favourite photo for each month of 2014. As I’ve looked through them they have bought back some very happy memories.

I’ve picked my favourites and explained why below.

January – On our way to the local park and Ashley is now confident enough to strike out on his own without too many glances back to see where we are.
February – This just makes me chuckle – I got Rick-rolled with a capcha!
March – After the wind blew or fencing down the big job of resetting the posts. Hubby made a good job it too!
April –  A rare moment of stillness from the little man.
May – This was one of about 30 photos taken with him clambouring all over me to get his picture taken and to be tickled. Almost every photo shows him grinning and laughing.
June – In our back garden with his bike and ball. What you can’t see here is  his face, he’s laughing because Grandad threw the ball at him. (if you click on the picture then use zoom you’ll see it! Go on take a look! )

soosie wales, #project365

July- Our day out at Greenmeadow Community Farm. He really wasn’t sure about touching the chicken.
August – At the local park again in the summer sun. One of the last weekends we had to look after him as Mummy was now on maternity leave.
September – The arrival of Grandson number 2 – Welcome to the world Theo.
October – This boy loves sleeping.
November – Some of you may remember that Molly won’t come into the house since our new back door was fitted.
When it’s dry we put her basket on the bench for her to sunbathe in.
December – Well there was no competition for this one. Both our boys back together again even if it was only for a few days.

soosie wales, #project365

If you did #365 last year I hope to see your roundup too!

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Week 44 #Project365 – 2014

Another busy week with me working 5 out of 7 days. Oh and I HATE the clocks going back!! There was I just getting used to getting up at 5am and now I’m waking up at 4am!!

Work was better this week as we’re getting used to the processes and working it all out for ourselves most of the time. It still astounds me that this huge company doesn’t work from SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) or at least a step by step guide.  The only guides they have are pretty basic and don’t tell you what to do when you can’t balance the Cash Office!!

We were hoping to have Ashley for the day on Monday but son forgot that they had other plans so we didn’t get to see him and the baby until Friday.

The rest of the week flew by in a whizz of work and catching up on competitions and emails.  It’s great having hubby at home as he ‘keeps house’, I ring him on the way out of work and by the time I get home a mug of tea and lunch are on the coffee table waiting for me. #LuckyGirl

Managed to get to the cinema this week for Orange Wednesday. We saw Gone Girl,  I wasn’t expecting much as I’m not a lover of Ben Affleck but the reviews were good so thought we’d give it a try. It is a very interesting film with good twists.. can’t say more as it’ll be a spoiler. Ok Affleck is just a big wooden stick and is rather bland but it is worth watching if you like a good psychological thriller.

On my trawl through my emails I came across one from Sky which said I could now display my photos on my TV via their Sky+ App. How cool is that!!  I can take photos with my tablet, open the app and show them on the TV. The wonders of modern technology!!

Here’s this weeks pick of the best.

soosie wales, grandsons, cat, ladybird

  • A Twitter win from Carte Noir. I was surprised how nicely produced this little book is. 
  • Molly Cat – still living outdoors.. Still won’t come in.. Silly moggy. 
  • Probably the last Ladybird of the season. 
  • Theo – he has 2 modes, sleeping and drinking his bottle. 
  • Ashley – Quiet boy on Friday as he was poorly the day before. 

How was your week?

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Week 13 #Project365 – 2014

Week 13 already – a quarter done! I’m still finding it hard going but hopefully now that spring has sprung there will be more to see.

There’s not much to share this week. I’ve done a review for Hotel Chocolate which involved eating chocolate… it’s a hard life!!  I’ll be writing up the review tomorrow (Sunday) so please watch out for it. I’ve not done many reviews so any feedback will be useful. 🙂

Orange Wednesday this week was Captain America 2. Good film with a good story and very well paced with plenty of action and some good fun in there too.

We were supposed to be having Ashley today but his Daddy was feeling unwell and had to ring in sick so he would be up and about to look after him. We won’t see him now until Monday.

Molly the cat usually hangs around the house all day so it was good to see her keeping warm on a sunlit wall in the garden.

Lovely warm day today and the washing we pegged out at 10am is all dry and ready to come in at 3pm!

orange wednesday, captain america, spring
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#Project365 48 and 49/52

I didn’t post or link last week as I was a bit busy and knew I wouldn’t have time to comment and/visit everyone that links to #Project365. – and yes I may not comment on all but I do visit each and everyone! Feel free to reciprocate!!

Anyway – week 48 bought me an email to say that I needed to attend a job interview in Cardiff. It just said attend the ‘event’ so I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve done a few of these all day interviews where you are put into different scenarios and judged on your performance.
The next day I had another email asking me to prepare a presentation and to say the interview (including the presentation) would be for an hour. I was rather surprised that a high street bank looking for a call centre Team Manager could make a staffing decision on a short presentation and less than an hour interview.
I attended on Monday and thought it went well. They told me they were interviewing for most of the week so not to expect an outcome for a few days. Bright and early on Tuesday I had the rejection email.  I was quite surprised as this is the bank I used to work for, they wanted a TM for new teams (done that 8 times), call centre experience, (done that – 16 years), experienced in people management (done that – 7 years). So I my examples for ‘tell us a time when….’ must have failed. They failed on the presentation… didn’t provide anyway of presenting .. no laptop, no projector.. good job I downloaded the presentation to my tablet and took that as a back up!!
Well their loss… I only actually applied because it was my old employer.. I’ll give them the swerve in future.!!

Advent has arrived and with it came HUNDREDS of competitions. This is my third year of doing them so I’m pretty organised but the first few days are horrendous! It was probably thursday before I had them all categorised. Hope I win something this year for this effort!! – Oh and I have my first competition here on this blog.. Fancy trying to win some chocolate?

Thursday morning I popped up to Festival Park in Ebbw Vale. It’s a lovely drive up the valley roads. I bought my sons pressie and some other bits and bobs.

Oldest son came for a visit on Thursday afternoon and Ashley thought it was funny to climb up on my coffee table. I don’t want to encourage him as it’s a big slab of marble and if he fell and hit his head he would knock himself out. He thought it was hysterical with both me and his daddy telling him ‘NO’ and pulling him off all the time! Little scamp. 🙂

Hope you’re all having fun with your Christmas preparations. I’ve seen some posts and Instagrams of your Christmas trees etc. Although I’ve no idea who Elfie is.. never heard of him until this year.

festival park, #project365

  •  Stone face at Festival Park
  •  Teddy Santa at Festival Park – I want him.
  • Star Trek double Blu-ray from Amazon Black Friday sale. Bargain!!
  • Ashley being a naughty boy.
  • Molly also being naughty sitting on the coffee table. Trying to get attention to be fed.
  • Furry booties keeping my tootsies warm. Last couple of weeks of these, then break out one of two new pairs!

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#Project365 24/52

At the start of this week we caught up with unpacking and doing the washing after our holiday.

I’m STILL waiting to hear whether I got the job after the interview 2 weeks ago. I chased the agency running the vacancy but go the usual reply when I asked for the consultant dealing with it..’She’s on the other line’ despite leaving a message I got no call back and when I called again on Tuesday she’s now on holiday!!! Certainly feel like I’ve been given the run around!!

On Monday I had a tweet from @TheCurryGuy to inform me that I had won his free range meat draw with @FarmersChoiceUk.  Lots of meat arrived on Friday – £125 worth, beef, pork and lamb joints, a chicken, diced meats and mince.. a whole drawer in my freezer!! Lots of meal planning and recipes to be looked up or devised over the coming weeks!

Disaster at Tesco on Friday, it really annoys me when the staff do not deliver customer service but nearly all staff at our local HUGE Tesco – apparently their biggest and a flagship store – are miserable. Hardly any of them smile and they all look totally unmotivated. Here’s 2 examples, first one lady doing the chilled food reductions, I had a glance at the products she had on the trolley, I saw some yogurts and after she put a ticket on them I said I would like one of them. Her answer floored me…’You have to take it off the shelf, I can’t hand it to you’ WHAT?????
A few aisles down I wanted to get hubby some nuts and they have moved them. I asked a member of staff picking the internet orders if she knew where they were moved to..she just waved in a general direction and said ‘ up there by the crisps.’
I don’t usually make an issue of things like this I just shrug them off …but after tasting the pears I bought I knew I had to make a complaint. The bag says sweet and juicy, but they taste like a mouth full of cotton wool, dry as stick.
I put it all on Tesco Comments website and had a reply back quickly from the Customer Service Team.  They say they report back to the store on the staff issues and go back to the supplier with product issues. They are sending me £5 to cover the cost of the pears and a small ‘goodwill’ gesture.

I also offered my management service to investigate the morale at the store – on a consultancy basis of course!!!

Anyway…onto this weeks piccies.

Ashley waggling his tongue
Winnie the Pooh in the dishwasher!
Molly thinking this is her new bed…WRONG. Get out…This is the guest bed!!
Freezer drawer full of lovely meat.
Those awful pears!!


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#Project365 22/52

I had a job interview on Wednesday, a team leader role and I have all the skills to do the job. I’m also in (Probably) a unique position that it is an outsourcing company and I was outsourced in my last job, so know what it’s like pleasing your own and your clients management teams.
The interview went fairly well and they’ll be letting me know sometime next week if I’m successful or not..so fingers crossed. It will be good to be employed again, it’ll be 3 years in July since I was made redundant.

Also on Wednesday we went to Cardiff to see Eddie Izzard. Front row seats…..  He was very funny but alas not as funny as his warm up – Michael Mittermeier or indeed as funny as Rhod Gilbert!

On thursday we decided to book tickets to see Lee Evans who’s performing in Cardiff. I checked hubby’s shift pattern and applied for tickets on 30th November. I checked the confirmation page and noticed it’s not November 2013 but November 2014!! I had to work out hubby’s shift pattern for next year (he works 4 on and 4 off so it gets complicated!!) and then reapplied for tickets to match a day when he’s not working!!

Pictures this week – a couple of Eddie, Molly the cat, washing basket and garden flowers.

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#Project365 20/52

This week I decided to take some close up / Macro pictures in the garden. We’ve had a few days of sunshine – albeit still chilly – so  it was ideal light to get the close ups.

It was my birthday on Wednesday so we went to the cinema to see the new Star Trek film. A week ago I wouldn’t even have contemplated it but we watched the first of the new ‘younger version’ on tv and really enjoyed. They have spent a lot of time making sure the new cast remain true to the charcters of the original Star Trek.
After the cinema we had a take away from the local curry house. So that was two 2-4-1s’ in the same day! (Orange Wednesday and Biryani Day!) All washed down with a vodka or three!

We had the grandson on Thursday so his Mummy and Daddy could have a day to themselves. We went food shopping and played in the garden.

Saturday tore me apart – the emptying of my son’s storage locker. It really bought it home that he’s not planning on returning to the UK to live. We are storing it all at our house now and I have the onerous task of taking an inventory and photos ready to sell as much as I can.  I can see a few boot sales on the horizon! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good sum of money to send to him in Oz!

The photo’s this week: Hover over each for captions!

My picture of the week is the top middle one. I’m very pleased with how this one came out.

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