Prague Day 3

Well Friday was our last day in Prague, the time had gone so quickly!

After breakfast we packed our bags and checked out of the hotel. We left the bags with them as our pick up wasn’t until 7.30pm.

Over breakfast we decided to go to Wenceslas Square and New Town. We took the subway from Andel to Museum and ended up outside the Prague Museum. We asked a street vendor where Wenceslas Square was and she said just go down.. Oh well… off we set down the road past shops and hotels. This area is quite wide with shops on either side of the road and an area going down the middle. When we got to the bottom of the road I noticed we went past Mustek station – the one for the old town.. Kev then said we’d been here before and recognised the area..Sure enough it we where we were on Tuesday evening before returning back to Smichov!! So where was Wenceslas?? We walked back up the road and asked in a cafe and he said this is it…the wider part with a horse statue was Wenceslas Square, I felt quite underwhelmed! We were all expecting to see something like the square where the Astronomical clock was! We decided to hang around for a coffee and a quick bite to eat – plus it had started raining. What better excuse do we need for a drink!

Wenceslas Square – snapping a snapper

Mid afternoon we went back to Smichov and went to the shopping centre. I wanted to get a gift for our grandson and go back to a sports shop to look at some shoes I had seen. We also noticed that there was some market stalls along the road. They were selling all local produce – cakes, cheese, cured meats, bread, wine, jams and some local crafts.

After looking around the market we headed back to Cyrils Bar as it was near the hotel. A couple of last drinks and we would be on our way back.

It has been a fabulous trip. Even though we spent more time than ever with our friends we still remained friends at the end!! The locals are all lovely and always ready to help you out if they can. I can’t wait to go back!

I’ll leave you with some tips for travel to Prague:

  • Trams, buses and subway – get a day pass.
  • Each subway station has different entrances – handy when you want a particular area. For example – Andel entrance is outside the Akcent Hotel but there is also an entrance in the Centre. It came in very handy when it rained. We went in at the centre walked through the station and came out right by the hotel all lovely and dry!
  • Find the name of the station you want on the subway as there are 2 platforms. It’s easy to see which platform you need from the overhead map.
  • Trams don’t always go back to where you got on!! See Prague Day 2!!
  • Language – find out the Czech words for entrance, exit, centre, hello, thanks.  Also find out the Czech word for any building or sight you want to see – all the signposts are in Czech only.
  • You may find a compass handy or a compass app.
  • If your camera has manual settings for aperture and shutter get used to them before you go. When you visit places the auto function doesn’t always give you a good shot. If you want to take ‘snaps’ then fine but if you want to take ‘photos’ then practise!!
  • The Akcent Hotel was ideally situated. It’s a short walk to bars, restaurants and shops in the Smichov area. Right next to subway and the bus station. Clean, tidy and functional and had free wifi and free safe!! (Many 4 and 5* hotels still charge for wi-fi and use of a safe)
  • One last thing…. get some comfy shoes – you will get aching feet so be prepared!!

That’s it – I hope you have enjoyed reading my Prague posts. Feel free to leave a comment.

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Prague Day 2

For our second day we decided to go to Prague Castle. It’s not a castle in the way we in Britain think of castles. It’s more of a huge church surrounded by palaces.

We set off after breakfast and headed just up the road to get a tram. We planned on getting back to the west side of the river and get off at Malostranske Namesti – this is an open area where the trams stop. We got off and walked down to the Tourist Information to ask the best way to get to the Castle. He said you can walk – is he joking it’s up hill and you have to go up steps.. I don’t do uphill and neither does Bev as she’s got short legs!! Oh well the 22 tram stops right outside..back to the square and 3 stops. Now that’s more like it!!
We made our way back to the square and caught the tram.

The castle is protected by soldiers in sentry boxes. You walk though an archway and you are in the main square, it’s huge and very impressive! The first thing we saw was some solders marching to the exit –’s changing of the guard. We decided we’d carry on for now and get tickets. The entrance fee varies depending on what you want to see. Well we wanted to see as much as possible to went for the full ticket at 350Kc (about £11). There is a little map on the back of ticket so you can’t miss anything. If you don’t get to see it all in a day the ticket lasts 2 days.

Changing the Guard. I didn’t notice the chap walking the other way! Quite like it though!


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Prague day 1

About a month ago our best friends Kev and Bev suggested we all go to Prague to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. We have never been on holiday with friends before and we were a bit apprehensive to be honest. Seeing friends for a few hours is a lot different to seeing them all day for a few days!  We decided to go for it anyway as they have been married for 25 years and we have been married for 35 years! After looking for flights and accommodation we booked to go from 29th May to 1st June.
We arrived in Prague at 10pm on Tuesday 29th May.  We were dropped off at the hotel, booked in and dropped off our cases. We stayed at the Akcent Hotel. It is in the Smichov area and right beside the subway station of Andel. Even though it was now nearly 11pm we went out to have a look at the local area. We liked what we saw, lots of bars, restaurants and shops. We decided to have a beer and perched ourselves on some seating. A couple of beers later and we decided to get back for some sleep.

From here in this post I’ll tell you what we did and add links at the end if I want to tell you more about it otherwise I’ll add links as I go so you can read more about the sights for your self..(Hope this makes sense!! If it doesn’t please leave me comment!!)
THANK YOU – dear reader 🙂

So here we are at DAY 1.

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Days 150 – 154/366 Prague

I mentioned on my last post that we were going to Prague for a few days. We got back just before 1am today. I’ll post more about our exploits over the next few days. In the mean time these are my shots for #project366 for the past 5  days.

I hope you stick around –  follow me if you like – if you’d like to know more about Prague.


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