Week 23 #Project365 – 2014

Sunday – A visit to Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff. We’ve not been here for years – not since our boys were young – so over 20 years! It’s lovely this time of year as the park has a huge collection of Rhododendrons of all colours! We had planned on taking a picnic but Hubby thought we could have lunch out.
After our walk around the park we drove to a pub we saw on the way there but we were out of luck, they were busy and couldn’t get us a table for over an hour.  We got back in the car and had a chat and decided to make our way back to Newport and the local Toby.  You can’t beat a good roast with LOTS of veg!

cefn onn park

The many colours of Cefn Onn Park

Monday/Tuesday – just local walks – nothing exciting.

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was ‘A Million ways to Die in the West’. A comedy set in the old west, full of slapstick, crudity, silliness. Lots of belly laughs and good to spot a few famous faces and voices that have cameo parts. Although it was really funny it did leave me thinking it was trying too hard to be ‘Blazing Saddles’.  Mind you I’ve seen Saddles so many times I can recite the script along with the actors!! AND it still makes me cry laughing.

Thursday – A tidy up of the freezer contents as hubby tends to chuck the shopping into any space he can find.

Friday – Ashley came today and as there was an Inset day at nursery we decided on a picnic at the wetlands. We got all packed up and made our way there.  We mentioned on the way there how quiet he was in the car and when we got to the wetlands he was quite unsteady on his feet and kept falling over – very disconcerting – we had a sit down on a bench and gave him a drink but he didn’t want it, nor would he eat anything. Then I heard his little tummy rumbling and thought ‘oh, oh, he’s going to hurl’.. I thought it best to get back home.  As soon as we got through the door he vomitted –  poorly boy. We got him washed off and changed and he promptly fell asleep.
We took him back home when he woke up and Daddy said he slept on and off for the rest of the day.

Saturday – waiting for the ‘terrible’ weather to hit us. The media have been reporting storms, floods and hail (quick call Noah!!) but we seem to have escaped it. I’m sat here with the sun streaming through the window and Hubby is sunning himself in the garden!

orange wednesday, gardens,

From top: 

  • Poorly boy. 😦
  • Big daisy at side of the road.
  • Orange Wednesday
  • Molly – refusing to come in – she’s afraid of the new door – hasn’t been inside the house for 6 days now. 
  • Rain drops on one of my conifers. 
  • Fox gloves – not mine sadly – these are in a local garden. 

Hope you’ve had a good week.
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Week 10 #Project365 – 2014

Bit of a weird week for me.  I hardly went out for a couple of days and didn’t take any photos until Wednesday.  I just couldn’t be arsed to be honest. I’m really struggling this year. I get fed up of posting photos of our area or my garden or just random photos. But then that’s what this is about isn’t it?

Anyway – My down points are the postman / woman’s visit almost every day. I’ve got to the point where I dread them coming and pushing yet another letter through for our son in Australia. His finances are pretty unsettled as he didn’t intend on staying there to begin with and now has to deal with his Credit Card and bank account via me taking photos of the letters and him trying to phone them taking into account the time difference!

We went to a Jobs Fair on Tuesday and I ended up speaking to a chap whose company is just setting up a call centre. I showed him my CV and he seemed impressed. I’ve done start-ups, writing Standard Operating Procedures, setting up new teams and I’m bloody good at it too! He said he was going to pass my CV on to the manager of the call centre and he would call me sometime Wed/Thurs. Did he? Did he heck!!! I’m now stuck as I didn’t pick up his business card so would look rather foolish calling the company and asking for ‘the chap that was at the job fair’! So that was another downer for the week!

Orange Wednesday was Non-Stop. It was a pretty good story but you do have to suspend belief at times. An air marshal that doesn’t like flying, most of the passengers are stereo types. Plus at one point it’s pointed out that he’s Irish so of course that means he must have been with the IRA right???

Thursday I went for a walk and it was good to get some photos in the sun, including the first ladybird!

Friday – MOT day for the car and so glad it passed with no issues.

Saturday – usual food shopping and picking up the weekend bargains in Lidl! Hubby was due to see Aussie Pink Floyd in Cardiff so we headed off mid afternoon. Had a walk around and a meal at ‘Spoons before heading off for the Motorpoint arena. He went there – I went to see 300 – Rise of an Empire. Another disappointing film – just how much blood actually comes out of a body that gets slashed by a blade?? The first 300 is a much better film.

sunshine, ladybird, park, cardiffPictures this week:

  • Sun streaming through our front window.
  • First ladybird
  • Cinema – 300 Rise of an Empire.
  • Hubby’s favourite shop – the bane of my life! I sit outside – I hate CD / DVD shops, bores me rigid.
  • Ivy berries in the sunshine.
  • Ashley in the park – spinning his favourite wheel and carrying the football, it wasn’t for kicking!
  • Cinema – Non Stop.

Crikey almost forgot — For all us girlies!!


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#Project365 36/52

I’ve had a good week this week, a slow start trying to catch up on competition entries and adding things to the ever expanding list for the big trip!! Two weeks and counting…

Wednesday was our busiest day, we went to Cardiff to stroll around the centre, Hubby went to the big CD shop as usual, I went for a coffee.  CD shops bore me rigid!!
We also had our first visit to Red Hot Buffet as a #redhottastemaker – you can read about it here if you wish.
We were going to follow the meal with a trip to the cinema but I forgot to take my Orange mobile with us – yes I have 2 mobiles.. the Orange one is a cheap £10 one and used for Orange Wednesdays.  So we had to return home to get the phone and go to the Cinema in Newport. We went to see Elysium and wasn’t overly impressed.

red hot buffet

The Red Hot Experience

Some readers may know that there is a new road being constructed between M4 Junction 23a and follows the old Llanwern Steelworks road down to Newport. They’ve been constructing for 18 months and it should have opened in April. When we came back from Cardiff and turned off on J23a (our junction) I noticed that the cones were gone, I checked the roadsign on Main Road and the bit that covered the word ‘Newport’ had been cleared off. The road was open!! It takes about 2 miles off the journey to our best friends house and about a mile off the journey to the cinema. Plus it’s a nicer road than the M4 to the Coldra and then along the Ringland Industrial road with all it’s roundabouts!

I’m sure the road will get busy when word spreads that it’s open but for now it’s locals and those that know!!

About a week ago I was emailed to say I had won an iPod Touch in the Butlins Making Memories competition.  The iPod came on Thursday with a hand written note. A lovely touch I thought. Oh and you can read my entry here – if you wish.

Ended the week with a visit to our best friends as we’ve not seen them for a couple of months due to working shift clashes. We came back with some toys for Ashley that Kev’s sister had passed to him for us. How very kind of her 🙂 Can’t wait to see his face tomorrow!

Toys, Letter, New Road

Toys, Letter, New Road

Oh yes and while putting his new CDs away he swapped the CDs in the car and we’ve been listening to Sterophonics – Graffiti on the Train which is bliddy excellent and also Crowded House Greatest – forgot how many good tunes they had. Drove him up the wall as I sing along with them all..HA HA>>

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#Project365 32/52

I’ve had a busy and exciting week.

You may already know that our youngest son is getting married in Australia in September and this week I’ve booked the flights. I’ve also booked accommodation on the Goldcoast for a couple of days before the wedding and a day after. Our plan then is to head down to Sydney and return to Brisbane for a couple of days to see son and wife before heading home.
We’ve learned our lesson with driving to Gatwick and having to drive back after a long flight.. this one is more than twice the flight time we’ve done in the past so there’s no way we’d drive back. We are going up on the train and staying overnight and also staying overnight on the return leg. The Premier Inn at Gatwick North was full but I managed to get a good deal at the Hilton on the South terminal.
The Aussie tourist visas are done so all we have to do now is decide what we want to see. I’ve got my old Travel Mags out and tagged pages with post-its.

Some more exciting news! I have been selected – with other bloggers – to take part in the Red Hot Buffet Tastemaker programme for the next year. I’m very excited and pleased that I was chosen.  I’ll be doing reviews so watch out for them!

Hubby applied for voluntary redundancy and has been accepted – the deal was more than we expected, not a fortune by any shake of any stick but will at least cover what he takes home per month at the moment. I’m still not sure if it’s a good or bad thing but we have to take into account that he’s 59 next year and always planned on retiring at 60 anyway. One good thing is that I can enter holiday competitions and not worry about whether he has enough holiday hours to cover it!!!

Today – Sunday – we’ve had Ashley and planned to go to Dyffryn Gardens with the National Trust voucher I have. But plans went awry when we missed the turn off for Culverhouse Cross and we ended up at Cardiff Bay. I usually like this area but today I was disappointed. It’s just full of restaurants and bars. The main plaza has been filled with a Summer Beach but a lot of this area is filled with fairground rides and stalls.  It just seems set up for people to make a quick buck.
Ashley had a bit of run around and found a big puddle near the tall fountain..that was it, he was in there! Shoes soaking wet..
We made our way back to the car and planned to go the Beefeater near Newport as I have a 30% off voucher. When we got there they couldn’t take food orders as the computer system was down. We headed off to another local pub and there was a 45 minute wait for food at that one! Do they have any idea what it’s like keeping a 2 and half year old occupied for 45 minutes without upsetting other customers?? Ah well off home then..beans on toast!!
They did a Summer Beach in Bristol a few years ago just off Redcliffe Way where ‘The Matthew’ used to be docked. It was lovely just a few stalls selling snacks and drinks, a big music stage and best of all a beach. Entrance was free, we used to go there for lunch whenever it was dry, take our own food and drink and sit in the deckchairs and put our feet in the sand. BLISS!!

Not many pictures this week. I took some on my mobile and thought they had auto transfered to Dropbox like they usually do and I deleted them before checking..they weren’t there. An update to the app meant I had to log in again and I hadn’t.. BUM!!

cardiff, plane trails, hanging baskets, This week we have:

Plane trails in the setting sun.

Hanging baskets on a house in the village. They are like this every year – although normally a bit more colourful.

Cardiff Bay – Classic cars, Ash cwtching Winne, and being rescued from the puddle!

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#Project365 29/52

It has been so hot this week. We all complain in the cold and long for some warm weather but when the temperature gets to more than 24 degrees that’s too hot for me.

I’ve been sticking to #FMSphotoaday and posting daily in Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I had to swap 2 days over this week as a delivery didn’t arrive in time for ‘Inspirational’

29-52 (4)

Click on the Red words for the full story.

Edible – Hubby’s after dinner snack

Outside the Window – Hubby in the sun

Bottle – Drunken Pimms!

Number – the number of flowers that make up a bloom

Inspirational – Some of my cookery books to give inspiration for a win of baking goodies

Building – Ashley building in confidence

Hot – my poorly Dragon Tree after hubby put it in the sun!

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#Project365 13/52

I couldn’t find much to photograph this week. It’s only week 13 and I’ve lost my mojo for most things…

I’m fed up of being out of work and not finding any job that takes my fancy. No matter how fed up I am, I’m not going to compromise and go back to working in a call centre on the phones. I would rather be jobless!!
I have applied for one job and the closing date is 2nd April so hopefully that will at least bring me an interview.

The garden is looking rather drab at the moment and not much has started to shoot – I had planned on taking some macros of spring shoots but Spring hasn’t sprung yet!!

On a happier note!  We went to Cardiff on Friday to look around for some accessories for my wedding outfit. I saw some red shoes in Next but a pity the heels were so high..I just can’t do heels any more! They some similar ones with a low wedge and I tried them on but one was too tight across my toes and the other was too loose.  Hubby found a lovely bag, a clutch that is white with black and red bands on 2 sides.  I had it in my hand on the way to the till and a sales girl asked me if I wanted to sign up to their newsletter and get £10 off an online spend. I asked what the minimum spend was and she said £15. MMM £10 of my bag if I buy it online – don’t mind if I do!
On the way to put the bag back on the shelf I was accosted by another sales girl with the same offer. I explained I had already done it and she smiled and said ‘oh dear, I only need another 2’. My mind raced ahead, I offered to fill in another using another email address so she could get closer to her quota..and I could get £10 off another online order!
When we got home I ordered my clutch bag and got £10 off – half price!!! Go Sue!! I also looked at the sale items and found a gold bag for £10 down from £25 and a leather kindle case for £8 down from £18. So registered on the site with hubby’s details to get £10 off them too. That made the god bag free!! Pictures to follow in next post!

We also looked after the grandson a couple of times. Once so his Mum and Dad could finalize arrangements for the reception and again on Saturday while Mummy was in work. He’s pleasure to have, always on the go and with lots of smiles and laughter. The happiest moments of my week.

Ashley trying to run away with Nan's iPod!

Ashley trying to run away with Nan’s iPod!

Ashley looking serious for once!

Ashley looking serious for once!

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Review of the year #Project366

I took part in #Project366 in 2012 and this is a flashback review of own personal favourites.

January- Trip to London and my favourite shot where the cranes and the Shard are rising into the air.
February-One of the many spiders in our garden.
March-Camilia after the rain.
April- Ashley ready for bed.
May-Monmouthshire-Brecon Canal, a lovely walk.
June-One of favourite spots in Cardiff. Memories of my childhood.
July-My favourite macro shot. Raindrops on the conifer.
August– Oldest son and his son.
September-My boys before the youngest went to Australia (news today that he’s now engaged to his Australia GF!)
October- Ashley – cheeky monkey.
November– Molly the cat!
December-Last shot of the year!

Review of 2012

Linking up to The Boy and Me – Flashback of 2012

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199/366 – 201/366 Trip to Roath Park

I’m having a bit of crisis at the moment with my photos! I managed to fill my memory card yesterday and swapped it for my spare. Now I can’t find the full one!! I knew I should have popped it in my camera case but I put it in my copious handbag and despite a good rummage I can’t find it.

You’ve missed out on a recipe for Pork and Apple pasties and a  seagull in full flight above our house yesterday. I have the recipe all written and drafted so will have to make some more if my memory card doesn’t turn up.

Fortunately I do have a copy of all the other photos but I’m feeling annoyed with myself for missing 2 days of the project. So although it’s breaking the #project366 rules (a little bit anyway) I’m going to post 3 from today so that I can keep on track.

We are looking after our grandson for the next 2 days whilst his Mummy and Daddy enjoys a break at Alton Towers.  As it was dry we decided to take him to Roath Park in Cardiff. It’s a lovely area with well laid gardens, a huge conservatory, a fenced off children’s playground and a lake with lots of waterfowl and birds.
Ashley loved playing on the swings and toddler equipment, he shouted and squealed and cried when we left. The geese by the lake are so used to humans they walk right up to you. We thought Ashley would be scared but he just squealed at them!


Squirrel – taken from about 3 feet away!

Geese that come right up beside you

Ashley having a little bounce whilst granddad keeps him steady!

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170/366 Cardiff for our Anniversary

Well the 18th June 2012 is our 35th Wedding Anniversary.  Our original plan was to go for an Indian Meal but I applied for and got free tickets to see the new Spiderman film premiere at Cineworld in Cardiff (you can read my review here)

Plans were changed and we went to Cardiff shortly after lunch to have a wander about. I’m also owed a birthday present from OH.  We parked in Adam Street and walked to St David’s Centre.  We walked through to The Hayes. OH has been after a Pink Floyd album called Oakland Live for ages and we decided to pop into Spillers Records in Morgan Arcade. Spillers is the oldest record shop in the world and if they couldn’t get him a copy then no-one will!! It was bad news though, there were only 300 copies ever made and it was a bootleg so the chances of finding one are pretty much zero!

170/366 Spillers Records – The oldest record shop in the world

We made our way back to The Hayes and went to the Island cafe. I can remember going here with my Mum and Nan when I was very young.  I hope it never leaves as I consider it an iconic place in Cardiff.

Hayes Island Cafe

We then wandered back to St David’s and came across a shop selling CD and DVDs at rock bottom prices. Places like this bore me rigid but OH can’t resist them. I sat on a bench outside while he browsed around.  He was taking ages and I went in to see what he had found, he had at least 6 CDs in his hand and had picked 2 Michael Buble ones for me. His first and his latest – but not the normal copy a Hollywood special 2 CD edition. Woo Hoo.. both for £5 now that’s what I call a bargain!

Opposite Hayes Island there is is statue of  Cliff (isn’t that what you can a man with a seagull on his head??)

We had an early dinner in the local Wetherspoons and went back to the car to drop off our bags. The area in the next piccie is being redeveloped it’s opposite Cineworld and close to the Motorpoint Arena. It’s surrounded by hoardings showing photographic work. Each picture is made up of smaller photos. I didn’t have time to see who it was by and thought I’d be able to find it on the internet but I’ve had a fruitless search..If you know leave me a comment!!

After dropping off our bags we walked back up to the cinema to see the film.
We had a lovely afternoon and evening. We still have the Indian meal to look forward to this evening!

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