#Project365 26/52

A quiet week for us. Other than the cinema and food shopping I’ve hardly been out. I tidied the garden, worked my way through more of our son’s belongings. There are 2 large boxes of clothes, including about 50 t-shirts! Some were taken to the charity shop and he’ll have to decide which others he wants to keep and we’ll take them with us when go ‘down under’ for the wedding.

I took advantage of the good weather and took some photos of the moon. I set up my mini tripod and turned off the outside lights. The first few shots were not good, I changed the auto settings and scene settings on the camera and still no joy. I popped back indoors and looked up how to take moon photos. I set my camera to manual and changed the settings as close as I could to what was recommended. The closer picture was the result. I’m really chuffed with it as my camera is not a DSLR. (I have a Panasonic TZ8 which is a classed as a Super Zoom Digital Camera).

We had a lovely time at our local park and Ashley sat on the roundabout on his own for the first time. Plus as Grandad was with it also meant we could have a proper go on the see-saw!
Ashley also loved dodging bubbles, he wouldn’t blow any but giggled when he saw them disappear!

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#Project365 5/52

I started the week by waking early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to go downstairs and read, the light coming through the blind seemed a bit odd and when I pulled them back I could see the moon shining. Right – time to try out my mini tripod! There was no way I was going outside in my PJs and dressing gown so I set up the camera on the window sill and took a few shots. One on auto and a few on shutter / aperture priority.. I’ve no idea which one the one below is but it was the best of a bad bunch..

On Monday we went to Cardiff looking for some new wardrobes and drawers for our dressing room (youngest son’s old bedroom!). We looked in a few stores but what we liked most was at the place that sells the Oak furniture. We weren’t sure of measurements so came home to decide which of the 2 ranges we liked would fit best.  They have an online presence so we bought 2 double wardrobes and 2 big 6 drawer chest of drawers. They are coming next week. I can’t wait and neither can OH, it will give us a good excuse to have a clear out!

Thursday on the way back from shopping we saw this big boat being hauled on the motorway. I hope who ever owns has a great time sailing in it..I’m a sucker for boats. A holiday isn’t a holiday until I’ve been on a boat!

Yesterday we had the grandson for a few hours. He loves playing with my iPod and phone. In the first picture he’s got my phone in his hands after passing me the iPod and grinning like a Cheshire cat ready for a picture.. little scamp!!
The second picture is a screen shot of music playing on my iPod.. grandson somehow took it! I didn’t even know it was possible to do!!

Popped back to update post!!  Forgot this one..a screen shot on Saturday evening of my blog stats.  Weird numbers!

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#Project366 Disaster this week

I could cry!

I have not posted any photos for over a week – (longer story!) I finally got my head together to do them this evening. I’ve taken some over the past week or so and even got one of the Moon and Jupiter! I took a few photos earlier for today and filled the storage card, so I deleted around 20 and took a few more shots.
I connected my camera to my laptop to transfer the photos and only one was showing, the Moon and Jupiter, all others taken in the past week would not display.
I disconnected my camera to look at them on it and none would display. Storage card completely corrupt!
I searched the internet for help but nothing worked to retrieve the lost pictures.
The only option was to reformat the card and start again.
I’ve lost all the photos since 25th November. I haven’t even got any on my phone..so 10 days now missing.
Lesson learned…clear photos off storage card after transferring them.

I’m gutted..the project has been hard work at times, but the finish line is in sight.
So it’ll be back to normal tomorrow..hopefully..

The Moon and Jupiter

The Moon and Jupiter

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