Week 2 #Project365 – 2015

Week 2 –

Sunday- Opened the Heston chocolates.  Just 12 in the box, not even the size of a teaspoon. They are quite nice but never worth the original selling price of £13.50. Glad I only paid £2!

Monday – A happy screen off the TV – series 4 of Suits starts on the 15th.. I can’t wait.

Tuesday- We went to the cinema to see Night at the Museum 3 – it was ok, quite funny but still want to beat the shite out of Gervais whenever his smug grinning  fizzhog comes on the screen! This was followed by a nice treat for me and hubby – a custard slice from Greggs – Gert Lush!!

Wednesday – Another bargain – Christmas gift tags from Sainsburys for 10p.

Thursday – A big parcel arrived, I was expecting a couple of advent wins and a small one from Early Learning but was so surprised when I opened it to find the same big box of ELC Soft Stuff that I bought Ashley for Christmas. I has lots of tools and moulds as well as lots of soft stuff. The one we had was missing the plunger for the tool that makes wiggly worms.
I asked ELC via Facebook if they could send the plungers. I couldn’t return the whole lot as we used it on Christmas Day. They checked my order and said they would sort it out. I was gobsmacked when I saw a total replacement just so we could have the plungers. How good is that!!

Friday – A visit from son and grandsons. Cleared the coffee table so that Ashley could play with his Soft stuff. He loved making ‘Agetti’ (spaghetti), he made lots of cut out animals and used the knifes and other tools. It’s lovely seeing him play with such imagination.

Saturday – My Bobbi Brown Advent prize – worth over £80!  I hardly ever wear makeup – I’m more of a wash/dry/moisturise and out the door person. I find that eyeshadows can be too bright and I’m hopeless at applying eyeliner!!
This lot came with a tips card – easy to follow and I think I’ll be more inclined to use it.


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That’s my week – hope you all had a good one too.

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Week 17 #Project365 – 2014

We spent Easter Sunday and Monday tidying the house and garden. Hubby cleaned the driveway with his pressure washer – not very exciting!!

On Wednesday we had a trip to Abergavenny, hubby had an appointment with a urology consultant at Neville Hall. I know he’s been worried for weeks about what he might get told but it was all good news. The likelihood of him having ‘the big C’ or anything serious is unlikely. He still has to have a blood test in a couple of months and provided the outcome of that is within expected levels all will be well.
On our journey there we were followed by a typical ‘white-van man’. Hubby was keeping to the speed limit but this idiot kept driving right up our chuff and even tried to undertake us on a roundabout. I decided to get my phone out and snap him. I had to wait for him to drop back a bit to be able to get his registration. I’ve sent a complaint to his company which has been passed to their transport manager.  Aggressive driving really gets my goat!
Before going to the hospital we spent some time walking around the town and had lunch in the local ‘spoons. I love that pubs serve tea and coffee. A cup to Tetley can’t be beaten (Well unless there’s vodka, tonic and lime involved!)

No Orange Wednesday this week due to the trip to Abergavenny.

On Thursday we had a visit from my son and Ashley.  A few weeks ago I gave them a photo-canvas that I won – a gorgeous picture from their ‘official’ photos. Well it transpires that the DIL doesn’t really like it despite it being one of my son’s favourite pictures, he told us that we can have it back. This made me rather upset – some of the regular #365 visitors may have seen my rant in our FB group. I loved the support you gave and some made me smile. 🙂 THANK YOU!

We were going to the cinema to see Wolf of Wall Street (Cineworld Take 2) but I really didn’t feel like going.

On Friday we had Ashley to look after. We went shopping to Morrisons and he’s rather keen now on following you around rather than sitting in the trolley. He did a good job at putting some useful items in but also added lots of cake, sweeties and toys – most of which we managed to put back!  As he’d been so good he was rewarded with a good tickle session!
After dropping him home I decided to tidy files on my laptop, clearing out temp internet files, old bookmarks, browser cache and running a full antivirus scan. Boring but necessary.

While we were walking around Asda living earlier I spotted a rather silly gadget – a banana slicer – FFS – what’s wrong with a knife or just eating it!

Off to the cinema to see The Other Woman – hubby thinks I need cheering up. Update – its really funny! Laugh out loud funny! Leslie Mann is hysterical and so over the top. Hubby thought Nikki Minaj had a big arse!

abeergavenny, gadgets,

  • Silly gadget
  • You want a post-it Nan?
  • Lovely cuppa!
  • The bone of contention 😦
  • We had to speed up to get far enough away to snap the registration (blurred out for this post!)
  • Getting ready for a tickle!


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Week 1 #Project365 – 2014

Here we are at the start of the third year. I’m going to do the same as last year. One post a week that will have one or more pictures taken during the week.

1st – Orange Wednesday – We decided to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It has some good funny moments but it’s also about making the most of your life. A film that makes you think about doing more with your own life. You can see some of plot line denouements from a mile away but still a film to enjoy – 8/10.

2nd – Hubby still poorly, he couldn’t concentrate on anything much today and didn’t have the energy to go dishwasher hunting. (Our current one has a broken catch and not worth repairing). He managed to get a late afternoon appointment at the Doctor’s and is now on anti-biotics. They are working well and he looks and feels a lot better.

3rd – We had Ashley for the day. This means Peppa Pig on constantly in the background. He bought his Koala with him and ended up lying on the floor cuddling the Koala and Winnie the Pooh. He also liked watching Nanna play Candy Crush!

4th – I’m fed up with our Roberts Dab radio in the kitchen, it only picks up one station and I can’t bear not having access to Radio 2. We popped out to look for one, Sainsburys had a Pure 1 for £60. I checked online and saw that Currys had the same for £55, I asked if they would price match and the answer was no.
We made our way to Currys but the radio was out of stock. No offer of ordering it for me, just a suggestion to order online myself – but that means paying delivery charge.. Grr..
Tesco is next door and they had the radio in stock but at £65, I asked them if they could price match either Sainsburys or Currys and again the answer was no.. Don’t these shops want my custom? FFS losing a sale for the sake of £5? I’ll be looking online later and will probably find a better price than all of them.

We took down the Christmas Decorations after lunch, the living room looks so much lighter now that the tree is down.

Week 1

Week 1

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