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Look at that we’re on the home straight now, 2 and bit more weeks of this year.

We’ve put the Christmas tree up,  placed a few decorations around the room and put the wreath on the front door.
The Christmas stash is looking good. – What’s a Christmas stash?? a kitchen cupboard filled with goodies, biscuits, posh cranberry sauce, nuts, chocolate, shortbread, jars of M&S salsa dip, M&S black olive breadsticks. (that’s what I remember at the moment). Christmas is one of the rare times I go to M&S food hall. I wait for them to have the biscuits and shortbread at half price.

I’ve also bought the Turkey crown and some bits and bobs to have for a buffet supper (or ‘pick’ as it’s known in our house – because you pick the food..)
The Christmas puds are made and are stored in the salad box in the fridge. So we are nearly ready now. Last few pressies to get and then the fight on Christmas Eve eve to get fresh veggies.

Christmas Decorations Some of my decorations. Top row: A fluffy ball, a wire angel, one of my Selfridges glass droppers, the wreath I made last year.
Bottom row: A dangler I made from spare baubles and beads, Portuguese Santa and vase of more spare baubles,  fat little elf and a Merry Christmas bauble.

After the failed job interview last week I was offered some feedback and although I was dreading it, it wasn’t so bad. They had a few internal applicants and some from the branch network who all had more current knowledge of products than I have.
I also need to think more of the STAR mnemonic (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when providing my examples as on a couple of them I didn’t say what the result was. She was impressed with my presentation.

50-52 (2)Above – My Christmas tree, dangler in Newport, my bargain page a day diary 2014 (£1 in Card Warehouse), just how close does a child have to get to the TV??

Saturday bought around a reminder that it is a year since Kerry – Multiple Mummy passed away. She was one of the first bloggers I followed and I loved the way she wrote, full of joy and smiles.  I can’t imagine what it’s been like for Nick and the children but it was lovely to see his post with the video in it showing that they have coped so well.
I also read this post by Fi at Childcare is Fun. We all need to be reminded that we need love and joy in our lives. AND talking of love and joy – I’ll have to tell you about some joy – I was having such a good time I never thought about getting the camera out!!
I was trying to get this drafted, I was sat on my (now almost flat) beanbag, legs under the coffee table and Ashley was watching Peppa. He decided he would rather climb on Nanna. He climbed onto my lap and stood up, I held his arms, lifted him up and dumped him on the sofa behind me. He started laughing, got off the sofa and climbed on my lap again, he was tossed onto the sofa again. This went on for 5 or 6 times each time the laugh got bigger, I had tears of laughter streaming down my face and Ash was laughing so much he was forgetting to breathe! He may be a handful at times but he brings such joy and love into our lives.

Cherish what you have – Hugs to you all.

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It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas – #Project366

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas, the Cocoa Cola and John Lewis adverts have been on TV for a few weeks now.
The neighbours have got their outside lights up  and the shops are full of Christmassy goodies.

This week has been spent sorting through the decorations and deciding just how many baubles the tree will take.  I usually put around 50 or 60 on it but this year will be quite a few more. Last January I bought 2 boxes of 50 baubles in a sale reduced from £10 to 99p! What a bargain! I’ve been busy threading them up as they didn’t come ready for the tree.

I’ve done some Christmas shopping and wrapped some presents.  The tree looks awesome with about 120 or more baubles on. There are still a few gaps to fill and I’ll be threading a few more baubles later – I still have about 50 left. Continue reading

#Project366 Last Week

Ok here I am again catching up!

It’s a busy time of year if you are a ‘Comper’ – December heralds the onset of Advent Competitions. OMG there are loads of them! You have to be pretty ruthless and choose the ones you want to enter but also remember that the ones needing effort are more likely to have low entry levels so this type are always worth doing!!
My spreadsheet is listing over 200 daily competitions at the moment and there are also the ‘normal’ competitions to get on with too.. Plus all the lovely high value ITV ones!

My general mood at the moment is improving greatly after a rather testing 2 weeks. It all kicked off when looking for a present for YS who is in Australia and it’ll be the first christmas we’ll not be seeing him. His brother (oldest son) is missing him so much – they are very close- and it upset me to know that he too wanted him home for Christmas.  I really thought I was heading down that dark depression road again but I’m managing to hold it off at the moment.

I know some people go very long times not seeing their loved ones, either because they are now living away or in the forces. For whatever reason I hope your loved ones are safe and well and you’ll get to see them soon.

Here is a selection from the past week.
340/366 Grandson after rummaging my handbag and finding my sunglasses.
341/366 Do I have enough Fudge.. to be fair that’s one for OS, one for YS and one for us!!
342/366 Tempted to dangle a few baubles on this tree in the garden!
343/366 Some berries on a pyracanthus.
344/366 Hubby decided to give the freezer a wipe out and dropped the top drawer..new one on its way!
345/366 Astounded when I saw these tiny daffodils in planter outside the local pub, in flower in December!!
346/366 Koala keyring arrived today along with pressies for hubby and me. All the way from Oz!

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