#Project365 37/52

What a mixed up week. We looked after Ashley on Sunday and although he was his usual happy chappy self he also had a cold.

On Monday I went through our list of ‘to do’ things before the Big Trip.  The list gets longer!! I also ordered a lovely red shirt tunic that I’ll probably wear for the wedding ceremony. Also deciding what to see and where to go in Brisbane and Sydney. We want to pack in as much as we can.

I had to go to the doctors for a routine blood test on Tuesday and also went for a walk. I hadn’t gone very far and felt really tired and weak, Oh Dear … I was coming down with Ashley’s cold. By the afternoon I was fit for nothing and it was the same on Wednesday. By Thursday the sore throat had gone and I was feeling much better. I still have a cough but I suppose better to have it now than this week and be ill to travel. 🙂


Sunlight through insect eaten dock leaf.

Ashley and Grandad – all fuzzy they are shaking heads in tune to Peppa Pig theme tune!!

Lovely juicy blackberries.

Flowers in a neighbours garden.

flowers, blackberries

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4 comments on “#Project365 37/52

  1. Erica Price says:

    What lovely flower pictures this week! You must be starting to get very excited about your trip now.

  2. jenny paulin says:

    cant believe how soon your trip to Oz is eeeek not long to go now! Glad your cold did not come to much – you cannot afford to be too ill now
    we love singing the Peppa Pig theme song too! and you took some lovely floral shots x

  3. TheBoyandMe says:

    What a wonderful dahlia!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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