Week 19 #Project365 – 2014

A rather busy week for us, trips out, cooking, cinema and looking after Grandson.

Sunday – A trip to the Wetlands for a long walk. It amazes me that you can turn one way and see the Severn Estuary with boats sailing by and you can turn 180 degrees and see Uskmouth Power station and pylons.

The Bull Rush sculpture is in the car park and although we’ve been here several times I’d never noticed it before.  After our walk we drove the few miles to Goldcliff and sat on the sea wall to eat our lunch. It’s the closest thing we have to a beach in Newport!!

After our jaunt to the Wetlands I made some Spare Ribs for tea (dinner).


newport wetlands, goldcliffe seawall

Monday – A day trip to Roath Park with Oldest Son and Grandson – I’ve linked up our exploits with Coombe Mill’s #Countrykids

Tuesday – a day of rest!

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was Bad Neighbours – a rude, crude reasonably funny film about a couple whose neighbours are a fraternity of lewd, drunken yobs. It all gets a bit messy and rather silly. It was ok…to be honest the trailer was quite good as I don’t mind a bit of mindless stupid humour but the film itself just goes on and on. There wasn’t enough ‘belly’  laughs or LOL moments.

Also on Wednesday we had Ashley from late afternoon and he stayed overnight with us as Mummy and Daddy went out for their anniversary. He was no trouble at all, off to bed at 7am and we didn’t hear a peep out of him until he ambled into our bedroom for a cuddle at nearly 7am the next morning.
He’s a greedy boy at breakfast, devouring porridge followed by toast and some dried prunes – he loves them.

Thursday – Quick shopping trip for some fresh food and a few bottles of alcoholic Dandelion & Burdock – who knew this existed?? No neither did I until I saw it on Olivers Madhouse Instagram feed. Oh and it’s bloody lush..

Friday – Looking after Ashley again until it was time for nursery, he scoffed a ham sandwich, half a scone, a banana and half an apple for his lunch. Then washed it all down with some warm milk (he doesn’t do cold drinks at all)

Saturday – a quick visit to the MIL and back home to catch up with blogging!

steak, orange Wednesday, drink, food,

From top:

  • Spare ribs – RECIPE
  • yummy steak last Saturday evening- Tomato and Pepper Sauce RECIPE
  • cinema
  • balance bike fun at Roath Park
  • lush alcohol – hic!,
  • Healthy appetite / greedy boy!


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Bank Holiday outing #Countrykids

Who can resist going out on Bank Holiday when the forecast is dry?  Yes, you’ll have the traffic to contend with and trouble parking but it’s usually worth it!

So as it was forecast dry we invited my son and grandson to a trip to Roath Park in Cardiff. (DIL was working!) I made up a picnic to take with us and we headed off with the balance bike, picnic, teddy, toy cat and ball in tow! We found a parking spot and headed to the park.

We’ve been to Roath Park many times, it’s great for everyone, gardens, greenery, paths, kids playground and the lake with all it’s wildlife.

Ashley rode his balance bike, he’s still very slow on it so please don’t all shout that he should be wearing a helmet… I know.. Daddy is getting him one!!

We took some stale bread to feed to the ducks, geese and swans. Ashley held some out for the swans but when they came near he dropped it.

We headed over to the playground, it was very busy, Hubby took Ashley up to the big slide and he insisted on going down head first! At the bottom he shouted ‘again’ so his daddy took him back up. He also liked bouncing on the jiggly see-saw – well until he saw his bike! He climbed on and we were off again!

roath park

We found a nice spot and a bench to have our lunch then headed off to a bit of lawn to have a kick about but Ashley was having none of it. Now that he can control the bike on his own there was no getting him off.

We had a lovely few hours at the park – sunshine and fresh air!

What were you up to over the Bank Holiday? If you were out and about why not link up:


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

#Project365 29/52

It has been so hot this week. We all complain in the cold and long for some warm weather but when the temperature gets to more than 24 degrees that’s too hot for me.

I’ve been sticking to #FMSphotoaday and posting daily in Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I had to swap 2 days over this week as a delivery didn’t arrive in time for ‘Inspirational’

29-52 (4)

Click on the Red words for the full story.

Edible – Hubby’s after dinner snack

Outside the Window – Hubby in the sun

Bottle – Drunken Pimms!

Number – the number of flowers that make up a bloom

Inspirational – Some of my cookery books to give inspiration for a win of baking goodies

Building – Ashley building in confidence

Hot – my poorly Dragon Tree after hubby put it in the sun!

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#Project365 week 29 day 5 – Building

Today we were looking after our Grandson again and had planned on taking him to Dyffryn House near Cardiff but to be honest the weather has been so hot we just didn’t fancy walking around in the heat. So the plans changed it was a toss up between Roath Park in Cardiff – lovely big lake which always seems to produce a breeze, good play area for Ashley and leisurely walks. The other choice for the day was the Forest of Dean, good for car rides and walks along shady paths.  We decided to go to Roath Park as there would be more for Ashley to take part in.

Since our last visit the childrens play area has been updated and Ashley loved playing on the adventure tower that resembled a boat. There is one part where you have to walk down a slope with little bars on it (like the flat steps you get when you go on a ship). He wasn’t very keen but after seeing another little boy do it, he walked down on his own. He gave himself a big clap!  The slope led down to the ship wheel – that’s one of his favourite things, he stood there for ages spinning it!
After the playground we took a walk around the lake – it’s a full mile all the way around. Lots of the birds, ducks, geese and swans walk in front of you they are so used to humans – they come right up close to you. Ashley couldn’t get enough of them, trying to lure them in for a tap on the head!

We had to stop several times for a cool down – the temperature was close to 28 degrees (82F ) Ashley had a little run ahead and loved having a cold drink. His confidence is building all the time. (oh see what I did there!! )

Ashley building in confidence!

Ashley building in confidence!

The photos below:

  • The lake, it really is big and has lots of wildlife around it. Wouldn’t you like to live overlooking it?
  • A Canada Goose that managed to get away from Ashley!
  • The wind was blowing the seed heads from one of the trees. I changed the settings several times on the camera to try to capture them.
  • A cheeky robin bobbed along while we were sitting under a shady tree while Ashley was having a nap. That really is how close it came!
The lake and wildlife

The lake and wildlife

Linking up to Country Kids with Coombe Mill.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

199/366 – 201/366 Trip to Roath Park

I’m having a bit of crisis at the moment with my photos! I managed to fill my memory card yesterday and swapped it for my spare. Now I can’t find the full one!! I knew I should have popped it in my camera case but I put it in my copious handbag and despite a good rummage I can’t find it.

You’ve missed out on a recipe for Pork and Apple pasties and a  seagull in full flight above our house yesterday. I have the recipe all written and drafted so will have to make some more if my memory card doesn’t turn up.

Fortunately I do have a copy of all the other photos but I’m feeling annoyed with myself for missing 2 days of the project. So although it’s breaking the #project366 rules (a little bit anyway) I’m going to post 3 from today so that I can keep on track.

We are looking after our grandson for the next 2 days whilst his Mummy and Daddy enjoys a break at Alton Towers.  As it was dry we decided to take him to Roath Park in Cardiff. It’s a lovely area with well laid gardens, a huge conservatory, a fenced off children’s playground and a lake with lots of waterfowl and birds.
Ashley loved playing on the swings and toddler equipment, he shouted and squealed and cried when we left. The geese by the lake are so used to humans they walk right up to you. We thought Ashley would be scared but he just squealed at them!


Squirrel – taken from about 3 feet away!

Geese that come right up beside you

Ashley having a little bounce whilst granddad keeps him steady!

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