Week 20 #Project365 – 2015

Here’s how my week panned out:

Sunday – After having supper with our friends on Saturday they gave me some some flowers for my birthday. They look very bright on the kitchen window sill.

Monday – Had a win of £100 cheque. WOO!! Spend some of it on some new canisters for the kitchen. We already had the biscuit barrel in this range so bought the Tea, Coffee, sugar and the bread crock to go with it.
I’m debating using the rest to buy my own web domain and go self-hosted.  Quite like the idea of soosie.wales, what do you think??

Tuesday – Had Ashley for the morning before dropping him off at nursery. He has new glasses but he still wears them half way down his nose!!
Later in the afternoon we went to the cinema to see Big Game, a good Action/Adventure romp with Samuel L. Jackson playing a US president who gets shot down over Finland and his only hope for survival is a young Finnish boy on a ‘rights of passage’ expedition. It’s good fun and would make a good half term film for (probably) junior school kids.
Oh did I tell you it’s now Meerkat Movies?? I managed to get a full year of 2-4-1 via Compare the Market by buying a one day UK travel insurance for £2.67!! A bit of a loophole that many have taken advantage of!! Thanks to Money Saving Expert!!

Wednesday – usual work day.

Thursday – spent the day catching up on SKY+ and watching films as the weather was so bad. It rained all day!

Friday – Today was my birthday. A couple of cards and well wishes on Facebook. My friend in work bought me a summery scarf and lovely coaster that is hand decorated by one of the ladies that works in another department at the store.

Saturday – Food shopping, visit to MIL, quick catch up on email. Off out tonight for my birthday.

soosie wales, #project365


  • Flowers from my friend.
  • Ashley being a good boy.
  • New kitchen canisters.
  • Pretty personalised coaster.
  • My birthday Google page (ok I did’t actually take this one as such… screen grab!)

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Week 13 & 14 #Project365 – 2015

This is a 2 week catch up again. I must admit that in week 13 I really struggled. Other than photos of the grandsons I had very little to share. A few photos of hedgerows and things I’ve taken pictures of before so I felt rather deflated and defeated.

I’ve made more of an effort this week.

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Week 12 #Project365 – 2015

This week I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do full time hours any longer. I’ve been working extra hours this week and I seem to havec had no time to do anything! I’m absolutely shattered!

Sunday – Back to work. Managed to finish on time and did a bit of shopping as there was nothing fresh in the house. Had a few bargains, Turkey breast fillets reduced to £1 from £5 and some pork ribs for £1 reduced from £4.

Monday – Day off – Catching up on Corrie and Suits followed by a quick visit to Mother Outlaw.

Tuesday – working but managed to get done by 1pm. Had a visit from son and the grandsons. Theo is now rolling but gets frustrated at not being able to crawl.
Ashley wasn’t himself, he kept asking to go wee but didn’t go. After about 3 attempts he said it hurts and got quite upset, ahh poor boy. A call to the doctor resulted in an emergency appointment. He has an infection on his winkie, a bit cream sorted it out.

Wednesday – working, took it slow today as I knew I’d have to wait for the ‘money man’.
In the afternoon I caught up with emails. I also had a nice surprise, when I put my Nexus7 on to charge it updated and the camera on it now works again. It stopped a couple of months ago after a bug on the last update.

Thursday – Day off. Hubby had to go to the hospital for a small op under local anesthetic. We did a quick weekly shop on way back home.
He was told to do nothing but rest – that called for a relax in the sunny garden.

Friday – Back to work. I had try to stretch 2 hours work last for 7 hours. My Friday doing admin is so boring…
Plus I missed the eclipse..no windows in the office.
Back home by 2:30pm. The Electrician came to fit new smoke alarms. Did I tell you they were both beeping when we came back from holiday..replaced batteries to avail so had to turn them off at the fuse box. They were 20 years old so due to fail I suppose!

Saturday – work again and it didn’t go too smoothly after the person who did the processing on Friday made a mistake with the cash float which took me a hour to sort out. Then, when I tried adding the figures to the system it refused..She had also not completed the End of Day processing..another half hour wasted. GRRR….
The 6am starts this week took their toll and I fell asleep within half hour of getting home!
I woke about 4pm and couldn’t be bothered even turning the laptop on.
Watched TV and was in bed at 10pm.  Not like me..I’m usually still up at midnight!


  • Relaxing in the garden.
  • A charity shop bargain – teddy is brand new and was only £1.
  • Camelia bursting to flower.
  • New smoke alarm.
  • It’s now light enough at 5:45am to see across the car park.

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Week 36 #Project365 – 2014

Well it looks like the second grandchild will be along any day. The midwife has informed the DIL that everything looks fine. She’s getting a few twitches and pains … Ashley still thinks she’s having a cat!!

SUNDAY – We had Ashley for the day and we went to the local park. He liked pushing me on the roundabout and I managed to get a good shot of him on the swing. His speech is coming along but he kept grabbing our hands and saying ‘Go tet’ … we had no idea until we got to the park and he sat on the bench and shouted ‘go tet’ … ah ‘Go sit’ right gotcha!!!

MONDAY – Popped to Newport to get both my watches fixed. One battery and one new strap.  Lots of police about keeping Newport safe – must have been pretty boring just standing about all day.

TUESDAY –  Went to friends for supper and drinks. They bought me some flowers to congratulate me on getting the job.

WEDNESDAY – Orange Wednesday – Let’s be Cops.  A comedy about two layabouts who dress as cops for a party and get mistaken for the real thing. They get mixed up with the local hoodlums and real cops as they keep pretending to be cops. It sounds a bit daft but it was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Very funny and quite moral for an American film.

THURSDAY – NATO Summit in full swing. Lots of helicopters flying over the area for the past few days.  Did you know it was the biggest security exercise ever in the UK? It gave great exposure to Wales and Newport – perhaps Americans will realise there are places outside of London…
I’m really proud for UK and Wales that it all went off without any problems. Hopefully it’ll generate some good trade and tourism for the UK and Wales.

FRIDAY – A bit of deadheading of the hanging baskets – I’ve been pretty lax with the photos of my baskets this year.. as you see they are still going strong!

SATURDAY – I won some Converse shoes a few weeks ago and I don’t care that I’m a granny wearing them. They are LUSH!!

soosie wales, nato, converse, garden, park, orange wednesday,

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Week 31 #Project365 – 2014

Slow and quiet week for us. Didn’t go far and didn’t do very much.

Sunday – A second night of the neighbour’s security light shining through our windows and coming on at the slightest breath of air. He put it up on Friday and then went away on Saturday.. fortunately he came back on Sunday afternoon. Hubby popped over to tell him about the light and he was up and down the ladders from around 9;30 until 11pm! He eventually got the timer right and pointed the light down.. Phew thank goodness!!

Monday – a visit to the hospital for Hubby for a routine test.

Tuesday – a tidy up and washed the kitchen down. Cooker, cabinets, tiles, worktops, floor all done. Takes some time to do (I have a BIG kitchen!)
I made Toad in Hole for tea and was impressed with how much it rose.. looked more like toad in the sinkhole!! The dish is about 2 inches deep and it was easily 3 to 4 inches above the rim!

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was Hercules. Some of the reviews were mixed, saying it couldn’t make up it’s mind if it’s an action film or a comedy. I could see what they meant, it is full of action but there are some funny lines that cut through the drama. At first it feels unnecessary but it just becomes part of the film.  On the whole it is an enjoyable romp.

Thursday/Friday trundled about the house, catching up on competitions and reviewing our finances. BORING!!!

Saturday – A celebratory lunch out with our best friends. From the first day they moved to their new house, nearly two years ago, they’ve been pestered in one way and another by their neighbours and it all resulted in a court case and an ASBO being granted against the neighbours. If it had been happening to us I’d have been sectioned by now!

soosie wales, flowers, #365

Above – Flowers in the garden, Orange Wednesday, Toad in the Hole, Bright light. 

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Week 25 #Project365 – 2014

Had a good week all told..

Sunday – Monday just pottering about tidying the house and garden. The climbing hydrangea is almost in full bloom now.

Tuesday – Noticed the Sold sign going up on a neighbour’s house. This delights me immensely. Although we’ve never had much to do with them, they think they are a cut above. #snobbybitch.

Wednesday – Our wedding anniversary – 37 years!! We lived it up by going to the cinema to see Edge of Tomorrow followed by a couple of drinks (non-alcoholic for him!) at the local ‘spoons then on to Pizza Express. Yea!! we know how to celebrate!!

The film is the new Tom Cruise one and we only went to see it as there was nothing else on offer. I’ve read mixed reviews and wasn’t sure that I’d be able to follow the story. Its a science fiction version of Groundhog Day, he has to learn how to defeat the Omega alien. It moves at a good pace and you genuinely feel the sense of hopelessness when he realises he’s going to the ‘front’.  As with most films there are plot holes and inaccuracies but you put them aside – the main one for me was that these aliens came to earth 5 years ago and they spread across Europe but hadn’t reached the UK?? Really?? these aliens could kick some serious ass..
The ending is a bit odd too, I guess you have to come to your own conclusion of how it resolves.
As with all US films though it was an American that won the war!!

Thursday – just the usual shopping and a quick visit from son and Grandson – the Winnie photo was taken by GS with my help.

Friday – Playing with Ashley in the garden – on his bike of course!  When he arrived he wanted to see the photos on my phone, so you’ll see Gaddy watching Peppa and Ashley looking at photos!! Cheeky monkey also likes to run around with my phone case as he likes to tear the velcro open and closed.. if it makes him happy…eh..
His ‘baddie’ is healing nicely – it’ll leave a scar but at least his fringe will cover it. Thank you all for your concern last week. 🙂

Saturday – you’ll have to wait for today’s – I’ve left my handbag at the MIL’s – GRR… I’m not making a special journey just to pick it up.


winnie the pooh, orange wednesday, flowers, play

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Week 23 #Project365 – 2014

Sunday – A visit to Cefn Onn Park in Cardiff. We’ve not been here for years – not since our boys were young – so over 20 years! It’s lovely this time of year as the park has a huge collection of Rhododendrons of all colours! We had planned on taking a picnic but Hubby thought we could have lunch out.
After our walk around the park we drove to a pub we saw on the way there but we were out of luck, they were busy and couldn’t get us a table for over an hour.  We got back in the car and had a chat and decided to make our way back to Newport and the local Toby.  You can’t beat a good roast with LOTS of veg!

cefn onn park

The many colours of Cefn Onn Park

Monday/Tuesday – just local walks – nothing exciting.

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was ‘A Million ways to Die in the West’. A comedy set in the old west, full of slapstick, crudity, silliness. Lots of belly laughs and good to spot a few famous faces and voices that have cameo parts. Although it was really funny it did leave me thinking it was trying too hard to be ‘Blazing Saddles’.  Mind you I’ve seen Saddles so many times I can recite the script along with the actors!! AND it still makes me cry laughing.

Thursday – A tidy up of the freezer contents as hubby tends to chuck the shopping into any space he can find.

Friday – Ashley came today and as there was an Inset day at nursery we decided on a picnic at the wetlands. We got all packed up and made our way there.  We mentioned on the way there how quiet he was in the car and when we got to the wetlands he was quite unsteady on his feet and kept falling over – very disconcerting – we had a sit down on a bench and gave him a drink but he didn’t want it, nor would he eat anything. Then I heard his little tummy rumbling and thought ‘oh, oh, he’s going to hurl’.. I thought it best to get back home.  As soon as we got through the door he vomitted –  poorly boy. We got him washed off and changed and he promptly fell asleep.
We took him back home when he woke up and Daddy said he slept on and off for the rest of the day.

Saturday – waiting for the ‘terrible’ weather to hit us. The media have been reporting storms, floods and hail (quick call Noah!!) but we seem to have escaped it. I’m sat here with the sun streaming through the window and Hubby is sunning himself in the garden!

orange wednesday, gardens,

From top: 

  • Poorly boy. 😦
  • Big daisy at side of the road.
  • Orange Wednesday
  • Molly – refusing to come in – she’s afraid of the new door – hasn’t been inside the house for 6 days now. 
  • Rain drops on one of my conifers. 
  • Fox gloves – not mine sadly – these are in a local garden. 

Hope you’ve had a good week.
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Week 21 #Project365 – 2014

Quite a busy week for us this week.

Sunday – our friends came for supper and bought me some lovely flowers. We usually have a takeaway but I decided to make some fajitas (I use my own spice/herb mix too!). We all got quite messy eating them.

Monday – the new doors were fitted. They both look really good and I was amazed at how bright the kitchen feels now with a white door rather than the wood one that we used to have.
The cat doesn’t know what to make of the new back door though..she sneaks up to it like it’s going to bite her and needs encouragement to come in an out of it.. Stupid cat… she also did a poop  in the house even though the back door was open.. Dirty girl…

On Tuesday Hubby decided to trim the conifers. This meant me putting on sturdy shoes to stand on the bottom of the ladder to balance it. Shortly after the picture was taken he refilled the fuel tank and got the mix slightly wrong and the clipper ran on after he stopped it and he caught his leg as moved to step down off the ladder. Thankfully it was only a pinch which resulted in a bruise. He was lucky he had jeans and overalls on.

We didn’t go to the cinema this week as there was nothing we really fancied watching. We watched X-Men First Class from the Sky planner instead. Curled up on the sofa with a bottle of Hoopers and some sweeties. – the strawberry Hoopers tasted nice to start with but got quite sickly.. not as lush as the Dandelion and Burdock..

Thursday – I almost missed the postie. I popped out to the garage and when I came back the dreaded red card was on the mat!! I looked down the lane and could see the posties van so flagged her down as she passed. In the parcel was the complete series of 24 that I won from TalkTalk on twitter. I have to get hubby into this!!

Friday – Grandson for the morning and he was on the go as usual.  The pictures here are 2 of many I took when he seized my camera and started pulling faces. He then climbed all over me and I kept taking snaps of him. Exhausting but a lot of fun.

No picture today – oh dear… I took one in the car of some idiot on the motorway but I couldn’t have tapped the screen as it wasn’t on my phone when we got home. Perhaps I was concentrating more on staying alive… the idiot pulled out in between 2 other cars and almost caused a pile up. We had watched him weaving for a while – that’s why I had the phone camera ready!

garden, flowers,


Hope you’ve all had a good week.

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Week 16 #Project365 – 2014

This week has been pretty quiet. On Monday we decided to go out for a drive but only got as far as Chepstow. We had a good wander about and sat by the river in the glorious sunshine with a coffee. We also had a sneaky beer in ‘Spoons too..


Chepstow Bridge – gateway to England. 
Rowing boats stranded on the bank.
Chepstow Castle 
Chepstow Castle from across the river, 
Glorious blossom on the trees. 

Our local wetlands were featured on the BBC this week – perhaps you saw it on the One Show – featuring the re-introduction of water voles at Magor Marsh.

magor marsh

When we went there this week we didn’t see any water voles but did see where they had put boxes for them to hide away. The only wildlife we saw were swans. A part of the marsh that was closed last time we were there has been reopened. They had to clear out a part of the reen in readiness for the water voles. The large tree at the bottom of the picture looks like it has old nests in it but it’s actually big clumps of mistletoe. The yellow flower is a Marsh Marigold.

camelia, railway, bakestones, welshcake,

My poor camelia is looking rather forlorn. After bursting into flower 6 weeks early the recent cold snap halted the rest of the buds coming out and they are all slowly dying off. It’s such a shame as it’s rather magnificent when it’s in full flower.
Another bridge – this one across the local railway line.
Orange Wednesday – Spiderman 2 – full of action – a great film for half term!

Welsh cakes (or bakestones as I’ve always called them) made using catsyellowdays recipe. I’ve always used my nan’s recipe which makes them more like pastry but these had a softer texture. They were gone in no time especially after my brother snaffled a few!

The fence – this is now around the perimeter of the local playing field. Why?? because the local infant/junior school use it. We’ve lived here for nearly 20 years and there has never been the need for a barrier to stop the public using a public space..but because the school is beside it it is now deemed a no go area. Orginally the path through was going to be closed whilst the school was open but as a compromise the path closes when the children are using it at lunch time.
What sort of world are we living in when it’s been ok for god only knows how long but ‘just in case’ someone ‘may’ want to look at a child playing it’s now out of bounds. It makes me so sad to think the world has come to the idea that everyone has peado tendencies.

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#Project365 37/52

What a mixed up week. We looked after Ashley on Sunday and although he was his usual happy chappy self he also had a cold.

On Monday I went through our list of ‘to do’ things before the Big Trip.  The list gets longer!! I also ordered a lovely red shirt tunic that I’ll probably wear for the wedding ceremony. Also deciding what to see and where to go in Brisbane and Sydney. We want to pack in as much as we can.

I had to go to the doctors for a routine blood test on Tuesday and also went for a walk. I hadn’t gone very far and felt really tired and weak, Oh Dear … I was coming down with Ashley’s cold. By the afternoon I was fit for nothing and it was the same on Wednesday. By Thursday the sore throat had gone and I was feeling much better. I still have a cough but I suppose better to have it now than this week and be ill to travel. 🙂


Sunlight through insect eaten dock leaf.

Ashley and Grandad – all fuzzy they are shaking heads in tune to Peppa Pig theme tune!!

Lovely juicy blackberries.

Flowers in a neighbours garden.

flowers, blackberries

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