#Project365 week 28 day 1 – Path

Monday morning is always a busy time for me. First check Facebook for any message or update from my son in Australia, then it’s a quick few minutes on Twitter to say hello to the early birds – they know who they are!!

Breakfast and a cup of tea while I catch up with news headlines on breakfast TV, then it’s switched off and the laptop put on.

I start with the job hunt – if I didn’t start with it I’d never do it.  On Mondays this takes around 2 to 3 hours. Trawling through job sites, recruitment agencies, company websites, LinkedIn and sending emails to some contacts.  A lot of work for little reward.

During the afternoon I generally read some blogs, catching up on linkys that I’ve joined and commenting on them or at least clicking on the like button! Then it’s time for competitions – did I mention I’m a competition addict? Sure I have mentioned in previous posts!!

Well today that all went to pot!! I manged to get online early but by the time I fired up the laptop the internet would not connect, tried on my phone too but to no avail.
The router would have to be rebooted, only thing is that’s in the bedroom and Hubby was in bed sleeping after working nights.
It was 8am and he wouldn’t be up much before 12:30.
So what do I do?? I did some of the jobs I was putting off – ironing, clearing out paperwork, waxed the dining table and chairs and tied up some of the plants in the garden.

It was when I was walking down the side of the house that I remembered today’s theme is PATH. So here’s the path at the side of my house and the shadow of the gate.

Day 8 Path

Day 8 Path

Oh and the internet connection?? All ok after a reboot of the router.. thank goodness.