#Project365 week 27 day 3 – Cold

Today’s photo is my take on COLD.

This is my lovely cashmere pashmina that I bought in Portugal a few years ago. It used to hang on the back of my chair when I was still in work. It was great for when the air-con made my little corner cold.

27-52 (3)

I tuck it in my suitcase (along with my best blue one) for holidays, great for those chilly evenings.

Now it sits on the top of my sofa and I use it when the temperature drops in the evenings or during colder days in the house when my arms are cold and I can’t be bothered to get a cardigan or sweater!

When we go to the cinema – usually for ‘Orange Wednesday’*- I always drop it over my shoulder because no matter what the weather or time of year our local Cineworld is freezing..no matter which of the theatres you are in!

So there you have it – my idea of what cold is!

*for those not in the UK – Orange Wednesday is an offer that you can get from your mobile provider. You send a text, they send you a code and you redeem it for a 2-4-1 cinema ticket.  Bargain!!