Week 3 #Project365 – 2015

Not an exciting week to start with.  No visit from the grandsons as Ashley is now back in nursery – hopefully see them tomorrow or Monday.

Usual work and food shopping and a few short walks when it wasn’t raining.

On Wednesday I worked out which days I could take as holiday. I have nearly 20 hours to use up before the end of March. I’ve now booked some days off for Hubby’s birthday and tagged an extra day onto my week in March.
Last year I won a week hotel stay in Cyprus and have booked to go in March. We are both very excited to be having a good holiday. The only downer is flying from Gatwick as there are no local flights to Larnaca.

We also did Orange Wednesday for the first time in ages!! We saw Taken 3, good but not as good as the first 2.

Here are 6 pictures as a selection for this week.

soosie wales,


  • Molly Cat – still living outdoors. Waiting for her breakfast. 
  • Thermal cup – We can’t have hot drinks in the office unless they have a lid on. I bought this one for £3 and it keeps a cup of tea hot for well over 2 hours. I’ll be able to make a cuppa on arrival in work at 6am and it’ll still be hot when I’ve finished sorting out the tills and self-serve scanners an hour or so later.. #win
  • Passports ready for March!!
  • One of my favourite jams. I’ve not seen any in the shops for ages!!
  • Playing about with my Mobi Eye-fi card.
  • Orange Wednesday. Making the most of this as the promotion finishes at the end of February. Wonder what EE will replace it with?


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Pre-Holiday checklist

What tasks are essential to get your family packed, relaxed and ready to go on holiday? What do you do to make sure you’re welcomed home in the right way?

Well being a girl who has lists for everything I thought I’d share my list.

Travel Plans:

  • Make sure passports are still in date.
  • Print out travel documents if you’ve booked on-line or make sure the travel company have sent them.
  • Order your travel money / travellers cheques / topped up travel card.  Shop around for the best deal.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Clear out my purse of old receipts. Take out anything not needed on holiday, like loyalty cards.
  • If taking a credit card – for emergencies or any ‘spur of the moment’ purchases make sure it’s still in date.
  • Book the airport car parking.
  • Place all important documentation into a folder / bag and make sure it’s in your handbag or hand luggage.

Personal things:

  • If you take medication make sure you have enough to last for your holiday.  Don’t pack it in your hold luggage.
  • Buy travel sizes of toothpaste, deodorants, shampoo etc it saves on weight.
  • Buy plenty of sun cream taking into account the SPF for children.
  • Get the cases out and make sure you have a travel plug,  plastic bags (to cover shoes and put small items in. Handy for the return journey to put dirtiest clothes in.
  • Make sure you know what toys, games, paper, pens, pencils, books you want to take for you and the children.
  • Don’t forget mobile phone, iPod and chargers.


  • If you have pets book them into the kennels/cattery or arrange for them to be cared for by family or neighbours.
  • Make sure the garden pots and baskets are watered. Arrange for a neighbour to pop in to keep them topped up.
  • If you are travelling by car check water, oil, lights, fuel.
  • Make sure SkyPlanner is set to record your favourite programmes. After all you can’t miss Corrie!!
  • Check the fridge and veggie box for food that may expire before you return. Use it up, it’s surprising what dishes you can up with!
  • Empty the bins.
  • Give the house a quick spruce up the night before – you don’t want to come home to a tip!!


  • Try to pack only what you’ll need. Shorts, t-shirts, shoes, sundresses, swimwear, sun hats etc.
  • Don’t pack all your clothes in one case and all hubby’s in another (plus all children’s in another!). Mix them up, put  some changes of clothing for everyone in each case. If one case goes missing you’ll always have something to wear.

Day of travel:

  • Check all travel documents, medications, mobiles are in handbag.
  • Last minute packing done (oh you know… toothbrushes, shaver, etc)
  • Power down non-essential items in the house, turn off the hot water-clock.
  • LOCK UP!!!!
  • Make sure bags, hubby and kids are in the car!  Oh and if you’re like me check that you have passports, money, tickets again!!! OFF YOU GO!!!

Ready for return:

  • Make sure you have some bread in the freezer and some eggs in the cupboard.  At least you’ll have something quick to rustle up!
  • Buy some milk on the way home..cup of tea is essential when you return home!

Crikey this has turned out to be quite a list!!