Childhood Family Holiday Memories

I grew up in an extended family home.  There was Nan, Mum, my Mums 3 brothers, then there was my sister, my 2 brothers and me.

My Dad left when my sister was a baby. This meant Mum had to work to be able to provide the basics for us. I didn’t realise then how hard it must have been to provide for 4 children.  We only ever had sweets on a Saturday for a treat, Sundays were baking days and everyone was expected to their share of chores.

Holidays were rare, I can only remember three where we actually stayed away from home. Porthcawl in a caravan, Butlins Clacton and Minehead Butlins.  I only have 2 pictures from those days, one of us 4 kids with Mum and Nan at Clacton  and one of just me and Mum at Minehead.

butlins holidays

Me and my Mum

I have some good memories from the holiday at Minehead.

  • Journeys on the Monorail. This was quite new and seemed very modern and futuristic for the late 60’s!
  • Watching some men trying to drink a full ‘yard of ale’!
  • The funfair rides. The traditional Horses and there was one that went round and round then went up and around. My Nan loved it and eventually persuaded me to go on it.
  • Splashing in the fountain. The fountain was made up of tiers and we used to climb up and sit on them.
  • The boating lake.
  • The Red Coats – they were always trying to persuade you to join in with games. They made sure everyone of all ages were having a good time.

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