Week 15 #Project365 – 2015

I’ve had a lovely family week – seeing both grandsons smiling and laughing is enough to light up anyone’s day!

Easter Sunday – Son, DIL and grandsons came for Easter lunch. We had a lovely time together but it was tinged with a little sadness when DIL told us that her grandfather had passed away. She was feeling rather guilty for not going up to Blackpool with her folks for the funeral. There’s not much you say to ease the sadness.

Monday – We were going to go out for a drive but decided to have a nice relaxing day at home, tidying the garden and enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday – With the demise of Orange Wednesday we’ve not been to the cinema for over a month. Tuesdays may be our new day as it’s cheaper. We are both fans of the Fast and Furious franchise so went to see the 7th installment. This time round they have Jason Statham after them to avenge his brothers death. I would have loved to have seen the production notes that said Statham was to square up to Dwayne Johnson!! Much of the film is far fetched and some parts defy physics but as long as you can park your brain and just watch it as good action entertainment you can’t go far wrong.
As you may know Paul Walker died whilst the film was still being made. They have done a great job of keeping his part going using body doubles and CGI and the ending is a really poignant goodbye to him.

Wednesday – Work day which was brightened up by the arrival of my Jord watch!

Thursday – Usual shopping day.

Friday – Work day -as we handle cash the office is security controlled and we have control over who enters the office. I pushed back in my chair to press the button to let someone in and I fell off my chair and bashed my arm on our CCTV cabinet. Top of my arm is pretty sore and a bruise is developing but what’s worse is that it was all captured on camera! There are a few people going to have a good laugh.

Saturday – early phone call from son asking if we would like to take Ashley for the day. Well we’re not going to say no! A bit of colouring and drawing first, then some time on my tablet. I never fail to be impressed with him on apps, we have one with a subgame of mazes and he guides the ball around and you can see that he’s working out where to go rather than just guessing.  He loves the CBBC app and The Furchester Hotel is his favourite on that one. BUT is absolute favourite is Angry Birds!
At lunchtime we popped down to see his Great Granny Mo and a visit to the park on the way back. Then it was back home to catch up with his Mummy, Daddy and brother.

Here’s a selection from the week and some extras from our time in the park.

soosie wales, project 365,


  • He loves a bit of bubble wrap! 
  • Mr. Chubby Chops in his walker. 
  • New watch has arrived!
  • Hot cross bun and butter pudding in the slow cooker. 

soosie wales, project 365, playtime, park

Time in the park: 

  • Squealing with delight on the swing.
  • Is this close enough Nanny?
  • How relaxed does he look here?
  • Well not relaxed as having your feet up too! 
  • You have to have a cone with sprinkles and sauce for a lovely day in the park!
  • I-Spy!

Hope you’ve all had a great Easter week. 


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Week 24 #Project365 – 2014

Slow week for us again, didn’t do much and didn’t go far!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday – Pottering around in the garden and the house. Hubby cut down some of the bushes in our neighbour’s garden.  #gooddeed

Wedenesday – Orange Wednesday – 22 Jump Street.  The follow up to 21 Jump Street, really funny, much more about the relationship between Schmidt and Jenko. The back story is pretty much the same as the first film – undercover to find a drug dealer  – so nothing much new here. I thought the best part of the film was the last few minutes, I was in stitches laughing.  I won’t say more as it will be a good surprise for you if you see it too.

Thursday – food shopping and a walk – exciting huh???

Friday – son called to say Ashley had fallen over and bumped his head. Poor boy had fallen A over T on his scooter and split his forehead. He was right outside the pharmacy so took him in to see if they could help. They helped to clean him up and called the doctor’s surgery asking if he could go there straight away. They put a few steri-strips on his forehead and checked his elbow and knee.
The strips fell off within an hour as his hair got stuck in them and he pulled them off.. It’ll be a good battle scar!

Saturday – Ashley for the day, he seems none the worse for his injury thank goodness. We played in the garden and went to Beechwood Park in Newport.  They have a very odd swing – take a look below!  We took his bike along too, he’s got really good on it now and pushes off to make it go faster.

parks. orange Wednesday, gardens


  • Mini Party rings – so much fun!
  • Hubby trimmed this plant a few weeks ago and it’s now starting to grow back. 
  • Orange Wednesday 
  • Battle scar 😦
  • Climbing hydrangea – lots of flower heads ready to burst into bloom!
  • The very odd swing – he has daddy’s sunglasses and grandy’s cap on. 

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