Week 15 #Project365 – 2015

I’ve had a lovely family week – seeing both grandsons smiling and laughing is enough to light up anyone’s day!

Easter Sunday – Son, DIL and grandsons came for Easter lunch. We had a lovely time together but it was tinged with a little sadness when DIL told us that her grandfather had passed away. She was feeling rather guilty for not going up to Blackpool with her folks for the funeral. There’s not much you say to ease the sadness.

Monday – We were going to go out for a drive but decided to have a nice relaxing day at home, tidying the garden and enjoying the sunshine.

Tuesday – With the demise of Orange Wednesday we’ve not been to the cinema for over a month. Tuesdays may be our new day as it’s cheaper. We are both fans of the Fast and Furious franchise so went to see the 7th installment. This time round they have Jason Statham after them to avenge his brothers death. I would have loved to have seen the production notes that said Statham was to square up to Dwayne Johnson!! Much of the film is far fetched and some parts defy physics but as long as you can park your brain and just watch it as good action entertainment you can’t go far wrong.
As you may know Paul Walker died whilst the film was still being made. They have done a great job of keeping his part going using body doubles and CGI and the ending is a really poignant goodbye to him.

Wednesday – Work day which was brightened up by the arrival of my Jord watch!

Thursday – Usual shopping day.

Friday – Work day -as we handle cash the office is security controlled and we have control over who enters the office. I pushed back in my chair to press the button to let someone in and I fell off my chair and bashed my arm on our CCTV cabinet. Top of my arm is pretty sore and a bruise is developing but what’s worse is that it was all captured on camera! There are a few people going to have a good laugh.

Saturday – early phone call from son asking if we would like to take Ashley for the day. Well we’re not going to say no! A bit of colouring and drawing first, then some time on my tablet. I never fail to be impressed with him on apps, we have one with a subgame of mazes and he guides the ball around and you can see that he’s working out where to go rather than just guessing.  He loves the CBBC app and The Furchester Hotel is his favourite on that one. BUT is absolute favourite is Angry Birds!
At lunchtime we popped down to see his Great Granny Mo and a visit to the park on the way back. Then it was back home to catch up with his Mummy, Daddy and brother.

Here’s a selection from the week and some extras from our time in the park.

soosie wales, project 365,


  • He loves a bit of bubble wrap! 
  • Mr. Chubby Chops in his walker. 
  • New watch has arrived!
  • Hot cross bun and butter pudding in the slow cooker. 

soosie wales, project 365, playtime, park

Time in the park: 

  • Squealing with delight on the swing.
  • Is this close enough Nanny?
  • How relaxed does he look here?
  • Well not relaxed as having your feet up too! 
  • You have to have a cone with sprinkles and sauce for a lovely day in the park!
  • I-Spy!

Hope you’ve all had a great Easter week. 


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Week 13 & 14 #Project365 – 2015

This is a 2 week catch up again. I must admit that in week 13 I really struggled. Other than photos of the grandsons I had very little to share. A few photos of hedgerows and things I’ve taken pictures of before so I felt rather deflated and defeated.

I’ve made more of an effort this week.

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Week 12 #Project365 – 2015

This week I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do full time hours any longer. I’ve been working extra hours this week and I seem to havec had no time to do anything! I’m absolutely shattered!

Sunday – Back to work. Managed to finish on time and did a bit of shopping as there was nothing fresh in the house. Had a few bargains, Turkey breast fillets reduced to £1 from £5 and some pork ribs for £1 reduced from £4.

Monday – Day off – Catching up on Corrie and Suits followed by a quick visit to Mother Outlaw.

Tuesday – working but managed to get done by 1pm. Had a visit from son and the grandsons. Theo is now rolling but gets frustrated at not being able to crawl.
Ashley wasn’t himself, he kept asking to go wee but didn’t go. After about 3 attempts he said it hurts and got quite upset, ahh poor boy. A call to the doctor resulted in an emergency appointment. He has an infection on his winkie, a bit cream sorted it out.

Wednesday – working, took it slow today as I knew I’d have to wait for the ‘money man’.
In the afternoon I caught up with emails. I also had a nice surprise, when I put my Nexus7 on to charge it updated and the camera on it now works again. It stopped a couple of months ago after a bug on the last update.

Thursday – Day off. Hubby had to go to the hospital for a small op under local anesthetic. We did a quick weekly shop on way back home.
He was told to do nothing but rest – that called for a relax in the sunny garden.

Friday – Back to work. I had try to stretch 2 hours work last for 7 hours. My Friday doing admin is so boring…
Plus I missed the eclipse..no windows in the office.
Back home by 2:30pm. The Electrician came to fit new smoke alarms. Did I tell you they were both beeping when we came back from holiday..replaced batteries to avail so had to turn them off at the fuse box. They were 20 years old so due to fail I suppose!

Saturday – work again and it didn’t go too smoothly after the person who did the processing on Friday made a mistake with the cash float which took me a hour to sort out. Then, when I tried adding the figures to the system it refused..She had also not completed the End of Day processing..another half hour wasted. GRRR….
The 6am starts this week took their toll and I fell asleep within half hour of getting home!
I woke about 4pm and couldn’t be bothered even turning the laptop on.
Watched TV and was in bed at 10pm.  Not like me..I’m usually still up at midnight!


  • Relaxing in the garden.
  • A charity shop bargain – teddy is brand new and was only £1.
  • Camelia bursting to flower.
  • New smoke alarm.
  • It’s now light enough at 5:45am to see across the car park.

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Week 11 #Project365 – 2015 – Nissi Beach, Cyprus

This week we’ve been at Nissi Beach in Cyprus.  We’ve been to Cyprus quite a few times but this was the first time we’ve been to the north of the island.  So apologies here that this will probably be a longer post than normal.. 🙂
Last January I won a week at the Nissi Beach Resort. The only trouble was the holiday would only be available in March or November – out of season. By the time the organisers and the hotel stopped fannying about with dates it was too late to go in March last year and in November the resort would be pretty much closed for the winter.  Continue reading

Week 9 and 10 #Project365 – 2015

Week 9 -A rather mundane week. Hubby hasn’t been too well – Man Flu!!  So we put off seeing the grandchildren until next week.

Tuesday – a quick trip to Cardiff to try to find some nice holiday clothes, but found nothing.

Boo – No more Orange Wednesday.. this week is the last one but there was nothing we wanted to see.

Thursday – I connected my phone to the laptop to charge and it picked up an update. I ended up on the Sony support forum as any emails coming in via the Sony stock email app were corrupted. I’ve had to set up all my accounts on GMail now. (Yes I have more than one… one for blogging, two for jobs, one for competitions, one for odds and ends. )

The rest of the week passed quietly with nothing much going on. See I told you it was mundane!!

When I woke on Saturday I knew I had caught his cold. Throat really sore and dreadful headache. At least it got me out of going to the Mother Outlaw’s.

Week 10 – Sunday I had already agreed to work a full day to cover for holiday. I had to drag my sorry a*** to work despite having no voice, a cough that gave me thunderclap headaches and legs feeling like lead. I managed to last the day and finished around 2pm. I was asleep on the sofa at 3pm!

Monday – despite still feeling unwell I wasn’t going to miss going to see The Script in Cardiff.  Tiny Tempah was the support – total shite.  We were sat up in the north gallery and was amazed when Danny came through right by us singing.  I was in touching distance!! Hubby behind me shouting ‘get your camera on!!’ I totally forgot about taking a photo!! I’m so glad my TZ8 powers up quickly!!

Tuesday / Wednesday – Restful days and keeping dosed up with Ibuprofen, Tyrosets and plenty of fluids.

Thursday – Back to work and a quick visit to the son’s house so that DIL can cut my hair ready for our holiday.

Two rather boring weeks – but next week will be better – watch out for week 11 coming to you from Cyprus!!

Here’s a selection from the last (nearly) 2 weeks.

soosie wales, the scriptAbove:

  • Yes – I was this close to Danny!! 
  • Hall of Fame – Last song of the night.
  • A big Boot in St Davids centre. 
  • Dosing up – pain killers, tyrosets, carmex. 
  • My poorly email inbox. 

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Week 8 #Project365 – 2015

I’ve had a pretty uneventful week.  It’s been odd seeing the living room without the 2 seater sofa, makes the room look massive! Hubby has been sat on my sofa (we rarely sit together – he lounges over the 2 seater and I do the same on the 3 seater!) which means he can see what I’m doing on the laptop. So the week has been dotted often with ‘who’s that?, What’s that picture of? What competition is that?’ It’s got so bad that I had to give up on commenting on blogs as it was taking so long with his interruptions!! Normal service will resume this week!!

Sunday – I wasn’t looking forward to going to work as I knew there would have to be a rather difficult conversation with the person who does the first half of the day. I spoke to our Section Leader last week and explained that I’ve only left by my finish time of 3pm once in the 4 months we’ve been open.  There’s a lot of the processing work left for me to do and it’s an unfair division of work.
The early person wasn’t best pleased that she got told off. BUT she had done some of the processing which meant I actually finished with 5 minutes to spare.  So hopefully that’s one problem solved.

Monday – Visit from son and the boys. Theo is getting very strong and can more or less sit up for a minute or so. It’s quite funny seeing him trying to crawl when he’s placed on the floor.. the legs kick and all he achieves is turning on the spot.

Tuesday – Work day – went really well today and finished early – it was a nice change.

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday – Project Almanac, this film is about some high school students that find a time machine in the basement. The boys father was a scientist and died in a car crash when the boy was 7. It’s an ok film that could have been so much better.  The students are pretty vacuous and only time jump for their own benefit.
This is also probably the last Orange Wednesday as it ends next week. BOO….

Thursday – quiet day catching up on household duties and food shopping.

Friday – Work day – I can honestly say I’ve never worked with such a load of back stabbing, moaning, whinging people in all my working life. I think it’s time for head down, arse up and only speak if I need to.

Saturday – highlight of the week – we had Ashley for the day so his mummy and daddy could go to Cardiff. We took him to a park for a bike ride and a kick about. I only managed a couple of photos though as the camera battery died.
We watched some Peppa Pig while eating lunch and then we played with his Playdoh. Lovely day full of smiles!

Here’s my selection of the week.

soosie wales



  • Bike ride in the park.
  • Selfie with Nana
  • Pancakes served with Mango, pineapple and grated coconut cream. LUSH!!
  • Mr Chubby cheeks.

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Week 7 #Project365 – 2015

Not an inspiring week I’m afraid…

Saturday / Sunday – I had a few days off with the plan of doing  something special for Hubby’s 60th but the plans didn’t come together. He didn’t want a party or get together and it’s the wrong time of year to go away in the UK. So we had supper and a few drinks at our friends house and watched his choice of films on Sunday.

Monday – We popped to Newport to get a watch repair done. I was surprised at how much the new Friar’s Walk complex has been built. The last time we saw it,  it was pretty much at ground level. It’s all due to open in November and will hopefully regenerate the city centre. It’s a bit of shithole at the moment – full of ‘cheap’ shops, loan sharks and banks. There are very few ‘big shops’ there now.

Tuesday – Not much of a day until I decided to make a chilli for tea. My little pot was empty so I filled it from a new bag of chilli powder I bought a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t realise I bought extra hot!! I’ll have to careful with the amount I use. To say the chilli was a bit hot would be an understatement. Thank goodness for a dollop of sour cream!!

Wednesday – No Orange Wednesday – only thing to see was Shaun the Sheep which neither of us was in the mood for. We decided to raid our DVD collection instead.

Thursday – Shopping done with £50 vouchers I earned doing online surveys. So paying £2 for a week’s shopping made me smile.  (I’ve actually earned £100 over the last year, not bad for a few minutes of time.)

Friday – Back to work – booo…. I really should make more effort to get another job.. don’t know if it’s my ‘manager mode’ that kicks in too often or if it’s ‘grumpy old woman’ mode but SO much of what goes on gets on my tits wick.
We also had the sofa seats back – Hooray!! New leather on one seat and new filling in all 3. Looks like new again! The 2 seater has gone off for new seat padding now.

Saturday – quiet day pottering about the house. We were supposed to be babysitting today but Ashley and his mummy are both poorly. Means no visit and no Valentines meal for son and DIL. Still half term next week – planning a nice time out when we have Ashley for the day!!.

Here’s a selection for this week.

soosie walesAbove:

  • Extra hot chilli – phew! 
  • I’m not arguing – a friend pointed this out to me and said  ‘That’s you’  – yep!!
  • Sainsbury baragain?? One for £2 or 2 for £4 had to smile… 
  • Got my sofa back!!
  • Building apace at Friars Walk

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