Week 13 & 14 #Project365 – 2015

This is a 2 week catch up again. I must admit that in week 13 I really struggled. Other than photos of the grandsons I had very little to share. A few photos of hedgerows and things I’ve taken pictures of before so I felt rather deflated and defeated.

I’ve made more of an effort this week.


Not much happened, worked a few extra hours, a couple of local walks and a visit from the grandsons, son and DIL. Son and DIL told us that Ashley has the chance to go to a different school in September. The primary school in Chepstow has a teacher that also does speech therapy.
Theo is also doing well, rolling over now but does get stuck at times!

We had a Skype session on Saturday with the youngest son. He’s still doing well and had applied for another job within Virgin. His current boss wanted to know why he wanted to move and son told him that it was mainly for the money. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy where he is. His boss has arranged for his job role to be reassessed as a technical / IT engineering role and promised him more money in an effort to keep him. It’s good to know he’s getting on so well and is appreciated for his efforts.

I tried to take a photo of my first full flower Camelia but it was at the back of the plant. I pulled at the branch gently to pull the flower round and promptly hit the flower off it’s stem. Another came into flower a couple of days later.

Hubby was supposed to see Aussie Pink Floyd on the day we went to Cyprus. He gave his ticket to a woman in the store where he works as her hubby likes Pink Floyd. She thought it was a lovely thing for him to do and her hubby bought my hubby a copy of their album as a thank you. A really nice thought.

Soosie wales, #project 365, Above:

  • Fossil – this is in one of the stones on the front of our house.
  • Camelia – not the first one, but still a stunner!
  • Ash and Theo – I think Theo’s saying “What’s he doing with my arm?”
  • Aussie Pink Floyd 


Nice relaxing weekend pottering about in the house and garden.
On Tuesday I got up at 7:15 and noticed a couple of missed calls on my mobile.  Both from work – I was supposed to be in covering for someone’s day off and I had forgotten!! I don’t think I’ve washed and dressed so quickly for years!! I got to work shortly before 8am, they were ok about it, the price they pay for only having one person per day doing the role and no-one else cross trained to do the job!!

Wednesday – in work and thankfully the knock on effect from yesterday didn’t make much of an impact. Phew!!

Thursday – Making a shopping list for Morrisons. MIL gave me some vouchers -£6 off a £40 shop and we already had £5 voucher from their Match and More card. Looked out for good BOGOFs and other deals to make the most of the money saved.

Friday – Back at work and I’m convinced that I’m turning into a Grumpy Old Woman! The conversations in the office today – one looking at houses but has limited budget but seemed to want the earth for that budget – same one changed hair colour but hair doesn’t feel clean and nothing she tried could get it clean enough – another is 8 weeks pregnant and we’re getting a blow by blow account of it!! GAWD another 6 months of that and I’ll be screaming!!

Saturday – I recently won a Jord watch from the lovely Jaime over at The Oliver’s Madhouse.  It was ordered on Wednesday so it’ll be here soon!! 

soosie wales, #project 365,


  • Flowers in our front garden. I can’t remember what it is..
  • My watch is in the UK!!
  • This cross is outside a local church. I think it looks rather industrial. I noticed yesterday that they’ve put the crown of thorns on it. 
  • Free coffee, free magazine and strawberries. I like Waitrose!! 
  • Narcissus in the village. 

That’s pretty much it for the past 2 weeks.


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10 comments on “Week 13 & 14 #Project365 – 2015

  1. I love Waitrose for all those reasons too! Ash and Theo are gorgeous 🙂

  2. I am keeping my Morrison £5 vouchers for Christmas, I have 7 of them so far this year ( I shop for a few elderly friends and benefit by using my card.
    Love the look on Theo’s face, its amazing how second children grow up with the rough and tumble we all protect our first born from.
    Good grief what time were you due into work?
    Well done on the win.

  3. I sometimes struggle with getting a photo a day too. Always good to work out the bargains and deals with shopping, I try my best until the OH blows it!

  4. Jo Laybourn says:

    Well done on your win Sue! Loving your flower shots. Awe to Theo getting stuck at times. So cute! Happy Easter

  5. Erica Price says:

    I try to keep the costs down and then hubby will blow the budget on an expensive joint or something. We always moan about people wanting the earth for their house budget on Location, Location, Location.

  6. Loving all the flowers, come on Spring. I love saving money, I’m always on the hunt for bargains 🙂

  7. Jaime Oliver says:

    oh i hate the feeling when you have overslept and then are on the run for the rest of the day! lol .. Thanks for entering my comp .. hoping your prize will be with you shortly x

  8. Love your flower photos. I hate oversleeping! #project365

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