Week 12 #Project365 – 2015

This week I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do full time hours any longer. I’ve been working extra hours this week and I seem to havec had no time to do anything! I’m absolutely shattered!

Sunday – Back to work. Managed to finish on time and did a bit of shopping as there was nothing fresh in the house. Had a few bargains, Turkey breast fillets reduced to £1 from £5 and some pork ribs for £1 reduced from £4.

Monday – Day off – Catching up on Corrie and Suits followed by a quick visit to Mother Outlaw.

Tuesday – working but managed to get done by 1pm. Had a visit from son and the grandsons. Theo is now rolling but gets frustrated at not being able to crawl.
Ashley wasn’t himself, he kept asking to go wee but didn’t go. After about 3 attempts he said it hurts and got quite upset, ahh poor boy. A call to the doctor resulted in an emergency appointment. He has an infection on his winkie, a bit cream sorted it out.

Wednesday – working, took it slow today as I knew I’d have to wait for the ‘money man’.
In the afternoon I caught up with emails. I also had a nice surprise, when I put my Nexus7 on to charge it updated and the camera on it now works again. It stopped a couple of months ago after a bug on the last update.

Thursday – Day off. Hubby had to go to the hospital for a small op under local anesthetic. We did a quick weekly shop on way back home.
He was told to do nothing but rest – that called for a relax in the sunny garden.

Friday – Back to work. I had try to stretch 2 hours work last for 7 hours. My Friday doing admin is so boring…
Plus I missed the eclipse..no windows in the office.
Back home by 2:30pm. The Electrician came to fit new smoke alarms. Did I tell you they were both beeping when we came back from holiday..replaced batteries to avail so had to turn them off at the fuse box. They were 20 years old so due to fail I suppose!

Saturday – work again and it didn’t go too smoothly after the person who did the processing on Friday made a mistake with the cash float which took me a hour to sort out. Then, when I tried adding the figures to the system it refused..She had also not completed the End of Day processing..another half hour wasted. GRRR….
The 6am starts this week took their toll and I fell asleep within half hour of getting home!
I woke about 4pm and couldn’t be bothered even turning the laptop on.
Watched TV and was in bed at 10pm.  Not like me..I’m usually still up at midnight!


  • Relaxing in the garden.
  • A charity shop bargain – teddy is brand new and was only £1.
  • Camelia bursting to flower.
  • New smoke alarm.
  • It’s now light enough at 5:45am to see across the car park.

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8 comments on “Week 12 #Project365 – 2015

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hope hubby is recovering ok and resting like he was meant to be doing!

  2. Erica Price says:

    Glad hubby is folllowing doctor’s orders. I think I’d struggle with full time hours now in an office or similar – I probably do the hours, but because I fit them in as and when at home it isn’t too onerous.

  3. Hope little man is better now, bless him and that little bear is adorable, do like a good bargain.

  4. jennypaulin says:

    full time hours must be tiring for you and it is hard keeping on top of your homelife i am sure.
    hope hubby is recovered now – relaxing in the sunshine is a great way to rest. that is along time to have had your smoke alarms x

  5. You must be exhausted, it sounds like a full on week. Hope everyone is feeling better x

  6. I find the same, if I am covering other jobs and work 7 days a week, which includes 11 long hours on my feet at the weekends I am knackered. Old age does not come easy. Shame you have to be sorting somebody else’s mess though.
    Glad Ashley and hubby are recovering, Ashley could have been worse, glad it was simply sorted.
    It is nice to see the light nights and after this weekend and the clock change I will get home in the light when I finish at 7pm as well.

  7. Gosh I bet it seems like all you do is work 😦 Hope everyone is better now x

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