Week 8 #Project365 – 2015

I’ve had a pretty uneventful week.  It’s been odd seeing the living room without the 2 seater sofa, makes the room look massive! Hubby has been sat on my sofa (we rarely sit together – he lounges over the 2 seater and I do the same on the 3 seater!) which means he can see what I’m doing on the laptop. So the week has been dotted often with ‘who’s that?, What’s that picture of? What competition is that?’ It’s got so bad that I had to give up on commenting on blogs as it was taking so long with his interruptions!! Normal service will resume this week!!

Sunday – I wasn’t looking forward to going to work as I knew there would have to be a rather difficult conversation with the person who does the first half of the day. I spoke to our Section Leader last week and explained that I’ve only left by my finish time of 3pm once in the 4 months we’ve been open.  There’s a lot of the processing work left for me to do and it’s an unfair division of work.
The early person wasn’t best pleased that she got told off. BUT she had done some of the processing which meant I actually finished with 5 minutes to spare.  So hopefully that’s one problem solved.

Monday – Visit from son and the boys. Theo is getting very strong and can more or less sit up for a minute or so. It’s quite funny seeing him trying to crawl when he’s placed on the floor.. the legs kick and all he achieves is turning on the spot.

Tuesday – Work day – went really well today and finished early – it was a nice change.

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday – Project Almanac, this film is about some high school students that find a time machine in the basement. The boys father was a scientist and died in a car crash when the boy was 7. It’s an ok film that could have been so much better.  The students are pretty vacuous and only time jump for their own benefit.
This is also probably the last Orange Wednesday as it ends next week. BOO….

Thursday – quiet day catching up on household duties and food shopping.

Friday – Work day – I can honestly say I’ve never worked with such a load of back stabbing, moaning, whinging people in all my working life. I think it’s time for head down, arse up and only speak if I need to.

Saturday – highlight of the week – we had Ashley for the day so his mummy and daddy could go to Cardiff. We took him to a park for a bike ride and a kick about. I only managed a couple of photos though as the camera battery died.
We watched some Peppa Pig while eating lunch and then we played with his Playdoh. Lovely day full of smiles!

Here’s my selection of the week.

soosie wales



  • Bike ride in the park.
  • Selfie with Nana
  • Pancakes served with Mango, pineapple and grated coconut cream. LUSH!!
  • Mr Chubby cheeks.

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6 comments on “Week 8 #Project365 – 2015

  1. Erica Price says:

    I was thinking my comment was going to be something along the lines of I’m glad you’ve been able to improve things at work. Then I read Friday. Hope you can either make it work or find something else. I get a lot of comments from H as he can see my screen from where he usually sits. What’s that? (It’s usually some ad that I am not even looking at).

  2. Why is it some people have to act like they are still in a primary school play ground in the work place? I am having major hassles at work with a colleague as well but cant moan about it as 2 of my supervisors read my blog, lets just say things are getting to crisis point.
    Nice to read about your lovely day with Ashley. grandchildren are such a pleasure.
    The pancakes look lovely and sound delicious.

  3. jennypaulin says:

    well done for speaking up for yourself at work 🙂 that took some guts but it was not fair so you def did the right thing, even if your colleagues are catty!!!
    Love the photos of your grandchildren – such cuties xx

  4. Sorry that work still isn’t going well 😦 Other than that, it sounds like you had a nice week, and the photos are all lovely. Ashley has a gorgeous smile x

  5. Sorry to hear that work is so up and down, I don’t miss all the back stabbing etc that can go with work. Sorry this is late.

  6. Oh work sounds awful 😦 I too love Peppa Pig and PlayDoh! #365 x

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