Week 5 #Project365 – 2015

Week 5 or the ongoing problems with the airing cupboard!

Sunday – my sunday working hours are 11:30 to 3pm but this week I didn’t make it out until 3:45.  I’m always left with a lot of processing to do and it’s just not a fair share of the days work. I’ll be speaking to management about it as I’m heartily sick of it.

Monday – Still no sign of engineer to sort out the water problems. Rung the insurance to be told they are still waiting for the quote and then they’ll process it.  I called a further 3 times and told them at 3pm they have until 10am Tuesday to get it moving.

Tuesday – 10am on the phone to the insurance trying not to go ape s**t. Asked that the claim is escalated and passed to complaints.  Within 20 minutes had a call back to say complaints will be chasing it. In the mean time I contacted Royal Sun Alliance on twitter and after an email to them I was called back to say they were on it too. (they use an outsourced company to take and deal with claims).

Wednesday – Day off work and I was determined not to have another day hanging about the house waiting for the insurance to call. Orange Wednesday was planned for Ex Machina – the film is about a chap (Caleb) that wins the chance to go to his bosses home and see what he’s developing. He builds AI robots and Caleb is tasked with testing Ava to see if she has a consciousness. To be honest I can’t tell you more as it’s film that if you know how it pans out it would spoil it. It is however very interesting and doesn’t pan out as you’d think it might.

When we got home there was a message on the answerphone to say the engineer was coming Thursday early afternoon.. WOOO HOOO…

Thursday – Food shopping in the morning then waiting for the engineer to arrive. He came at 3pm, fitted the new valve said all was now ok. We waited for the water to heat up and Hubby jumped in the shower.. oh dear the pressure died after 30 seconds. Then we noticed a wet patch on the floor of the airing cupboard – another leak this time from a pipe on the water cylinder. I could have wept!! Back on the phone to report it and they called back an hour later with some instructions from the engineer – turn off the water flow to the cylinder and he’ll come again on Friday.

Friday – Working day for me, Hubby dealt with the engineer – the first one that came – he can’t work on our system as he’s not qualified! He did order new parts and we’re now waiting for them to be authorised!!
When I got home I rang the chap I’ve been dealing with at Royal Sun and he assures me that the quote is in and they’ll call me soon and hopefully the right engineer will come on Monday. It’s becoming a bliddy nightmare and I’m definitely not renewing come renewal time!  So check now if you have Home Emergency cover that they don’t use CET to field the calls as they are hopeless.

The day got better though with a visit from son and grandboys. 🙂 At one point our son had popped to the local shop and Hubby was making us all a drink. Ashley was sitting on the stool eating a little trifle and I was sat on the floor with Theo on my lap. Theo was looking at Ashley and Ashley started making slurping sounds with set Theo laughing. The more he laughed the more Ashley laughed, it was a moment that I wish I could have videoed!!

Saturday – Hubby’s 60 next week and has decided he wanted a cycle trainer to use on days that he can’t go out for a ride (when it’s cold / raining / windy!) We went to Halfords for him to take a look and to try one out.
All set up now in the spare bedroom he just has to get used to attaching the bike to it.

soosie wales

Above: a selection for the week: 

  • Necklaces that I had for Christmas. 
  • Molly running away – notice the balding patch on her rear – still pulling fur out, stupid cat. 
  • Hubby’s new toy!
  • Smiley boy!

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10 comments on “Week 5 #Project365 – 2015

  1. What a nightmare you are having! Can’t believe it still isn’t resolved. Like the necklaces #365

  2. Mummy Writes says:

    Cute smiley boy! Can’t believe you’ve had so much hassle over the boiler. Hoping you get it all fixed soon #365

  3. ourlittleescapades says:

    What a nightmare you are having with the boiler. I really hope it gets sorted for you soon x

  4. What a complete pain about the boiler, really hope it gets sorted out soon. Love that smiley photo 🙂

  5. Erica Price says:

    Annoying about the boiler. Sometimes these outsourcing things work well because they are experts, but often it just means that there is another lot of people to ring and chase. Irritating!

  6. You try your hardest not to loose the plot cos it is counter productive, but sometimes it is very very very hard not to, hope it is fully sorted soon for you. I dont know about you but I am finding as I get older I am also getting more intolerant of fools.
    A lovely family moment between the boys, shame you did not get it on video.
    Riding a bike in a bedroom is not my idea of fun, but then at least you don’t have wind, rain and hills to contend with.

  7. jennypaulin says:

    well along with the downs this week (ie, the longer working in a sunday and the rubbish boiler )
    however, great ups with the enginner coming out, a trip to the cinema and your grand sons coming over to cheer you up 🙂 xx

  8. Kim Carberry says:

    Oh dear it sounds like you are having a right time with the boiler!! Ugh!
    Lovely photos x

  9. steph_baybee says:

    oh now what a nightmare having to deal with all that. Hope it has all been sorted now!

  10. Your necklace is very pretty. OMG I hope your leak is now fixed and you have no more troubles with it.

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