Week 4 #Project365 – 2015

The week started well but rapidly went downhill.

We had a quiet Sunday – a few hours of work followed by a lazy afternoon watching TV.

Monday – A visit from son, DIL and grandsons. Ashley made straight to the Playdoh!
We have a little toy mouse that we bought for the cat that he loves playing a game with —- he tries to scare me with it, I have to snatch it off him and throw it behind the sofa, Granddad then has to shout ‘over there’, Ashley then goes off to catch the mouse. This week I also stuffed it up his jumper and he also tried to tickle Theo with it. So much fun!!


soosie wales

Above – Mouse up his jumper, Little chubby chops, His box of playdoh and tools, Brothers.. 

Tuesday – Popped out for a few hours and in a local shop found some Snowballs… can’t help thinking that the chocolate used to be much thicker!! Still yummy though!

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday was planned as Ex Machina was showing as this weeks preview movie which started at 3.10pm. However we didn’t go as I was stuck in work until 2.30 waiting for the ‘money man’ (securicor), so would have had about 30 minutes to get home, wash, change and have some lunch! Never mind – off next week so Orange Wednesday will be on again!

Thursday – Disaster – I went to the airing cupboard to get some clean towels and noticed one was damp and presumed hubby put one away still damp. I dug down to the next one and that was damp, next one wet! I pulled them all out and most were wet. I have Home Emergency insurance so made a call to them and a chap said the pressure valve (to the left of the tank on the top shelf) was leaking and would need replacing. It was only a trickle so a sandwich box was placed under it.
All the towels and bedding that was damp/wet had to be dried off before they started to smell. It’ll all need washing anyway but at least I can do it over a few days now. (there will be an update on this next week!!)

Friday – Still waiting for the leak to be fixed – chased it with the insurance and told they were waiting for the quote for parts to come in – hey ho!!

Also tried upload the Hubby’s 2 new CDs to iTunes – one ok but the other is in .CDA format and my poor laptop won’t convert it to MP3. I’ll have to take to my friend and ask him to covert on his new Mac.

Saturday – Usual old crap – bit of shopping then off to MIL.

soosie wales,

Above – CD’s Yessongs and Simple Minds -Big Music. Damp airing cupboard, Snowballs!! Nice smelly candle to mask the smell of drying towels!

Hope you’ve had a great week!


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4 comments on “Week 4 #Project365 – 2015

  1. Erica Price says:

    Hope you get the airing cupboard sorted soon. At least you won’t face a huge bill.

  2. Oh, I do like a smelly candle! Hurrah for fun mouse games. Lovely roundup

  3. Oh no, hope the leak is fixed now? Could have be worse though couldn’t it. A better week this week I hope #365

  4. Oh no nightmare, hope you have your leak fixed now.

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