Week 3 #Project365 – 2015

Not an exciting week to start with.  No visit from the grandsons as Ashley is now back in nursery – hopefully see them tomorrow or Monday.

Usual work and food shopping and a few short walks when it wasn’t raining.

On Wednesday I worked out which days I could take as holiday. I have nearly 20 hours to use up before the end of March. I’ve now booked some days off for Hubby’s birthday and tagged an extra day onto my week in March.
Last year I won a week hotel stay in Cyprus and have booked to go in March. We are both very excited to be having a good holiday. The only downer is flying from Gatwick as there are no local flights to Larnaca.

We also did Orange Wednesday for the first time in ages!! We saw Taken 3, good but not as good as the first 2.

Here are 6 pictures as a selection for this week.

soosie wales,


  • Molly Cat – still living outdoors. Waiting for her breakfast. 
  • Thermal cup – We can’t have hot drinks in the office unless they have a lid on. I bought this one for £3 and it keeps a cup of tea hot for well over 2 hours. I’ll be able to make a cuppa on arrival in work at 6am and it’ll still be hot when I’ve finished sorting out the tills and self-serve scanners an hour or so later.. #win
  • Passports ready for March!!
  • One of my favourite jams. I’ve not seen any in the shops for ages!!
  • Playing about with my Mobi Eye-fi card.
  • Orange Wednesday. Making the most of this as the promotion finishes at the end of February. Wonder what EE will replace it with?


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12 comments on “Week 3 #Project365 – 2015

  1. what a fab win, I’d love to go on holiday right now!! That jam sounds amazing xx

  2. emmysmummy says:

    Yay to a holiday win, that’s awesome!
    I love my eyefi card it’s fab.

  3. Love Taken – and Liam Neeson 😉 – but haven’t seen Taken 2 or 3. It always was a good film deal which I never made enough off.

  4. Wish we were going to Cyprus with you – love it over there. Something to look forward too #365

  5. ourlittleescapades says:

    Sounds like you have a nice holiday to look forward too. I’m glad you said Taken 3 wasn’t as good my husband wanted to go and see it for his birthday next week but I have talked him to going out for lunch instead x

  6. jennypaulin says:

    yaaaay to a holiday to look forward to. I have been to Cyprus and it is a lovely place.
    lovely to read about your film review once more – I have not even seen Taken 2 yet – it appears I am waaaay behind! xx

  7. Erica Price says:

    Great holiday to look forward to. There’s something special about being on a free holiday.

  8. Jaime Oliver says:

    What a great win that was!! i know what you mean about flying from there its just so stressful!

    i have to say you have burst my bubble with taken 3 i was really looking forward to it so its disappointing to here its not as good as the others .. but i still like him! x

    • Sue says:

      Oh don’t get me wrong its still a really good film and I’d recommend going to see it. Just hasn’t got the ‘edge’ of the previous two.

  9. Kim Carberry says:

    My fella has been forced to use his holidays up too….He has a week off this next week. Hooray!
    Lovely photos x

  10. thats a very good win, the inconvenience of travelling to the airport will be worth it for a free holiday, I dont have a passport so dont enter for foreign holidays. The lid policy is a good one, saves either the computer or people getting it spilt on them.
    You will miss your pictures if they dont bring something else on.

  11. I really like the thermal cups as I have a habit of making a cup of tea and by the time I get round to drinking it, it’s cold. No longer a problem with these though. We were going to watch Taken 3 but I have heard the same from other people so will wait for the DVD

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