Review of 2014 #Project365

I still can’t believe that I’ve now completed my third year of #Project365 that has been hosted by the lovely The Boy and Me.
It has been quite a job to pick my favourite photo for each month of 2014. As I’ve looked through them they have bought back some very happy memories.

I’ve picked my favourites and explained why below.

January – On our way to the local park and Ashley is now confident enough to strike out on his own without too many glances back to see where we are.
February – This just makes me chuckle – I got Rick-rolled with a capcha!
March – After the wind blew or fencing down the big job of resetting the posts. Hubby made a good job it too!
April –  A rare moment of stillness from the little man.
May – This was one of about 30 photos taken with him clambouring all over me to get his picture taken and to be tickled. Almost every photo shows him grinning and laughing.
June – In our back garden with his bike and ball. What you can’t see here is  his face, he’s laughing because Grandad threw the ball at him. (if you click on the picture then use zoom you’ll see it! Go on take a look! )

soosie wales, #project365

July- Our day out at Greenmeadow Community Farm. He really wasn’t sure about touching the chicken.
August – At the local park again in the summer sun. One of the last weekends we had to look after him as Mummy was now on maternity leave.
September – The arrival of Grandson number 2 – Welcome to the world Theo.
October – This boy loves sleeping.
November – Some of you may remember that Molly won’t come into the house since our new back door was fitted.
When it’s dry we put her basket on the bench for her to sunbathe in.
December – Well there was no competition for this one. Both our boys back together again even if it was only for a few days.

soosie wales, #project365

If you did #365 last year I hope to see your roundup too!

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4 comments on “Review of 2014 #Project365

  1. how young Ashley looks last Jan, he seems to be on the go all the time keeping you on your toes. Theo looks so small, you forget how totty they are. Great Christmas day memories. Nice round up,

  2. Jo Laybourn says:

    How awesome is it to look back over the year and remember each day almost like it happened! Great phot’s and round up! Wow, three years of #365 is some feat!

  3. Ah great choices!! 🙂 Doesnt it seem like only yesterday?

  4. What a lovely selection, it’s so nice to see how Ashley has grown over the year. April is my favourite though, what a gorgeous shot x

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