Week 49 and 50 #Project365 – 2014

Busy couple of weeks for us. Getting some christmas shopping done, one of which was me going to town on my own with the intention of looking for ideas to give hubby to buy a ‘surprise’ present to open on Christmas day. I couldn’t find anything.. I have enough clothing, smellies, body lotions etc. I really don’t need anything other than a new phone.
Oh yes – new phone – I’ve bought a Sony M2 to replace my aging Sony Arc. This will be my pressie off hubby.  It’s bigger than my Arc so won’t fit in my Golla case so I’m on the hunt now for a replacement case!

The grandsons’ have been to visit us a couple of times. Ashley is his usual happy, bouncy self and Theo has started smiling and giggling. He’s now 3 months old, the time has gone so quickly.

We put the Christmas tree and decorations up this week. We usually put the tree in the bay but decided to put it in one corner of the living room. The old lights failed so we had to buy some new ones. I’ve resisted temptation and not bought any new decorations for it this year!!

Our son in Oz is on his way home. They are in Los Angeles and Sacramento until Monday and will arrive in the UK on Tuesday. They had a bit of a blip to the travel arrangements last friday when he discovered that he needs a bridging visa to get back into Oz. But it was all sorted much to our relief!

And that’s about it for the past 2 weeks. Not very exciting but at least we’re having an exciting and busy time over Christmas.

Here’s the best of the last 2 weeks.

soosie wales, christmas grandchildren


  • Ashley loves playing with his garage – just like his daddy!
  • Christmas tree with new lights. Do I have enough baubles on there? 
  • New phone – squee…. 
  • Theo giving us a chuckle
  • Ashley – blowing building bricks out of his mouth 
  • Ashley – He’s playing with a roll of sellotape and trying to unstick his hands here!

Hope you’re all ready for Christmas – I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of decorations and that bliddy Elf!!

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5 comments on “Week 49 and 50 #Project365 – 2014

  1. Erica Price says:

    Ashley is clearly enjoying Christmas this year. Glad your son will soon be back and that he managed to sort everything out.

  2. I think you can never have too many baubles on a tree! #365

  3. jenny paulin says:

    glad you have managed to catch up as I knwo how busy you are with work.
    it must cheer you up to see your two happy grandsons though 🙂 and how wonderful that your bigger boy is almost home now. what a great Christmas you will have lovely x

  4. How lovely for you all to get together, and for your other son to see his nephew. Love the smiley Theo, and laughed at the sellotape hands.

    Our tree is going up tomorrow, need to get wrapping done as well. Hope you enjoy your new phone

  5. TheBoyandMe says:

    Ashley is getting so grown up now, and the baby is so bonny. Hope that you’ve had a great time with your other son over the Christmas period.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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