Week 45 and 46 #Project365 – 2014

Here I am catching up again!! Work has been going reasonably well and this week is the last one of us ‘doubling up’ to be able to help each other.  Then I start training for the other part of my job!

The Grandsons’ are doing well, Ashley has to wear glasses to help with the turns in his eyes.  Baby Theo is growing so quickly and has started smiling at everyone.

I’ve been making my Christmas Puddings, the fruit was soaking for 2 days in a mixture of Jack Daniels and Glayva. I used a dark IPA beer in the main mix. They smelled divine and the small ‘cook’s perks’ ones tasted great. The 2 big ones are now wrapped up and maturing in the bottom of the fridge.

Oh did I tell you that our son in Australia is coming home for Christmas? I can’t tell you how excited and happy this makes me and Hubby. 🙂

Hubby got a bit fed up with the plants on the kitchen window sill, so on my day off last week we went to a local garden centre to buy some new ones. They have an AMAZING range of christmas decorations, baubles, lights, trees, wreaths.. absolutely loads.. I could have spent a fortune but I resisted.

No Orange Wednesday for the last 2 weeks. Horns was only showing at 6pm (to early to have dinner before and too late to eat after..) and we both didn’t fancy sitting for 3 hours to watch Interstellar.. Numb Bum!!

So that’s my last 2 weeks – not very exciting but life as it happens!

I had a few more photos but deleted them off my phone after thinking they had transferred to my Dropbox but they hadn’t.. bummer

soosie wales, christmas,

Above :

  • Finished puddings.
  • Cooks perk – half bottle of a rather nice dark IPA. 
  • Christmas decorations  – tree at one shop and about 10% of the decorations at the garden centre. 
  • What 5:40 am looks like when you’re waiting for a lift.
  • Christmas pud mixture – have a stir and make a wish. 

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3 comments on “Week 45 and 46 #Project365 – 2014

  1. Erica Price says:

    Love the idea of cooks perks Christmas puddings – I have been missing a trick there. Hope the other part of your training goes well.

  2. jenny paulin says:

    oooooh christmas puddings look lovely 🙂 and I am sooo happy for you and your husband that you son is coming home for Chrustmas yaaay xx
    good luck with the new training at work

  3. how lovely that you will all be together for Christmas, he will get to see his new nephew as well.
    Love the look of your Christmas puds, I just buy one for DH as only he eats them.
    Bah humbug to Christmas….lol

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