Week 41 – 43 #Project365 – 2014 Catch up


Well hello again – I’ve been AWOL for 3 weeks!
Busy girl with training for the new job and working extra hours to get our processes in place at the new store.  I don’t know how all the Mummys’ manage to work, blog, keep home and look after children and still find time to do this project. I’ve been pretty much fit for nothing! (In my defence I have to get up at 5am and not getting home much before 3pm and by 7 or 8pm I’m off in dreamland!!)
I have taken a photo everyday – (I promise) some are quite boring, garden, leaves, spiders, journey to work – so I’m only posting a selection from the last 3 weeks. I must admit it even crossed my mind to give up,  but as we’re so close to the end of another year I’ve decided to brave it and tough it out! Besides TBAM and Elaine (Fun with Gran) will shout at me!!
Week 41
Sunday/Monday – training
Tuesday – catching up at home
Wednesday – Orange Wednesday for the Equaliser. Good story very dark character played by Denzel Washington. Parts of the film are quite brutal. It makes you wonder how it will all end.
Thursday, a few hours at the new store, lots of tail ends of processes and procedures still to finalise. All a bit hit and miss for now.
Friday training again – nothing much Saturday – food shopping.
Week 42 – 
Sunday last day of training.
Monday – New store opened  – start at 6am to get the tills filled with cash. Customers started queuing up at 8am for the 10am opening. We had a male voice choir singing at the opening, it got VERY busy – I was pretty glad I’m back office and after half hour on the shop floor we beat a hasty retreat back to the office!!
Tuesday – day off – catching up at home,  and tidying up my notes for work so I can make sense of how we do things.
Wednesday – Friday in work – getting frustrated at being trained one way and our support person for the week have a different way of doing EVERYTHING – and rushing us along. Very annoying!!
No Orange Wednesday – just too tired!!
Saturday – a well deserved day off to recharge the batteries.
Week 43 – 
Sunday – Horrid day in work – started at 6:30am and didn’t finish until 4:30pm.  How I didn’t tell them to stick the job where the sun don’t shine I don’t know!!
Monday – Day off – relaxed at home watching films with Hubby and visited friends.
Tuesday to Friday – in work – feeling better with no support and us 3 ladies working it all out for ourselves using our training notes to get things done. Management seem pleased at how well we’re doing, which is a bonus!
Oh yes and on Thursday the grandsons came for a visit. Baby Theo is now 10lbs and doing well. Ashley is his usual bouncy self. His speech is coming along nicely too – thank goodness.
No Orange Wednesday -Both of us not feeling too good, we both got some bug giving us headaches and gippy tums.
Saturday – reviewing pictures from last 3 weeks and realising how similar many of them are!!
Also made some Pumpkin Soup – yummy!!
soosie wales, autumn, grandchildren


  • Autumn leaves, debris and sunshine. 
  • Theo fast asleep – he looks so much like his brother at the same age. 
  • Cuddles with Grandad and Ashley playing games on Daddy’s iphone. 
  • Ashley showing us a drawing from Nursery. 

Hope you’ve all been keeping well!

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7 comments on “Week 41 – 43 #Project365 – 2014 Catch up

  1. Erica Price says:

    Welcome back. The last three weeks sound like they have been a hectic whirl, but it’s good that you are getting the store running well.

  2. Sarah says:

    So much going on, get well soon. What is the job?

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    hope it all calms down for you soon lovely .. its nice to see you back xx

  4. jenny paulin says:

    sounds like you are being kept very busy and I am ot surprised your are falling asleep by early evening. i also have no idea how other mums go out to work, blog, look after the kids and write a blog either as \i find it hard and I srat ay home! so well done on catching up.
    Your second grandson has grown a lot hasnt he? and of course Ashley now looks massive in comparison x

  5. TheBoyandMe says:

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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