Week 39 #Project365 – 2014

My week started at 5am on Sunday when the alarm went off- first day of work in over 4 years.  I felt a little apprehensive but not nervous at all.
There’s a lot to take in and it was rather annoying to discover that there will be no formal training only ‘on the job’ training done by the ladies in another store.  There are no SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to work from and I was rather surprised that such a huge company does not work from SOPs or any formal written down procedures. Perhaps I’m paranoid as I’ve written and presented training sessions, written SOPs and been part of a management team and am a very process driven person.

Monday – Visit to the dentist for hubby after cracking one of molars on a hard sweet! While he was being seen,  I went to the local coffee shop for a flat white.

Tuesday – Tidying up the garden and putting the plants and bench back into place on the new patio. In the afternoon we had a visit from son, DIL and the boys. Ashley is very gentle with the baby and doesn’t appear to be fazed by him at all..The only picture I have of them this week is one my son took.

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday – Working girl!! The management has come to the conclusion that 18 hours a week for 2 weeks won’t be enough time to learn the full job (well Duh!! I did say at the induction session!!) So money is now no object and we can come in as often as we want to get to grips with the job.  So for the last 3 days there has been lots of note taking and understanding about half of the processing. Still a long way to go. With 6am starts and addled brain by the time I came home there have been no pictures.. oops..

No Orange Wednesday – we were going to see Walk among the Tombstones but I was too bliddy knackered! We’ll go next week as I have Wednesday off.

Saturday – it was nice to have a proper breakfast with hubby, I’ve missed his constant stream of mugs of tea!!

Hope you’ve had a good week 🙂



soosie wales, patio, grandchildren, coffee


  • the path from the kitchen to the garage
  • the finished patio
  • sleepy boys
  • civilised coffee and kindle 


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8 comments on “Week 39 #Project365 – 2014

  1. The path is looking fab and the boys are so gorgeous! Good luck with getting to grips with work.

  2. Hope you settle into your new job. Your sleepy boys are very sweet.

  3. Erica Price says:

    The patio looks great. It must be quite a shock to the system going back to work after so long and it will be good once the initial learning pain is out of the way. So pleased for you.

  4. The patio is looking great Sue! Good luck with the job! #365

  5. jennypaulin says:

    glad the new job is going ok- such an early start though 😦
    LOVE the photo of Ashley and his baby brother sleeping together sooo cute x

  6. Really pleased you are setting into the job, maybe you can help them come up with some formal training, maybe you can work up and do that.
    The wee ones hands look quite long, and the two of them snuggled is gorgeous.
    Patio looking good

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