Week 26 #Project365 – 2014

We had quite a busy week. We decided we would have a few short trips out.

Sunday – I had a go  at making some soft rolls, not quite like the ones over at ‘Tales from the Kitchen Shed’  but they were really nice especially when stuffed with pulled pork. 🙂

Monday – A trip to Goytre Wharf, it’s on the Monmouthshire Brecon Canal and you can hire boats from here. We took a picnic and walked along the towpath.

Tuesday – A trip to Abergavenny. Although we’ve been many times it was the first time I noticed the big brown tourist sign and the fact that there is a castle in Abergavenny! After a walk around the town we headed to the castle and sat on a shady bench to have our lunch.

Wednesday – Hair cut for me, done by the DIL, she chopped off about 3 inches. Orange Wednesday was CHEF – fab film, one of those feel good stories. Reminds you that sometimes you have to do what’s in your heart. Also shows the power of Social Media both good and bad.

Thursday – A bit of food shopping and a quick visit to the Range as hubby broke my Kitchen Devils knife. Its just an all purpose one with serrated edge so great for almost everything. They didn’t have anything I liked but we did find a small tray for Ashley, it’s about the size of a tea plate so handy to put his bit of lunch on. AND it has cats which he loves!

Friday – a day of tidying and cleaning around. A quick visit from son to ask if we were still ok to have Ashley on Saturday. Ashley couldn’t resist having a giddy up from Gaddy.

Saturday – Couldn’t go to the park as it had been pouring down Friday night and early morning. We popped out to Halfords for some parts for Hubby’s bike. Ashley was in heaven! He ran around the shop shouting BIKE, BIKE!  We also bought a car seat for him – one of those boosters with a back.  We’ve always used the one from his mummy and daddy’s car and it’s a real faff to strap in especially in the rain!
He was a really good boy too – holding hands to walk to the shop.


abergavenny, goytre wharf, orange Wednesday,


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4 comments on “Week 26 #Project365 – 2014

  1. jennypaulin says:

    noted about CHEF for future reference! thanks 🙂 your rolls look lovely, i have enjoyed making my own bread recently i find it quite satisfying x

  2. Jo Laybourn says:

    Ooh I’ve not been to the cinema in ages and definitely haven’t heard of that film! Looks like a good week! #365

  3. love the giddyups, all kids enjoy it do they not? The rolls look yummy, I would make more bread but oh refuses to eat it as its not sliced ( fussy sh*t that he is)
    Bob is like that with tractors can t get enough of them

  4. Love the canal photo, looks so serene and peaceful. I’ve never made rolls before, are they easy?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.

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