Week 24 #Project365 – 2014

Slow week for us again, didn’t do much and didn’t go far!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday – Pottering around in the garden and the house. Hubby cut down some of the bushes in our neighbour’s garden.  #gooddeed

Wedenesday – Orange Wednesday – 22 Jump Street.  The follow up to 21 Jump Street, really funny, much more about the relationship between Schmidt and Jenko. The back story is pretty much the same as the first film – undercover to find a drug dealer  – so nothing much new here. I thought the best part of the film was the last few minutes, I was in stitches laughing.  I won’t say more as it will be a good surprise for you if you see it too.

Thursday – food shopping and a walk – exciting huh???

Friday – son called to say Ashley had fallen over and bumped his head. Poor boy had fallen A over T on his scooter and split his forehead. He was right outside the pharmacy so took him in to see if they could help. They helped to clean him up and called the doctor’s surgery asking if he could go there straight away. They put a few steri-strips on his forehead and checked his elbow and knee.
The strips fell off within an hour as his hair got stuck in them and he pulled them off.. It’ll be a good battle scar!

Saturday – Ashley for the day, he seems none the worse for his injury thank goodness. We played in the garden and went to Beechwood Park in Newport.  They have a very odd swing – take a look below!  We took his bike along too, he’s got really good on it now and pushes off to make it go faster.

parks. orange Wednesday, gardens


  • Mini Party rings – so much fun!
  • Hubby trimmed this plant a few weeks ago and it’s now starting to grow back. 
  • Orange Wednesday 
  • Battle scar 😦
  • Climbing hydrangea – lots of flower heads ready to burst into bloom!
  • The very odd swing – he has daddy’s sunglasses and grandy’s cap on. 

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11 comments on “Week 24 #Project365 – 2014

  1. Sarah says:

    What a cool dude in his shades on the swing.

  2. spicers1976 says:

    That is an odd looking swing isn’t it. Hope he’s recovering from the injury ok

  3. Ouch! Hope his head is recovering! #365

  4. familyfever says:

    Ouch, my son had a very similar cut to that one a few months back but it healed very quickly. #365

  5. oooo I want to see 22 jump street, aaww all children need a battle scar 😉 x

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww hope his head is healing well now honey .. that sure is one odd swing! x

  7. Helen C says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen one of those swings before – looks like a rollercoaster seat… maybe it’s incase they swing too high and do a loop the loop!!

  8. jennypaulin says:

    poor litle boy that must ahve hurt a lot. i have seen one of those weird swings before at a zoo we visited before , but until i saw your pic that was ther only time i had ever encountered one. x

  9. Erica Price says:

    Always look forward to your film reviews. Hope Ashley’s cut is healing up quickly.

  10. ouch at the head, easy done with kids though, mine were recognised in my A&E we were in that often. The swing looks brilliant sorry about late comment.

    • Sue says:

      Thanks.. Wasn’t expecting comment as knew you were away. Hope you’ve had a good time. Will catch up on your exploits no doubt.

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