Week 21 #Project365 – 2014

Quite a busy week for us this week.

Sunday – our friends came for supper and bought me some lovely flowers. We usually have a takeaway but I decided to make some fajitas (I use my own spice/herb mix too!). We all got quite messy eating them.

Monday – the new doors were fitted. They both look really good and I was amazed at how bright the kitchen feels now with a white door rather than the wood one that we used to have.
The cat doesn’t know what to make of the new back door though..she sneaks up to it like it’s going to bite her and needs encouragement to come in an out of it.. Stupid cat… she also did a poop  in the house even though the back door was open.. Dirty girl…

On Tuesday Hubby decided to trim the conifers. This meant me putting on sturdy shoes to stand on the bottom of the ladder to balance it. Shortly after the picture was taken he refilled the fuel tank and got the mix slightly wrong and the clipper ran on after he stopped it and he caught his leg as moved to step down off the ladder. Thankfully it was only a pinch which resulted in a bruise. He was lucky he had jeans and overalls on.

We didn’t go to the cinema this week as there was nothing we really fancied watching. We watched X-Men First Class from the Sky planner instead. Curled up on the sofa with a bottle of Hoopers and some sweeties. – the strawberry Hoopers tasted nice to start with but got quite sickly.. not as lush as the Dandelion and Burdock..

Thursday – I almost missed the postie. I popped out to the garage and when I came back the dreaded red card was on the mat!! I looked down the lane and could see the posties van so flagged her down as she passed. In the parcel was the complete series of 24 that I won from TalkTalk on twitter. I have to get hubby into this!!

Friday – Grandson for the morning and he was on the go as usual.  The pictures here are 2 of many I took when he seized my camera and started pulling faces. He then climbed all over me and I kept taking snaps of him. Exhausting but a lot of fun.

No picture today – oh dear… I took one in the car of some idiot on the motorway but I couldn’t have tapped the screen as it wasn’t on my phone when we got home. Perhaps I was concentrating more on staying alive… the idiot pulled out in between 2 other cars and almost caused a pile up. We had watched him weaving for a while – that’s why I had the phone camera ready!

garden, flowers,


Hope you’ve all had a good week.

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10 comments on “Week 21 #Project365 – 2014

  1. I really need to try hoopers!! love the pictures of your grandson!! #project365

  2. I never got into 24 but I’m sure I would love it. The hoopers sounds interesting – I like the occasional fruit cider but sometimes they get sickly too!

  3. Well done on your win! I will get round to watching the series one day lol #365

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    what lovely flowers from your friends! what is the other flavours of the hoopers like?? is it as nice as the dandelion and burdock?

  5. Oh, I loved 24! We watched it as a box set… Think hubby got a bit sick of it, but I enjoyed it 🙂 Your movie night sounds good x

  6. Erica Price says:

    Well done on your win. I fancy watching 24 too, so I could do with winning something like that too.

  7. a great win, oh watches 24 but it has never done anything for me. Your OH was VERY LUCKY with the clippers, lesson learned I bet!!) Love the laughing Ashley picture.

  8. jennypaulin says:

    i tried to watch 24 once a few years ago but I only got as far as the 1st episode! I ought to revisit it really as i hear good things about it. well done on your win x

  9. Good job you avoided a collision with the driver! Your meal with friends sounds lovely! #365

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