Week 20 #Project365 – 2014

Not much to report at the start of the week, just pottering about the house.

Orange Wednesday – This week was Sabotage the new Arnie film. Well what can I say about it? Well not much  – the story is never sure which direction it’s going in, plot holes, pretty daft really. Oh and they seem to have bought a job lot of fake blood. Wouldn’t recommend a viewing.

Thursday – Happy Birthday to me! We went out to a local pub for lunch – lovely steak. The pub is one of the Sizzling Pub outlets and they sent me an email voucher offering a free starter for my birthday. I presented it only to be told that as we ordered from the ‘Grill Club Thursday’ we couldn’t have the starter..What a gip..starters only available from the main menu. Felt like saying ok then we’ll have the steak from the main menu and 2 glasses of tap water! (the grill club is a choice of grill plus a drink for slightly more than if you bought the grill from the main menu. ) Needless to say we didn’t stay for dessert..
We spent the afternoon relaxing and supping a few Cidres – HIC….

Friday – Food shopping and tidying the garden. Enjoying a bit of sunshine.

birthday, orange wednesday, steak

Saturday – Grandson day – we packed up a picnic and went to Tredegar Park. We used to take our boys there when they were young. It has a big park and lots of room for a good kick about and a walk along the river.
Hubby spotted that they had a zip wire and was going to tandem ride with Ashley but he couldn’t get a good grip and hold him at the same time. He put Ashley on and he  pushed him just a short way to me to catch him.. I was so scared he would fall off – but he hung on tight and laughed his head off. We gave him another couple of rides and the last one was the full length. I had to snap the picture quickly before I had to catch him!
The other pictures are of him on a climbing tower,  playing on GamesKids app – He loves the piano game and laughs at the noises he can make on it!
The last picture is of him cleaning his sunglasses – do you think he’s seen me clean mine with a corner of my sweater/t-shirt??


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10 comments on “Week 20 #Project365 – 2014

  1. Ooh I hate it when you think you have a voucher for something and there’s always some small print or rule to scupper it! Love your grandson’s shirt and well done him on the zip wire! 🙂 Happy birthday x

  2. Happy Birthday,what a nightmare about the meal. Saw the trailer for the Arnie film, glad I haven’t bothered going! #365

  3. brilliant round up, that steak looks lush!!! happy belated birthday 🙂 #project365

  4. Belated Birthday wishes! Great round up, we must get to the Cinema soon! #365

  5. Jaime Oliver says:

    Massive belated Happy Birthday my lovely!! i used to love Arnie films but in fairness i think in general he has gone off the boil xx

  6. Erica Price says:

    Does annoy me this sort of small print. Tends to put be off going in the future to be honest. You’d think companies would realise that.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday, you dont seem to get much with the meal, or is it bigger than it looks in the picture?
    Well done Ashley on the zip slide, and its funny how they copy everything we do – good or bad!!

  8. jennypaulin says:

    happy belated birthday 🙂 that steak and chips looks sooo good and even though it is almost midnight it is making me very hungry as i ate my dinner about 6 hours ago now!
    i did smile seeing Ashley cleaning his sunglasses as you do your glasses , very sweetx

  9. TheBoyandMe says:

    Love the angle of the photo where Ashley is on the climbing frame. Nice to see the blue skies too.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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