Week 19 #Project365 – 2014

A rather busy week for us, trips out, cooking, cinema and looking after Grandson.

Sunday – A trip to the Wetlands for a long walk. It amazes me that you can turn one way and see the Severn Estuary with boats sailing by and you can turn 180 degrees and see Uskmouth Power station and pylons.

The Bull Rush sculpture is in the car park and although we’ve been here several times I’d never noticed it before.  After our walk we drove the few miles to Goldcliff and sat on the sea wall to eat our lunch. It’s the closest thing we have to a beach in Newport!!

After our jaunt to the Wetlands I made some Spare Ribs for tea (dinner).


newport wetlands, goldcliffe seawall

Monday – A day trip to Roath Park with Oldest Son and Grandson – I’ve linked up our exploits with Coombe Mill’s #Countrykids

Tuesday – a day of rest!

Wednesday – Orange Wednesday this week was Bad Neighbours – a rude, crude reasonably funny film about a couple whose neighbours are a fraternity of lewd, drunken yobs. It all gets a bit messy and rather silly. It was ok…to be honest the trailer was quite good as I don’t mind a bit of mindless stupid humour but the film itself just goes on and on. There wasn’t enough ‘belly’  laughs or LOL moments.

Also on Wednesday we had Ashley from late afternoon and he stayed overnight with us as Mummy and Daddy went out for their anniversary. He was no trouble at all, off to bed at 7am and we didn’t hear a peep out of him until he ambled into our bedroom for a cuddle at nearly 7am the next morning.
He’s a greedy boy at breakfast, devouring porridge followed by toast and some dried prunes – he loves them.

Thursday – Quick shopping trip for some fresh food and a few bottles of alcoholic Dandelion & Burdock – who knew this existed?? No neither did I until I saw it on Olivers Madhouse Instagram feed. Oh and it’s bloody lush..

Friday – Looking after Ashley again until it was time for nursery, he scoffed a ham sandwich, half a scone, a banana and half an apple for his lunch. Then washed it all down with some warm milk (he doesn’t do cold drinks at all)

Saturday – a quick visit to the MIL and back home to catch up with blogging!

steak, orange Wednesday, drink, food,

From top:

  • Spare ribs – RECIPE
  • yummy steak last Saturday evening- Tomato and Pepper Sauce RECIPE
  • cinema
  • balance bike fun at Roath Park
  • lush alcohol – hic!,
  • Healthy appetite / greedy boy!


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12 comments on “Week 19 #Project365 – 2014

  1. You have had a busy week!! all of your food photos have made me hungry!! #project365

  2. That’s such a cute balance bike, love the photos from the Wetlands #365

  3. Love his appetite! I haven’t had dandelion and burdock since childhood but this version could tempt me back 🙂

    • Sue says:

      A lot of dandelion and burdock pop can taste very thin and weak compared to the old fashioned Corona pop.. But this was lush, lots of flavour.

  4. Leanne (@suggys.co.uk/Leanne) says:

    Beautiful photos!!! Oh Bad Neighbours! i so want to see this, any good? #Project365

  5. Angela C says:

    Alcoholic dandelion and burdock lol – sounds very interesting! The food all looks yummy, love that the little one has a big appetite like that too

  6. Erica Price says:

    Our anniversary was Wednesday too. Love the pics of Ashley – looks like he had a lot of fun.

  7. I love that balance bike! Busy week as you say! Hope they had a good anniversary! #365

  8. jennypaulin says:

    that steak looks good!
    I saw the stars of Bad Neighbours on the Grahame Norton show the other week and was curious to know what is it like. maybe i will wait for a few years then until it gets shown on TV!! x

  9. krissottoh says:

    What a contrast in views at the wetlands!

  10. TheBoyandMe says:

    Wonderful photographs of the wetlands, such a beautiful area. Ashley is growing up so quickly, must be a real joy to have over so much.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live from 9pm tonight.

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